Scorpio & Pisces Compatibility: Emotional Bonding

As two water signs, Scorpio & Pisces are both deeply emotional and passionate. But do they have what it takes to make it long-term?

Published March 6, 2024
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If you've ever heard someone tell a deeply romantic tale about an intense affair that didn't go the distance but remains etched in their heart for eternity, you're probably listening to one half of a Scorpio and Pisces pairing. As water signs, Scorpio and Pisces compatibility is high. But with two emotionally volatile signs, it can either be a relationship that lasts forever or one that's full of regret about the one that got away. 

How Scorpio and Pisces Are Alike & Different

Scorpio and Pisces are very alike in some ways and quite different in others. Their shared water signs account for their similarities, while their different modalities (fixed for Scorpio versus mutable for Pisces) mean that how each one displays and reacts to their emotions is very different. This leads to many of their fundamental differences.

Pisces & Scorpios Similarities

Emotions run deep for both Scorpio and Pisces, as they're both powerfully emotional water signs. Because of this: 

  • They're both sensitive.
  • There's an inherent understanding between the two — each understands the other's emotions and emotional needs. 
  • All their actions are led by emotion.
  • They're both deeply intuitive and can understand one another's needs before the other communicates them (if they ever do). 
  • They're both sensual.
  • They're both creative.

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Scorpio & Pisces Differences

Scorpio's fixed nature and Pisces's mutable nature mean their approach to things is often different.

  • Scorpio has trust issues, and Pisces can seem secretive and slippery (they are the fish, after all).
  • Scorpio is protective, while Pisces is vulnerable.
  • Pisces is adaptable and flexible, while Scorpio can be stubborn and set in their ways.
  • Pisces can be difficult to pin down, while Scorpio can be inflexible or even rigid.
  • Pisces wants to go with the flow, while Scorpio likes to be in control.
  • Scorpio is tenacious, while Pisces can be unfocused or even flighty. 

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Scorpio & Pisces Compatibility: When Water Flows Into Water

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Water signs are emotionally similar to other water signs, which can lead to compatible and lasting relationships. But Scorpio and Pisces each express and experience their emotions quite differently. Sure, they both feel deeply, but mysterious Scorpio gets in a mood and settles in for a good, long brood. OTOH  Pisces's vast and deep emotions shift quickly. They're like spring weather... if you don't like the mood they're in, wait five minutes, and another one will pop up. These fundamental differences account for how Scorpio and Pisces ultimately relate to one another in a relationship.

Relationship Aspect Rating
Emotional connection Excellent
Trust Fair
Sexual connection Excellent
Intellectual connection Good
Communication Good
Values compatibility Very Good

Pisces's & Scorpio's Emotional Connection

This is a pairing that inherently "gets" each other. It's the old, "their eyes met across the room, and they fell in love" trope, as game recognizes game... in this case, on a deeply intuitive and emotional level. As they're both highly empathic and intuitive, they can see even from afar a kindred emotional spirit, which is extremely attractive to both. When people ask about their vibe, their answer is often a simple, "We just have a connection, you know?"

Of course, with two such deeply emotional beings in a relationship, this can be either positive or negative. On the negative side, their deep empathy and connection can make them unhealthily enmeshed. On the positive side, they understand each other on such a deep level that this can lead to a strong, soulmate type of relationship.

Rating: Excellent

Trust Between Scorpio & Pisces

Because they express and experience their emotions so differently, Pisces and Scorpio could struggle in the trust department. Scorpio is possessive and jealous. They want ownership of their partner on the deepest level, and Pisces is known to be emotionally elusive because of how quickly their feelings shift and change. This can lead to trust issues between the two, but it isn't insurmountable in an emotionally intelligent couple.

Rating: Fair

Pisces & Scorpio Sexually

They both may be water signs, but Scorpio and Pisces bring the fire in the bedroom. Scorpio is deeply passionate and loves physical sex with lots of emotional connection. Pisces is sensual and creative and also loves intimate connection. So when these two hop in the sack, expect fireworks.

Rating: Excellent

Intellectual Compatibility Between Scorpio & Pisces

Scorpio is one of the most intelligent zodiac signs. They're deep, creative thinkers and problem solvers. Pisces is a highly intuitive and creative sign, and their intelligence shows up in creative expression. These different ways of expressing their intelligence can be highly complementary, and each will always find the other fascinating.

Rating: Good

Communication Between Pisces & Scorpio

When they communicate intuitively, nothing can come between this deeply connected pair. But when they communicate verbally, Pisces and Scorpio may hit some stumbling blocks. Scorpio plays their cards close to the vest, so if the nonverbal and emotional intuition isn't there, Pisces may have trouble pulling what they need out of Scorpio. One thing you don't expect this couple to do, though, is to ever share their deepest emotions with anyone — even each other. Both keep those hidden, although some things don't need to be communicated verbally in a couple as intuitive as this. 

Rating: Good

Pisces & Scorpio's Values Compatibility

Generally, Scorpio and Pisces have many shared values, from the desire for intimacy to valuing creative thinking and great sex. Scorpio tends to be protective, and Pisces loves being cared for this way. On the other hand, Pisces is naturally trusting, while Scorpio tends to be suspicious. This can be complementary, as Scorpio can ground Pisces naivety, or problematic, such as when Scorpio decides they can't trust their Pisces partner. 

Pisces & Scorpio: Possible Soulmates

Scorpio and Pisces have the potential to have a soulmate relationship. These are the two most compatible water signs, and their intense love affairs are the type that remains in their hearts forever, even if the relationship ends. This can be a real, forever relationship when they're willing to work at it. And when they aren't, they'll always pine after the one that got away. 

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Scorpio & Pisces Compatibility: Emotional Bonding