Taurus Monthly Horoscope for December 2023

Here's what the coming month has in store for Taurus.

Updated November 25, 2023
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Check out your in-depth Taurus monthly horoscope for December 2023. This month, the sun will be in Sagittarius at the beginning and Capricorn at the end. There's also a full moon on the 26th and a new moon on the 12th.

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope for December

December is all about the feel-good moments for Taurus. With the holidays bringing a greater focus on spending time with family, you'll probably feel a strong desire to deeply connect with your loved ones. Take advantage of your time off and make a few extra phone calls or spend extra nights visiting with everyone. 

Just like Cancers, you love to have a beautiful home, and in December, that itch to make a warm and inviting environment may be stronger than ever. Break out the decorations, plan a few DIY projects, and host a few get-togethers to flood your cozy space with the people you love most. If you take the time to plan out the last few weeks of the year, everything should end on a good note. 

Love and Romance

Whether you're single or in a loving relationship, this month is a time to focus on genuine, heartfelt connections. Partnered Taurses can strengthen their connections by spending more quality time together. Go above and beyond the average 'watching TV at night' kind of thing and think of thoughtful ways to spend time with each other. 

In general, Taurses are known for being rock-solid people. In some cases, like attracts like, and you might find yourself interested in people who also offer stability. Having someone else to lean on can be enticing, but make sure you don't rush into anything without being 100% yourself. 


During the holidays, you might find yourself wanting to monopolize your loved ones' time. Given that this month brings a deep need for connecting, it's not surprising that having your family and friends in close proximity might draw out a clinginess in you. And while they'll probably indulge you for a time, be mindful that they need their own space, too. 

Work and Career

Thankfully, things are starting to settle in at the workplace. If things have been hectic at work in the past few months, you should be getting a much-needed respite. Use this time to tie up any loose ends and finish pending projects or duties. And if you're taking time off to celebrate the holidays, make sure you leave any leftover work at the door. 

In the meantime, you might get the chance to brush up on your skills outside of work. Consider taking courses or workshops over the break on development, management, and the like. It'll be a good way to stay sharp for when Q1 of 2024 rolls around. 


Taurus, you're in the same financial boat as most of the other zodiac signs in December. It's all about budgeting, budgeting, and more budgeting. With wish lists piled high and only so much money to go around, be proactive and don't leave all your purchases for one or two weeks. Spread things out over the next four so you don't finish the year stressed about your finances. 

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

If you play your cards right in December, you'll end the year in a stable, positive place. Soothe your need for comfort and camaraderie by spending time with family and friends. All in all, you should have a cozy month ahead! 

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope for December 2023