Saturn in Pisces Sign Traits and Perspectives

Published March 17, 2020
Saturn in Pisces

Saturn is considered the planet of parental and societal boundaries and limitations. Pisces is the imaginative mutable water sign that has no boundaries. If you were born when Saturn was in Pisces, creativity and spiritual understanding were promised at birth. However, you can only walk toward the light when you've silenced your irrational fears and disciplined your imagination.

Saturn in Pisces' Perspective

Those born when Saturn is in Pisces were born into a world they perceived as harsh and filled with hopelessness and sorrow. Still, they're idealists who consider the possibilities of how things might be. Their hearts long for peace, calm, and unconditional love. But when young, peace and serenity can seem like an impossible dream. Their life's circumstances cause them to ponder deep universal questions, such as "Is there a God?" These are people who are meant to embrace their creativity and gain a more spiritual understanding of life's meaning and purpose.

Do You Have Saturn in Pisces?

Saturn spends about 2.5 years in each astrological sign. During this time, a large group of people is born with a Saturn in Pisces perspective. Saturn was or will be in Pisces during the dates below.

  • February 14, 1935, through April 25, 1937
  • October 17, 1937, through January 14, 1938
  • March 23, 1964, through September 16, 1964
  • December 16, 1964, through March 3, 1967
  • May 21, 1993, through June 30, 1993
  • January 28, 1994, through April 7, 1996
  • March 7, 2023, through May 24, 2025
  • September 1, 2025, through February 13, 2026

Saturn in Pisces Negative Traits

Saturn in Pisces is not a cakewalk. These are individuals who are of this world, but not in this world. The biggest issue they have is knowing when and where to set boundaries. This can lead to such negative traits as:

  • A lack of good judgment
  • Being gullible and easily led
  • Feelings of being small, insignificant, and alone.
  • Feelings of futility
  • Taking on too much work
  • Feeling responsible for the pain and suffering of others
  • Wallowing in self-pity
  • Feeling no connection with the world
  • Being frustrated by the limitations of space and time.
  • Suffering from existential anger and depression

Saturn in Pisces Positive Traits

At their best, those with Saturn in Pisces are serious about things like spirituality, the imagination, and living a compassionate life.

  • They can envision an ideal world and take concrete steps to create that world.
  • They innately understand that reality is what they can make of it.
  • They have the potential to build their own personal philosophy of beliefs and values.

Balancing Saturn in Pisces

Individuals with Saturn in Pisces were born to learn to balance the practical work that Saturn requires with Pisces' creativity and spirituality. They must not let pessimism and skepticism (Saturn) keep them from the physical externalization of their creative and spiritual longings (Pisces).

man painting mural on wall

Finding Meaning and Purpose

With Saturn in Pisces, the individual can excel in artistic careers and find creative and spiritual expression through art forms such as painting, photography, writing, acting, music, or dance. They can also excel in healing professions or as spiritual teachers.

Famous individuals that exemplify Saturn in Pisces:

Create Something With Meaning and Value

Having Saturn in Pisces doesn't necessarily mean doing something lofty or professional. Saturn in Pisces requires an individual to create something in the external world that has value, meaning, and purpose.

Delineating Saturn in Pisces

To begin delineating Saturn, you'll need to calculate a birth chart based on the date, time, and location of birth. You can easily get this at AstroSeeker. Why? Because Saturn spends about 2.5 years in each zodiacal sign, which means an entire group of people is born when Saturn is in Pisces. The sign is meaningful, but astrologers also pay attention to:

  • The house Saturn occupies in your birth chart
  • The sign and house placement of Neptune, the ruling planet of Saturn in Pisces.
  • The aspects the Sun, Moon, and Personal planets make to Saturn.

Please note that the brief interpretations below are relevant but not the full story because they don't relate to an entire birth chart.

Saturn in Pisces' House

The house Saturn occupies is where those with Saturn in Pisces will experience sorrow and pain. As an example, with Saturn in Pisces in the eleventh, the individual somehow lost faith in the goodness of humankind. Their task is to develop faith in others.

The Sign and House of Neptune

The sign and house placement of Neptune reveal where and how the person can be the most imaginative and inspire others. As an example, if Saturn was in the eleventh and Neptune is in Scorpio in the sixth, the individual's drive and passion for your work can inspire those they work with.

Aspects From Planets

The aspects from the other planets reveal other hang-ups. As an example, suppose the individual with Saturn in the eleventh has a Virgo Moon in the fifth house opposite Saturn. This is a reliable indication that developing faith in others will require accepting that neither you are anyone else is perfect.

Saturn's Gift to Pisces

Saturn gifts Pisces with practical imagination and rational spirituality. Those with Saturn in Pisces are not "Woo-Woo" individuals who seem slippery, flaky, or "out there." These are people who want to create or do something meaningful that has purpose and value for others.

Saturn in Pisces Sign Traits and Perspectives