What Famous Dog Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Ruff day? Lift your mood by finding out which famous dog is most like you based on your zodiac sign. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Published June 5, 2023

People aren't the only ones who can be stars. Dozens of famous dogs have won our hearts between the silver screen, TV, comic strips, video games, and even popular trading cards. And each one is unique in their own way, just like the 12 signs of the zodiac. Discover which iconic dog is most like your sign, so you can channel their stardom. No pawparazzi, please!

Want to find out which famous dog is most like your friends or family members? Look up their sign using our zodiac dates chart.

Aries: Bolt from ‘Bolt’


Aries, you're an adventurous sign who lives to experience everything life has to offer, which is why you're perfectly aligned with Bolt. The animated Disney pup is an actor who plays a superhero on the screen. Like Bolt, you're a headstrong leader who is passionate about anything and everything you do, whether that's saving the world or chasing a ball across the yard.

Taurus: Growlithe from ‘Pokémon’


Growlithe is one of the many dog-like Pokémon creatures, and they channel all the qualities of the Taurus sign. Both you and Growlithe are fiercely loyal, Taurus. You might look slightly intimidating at first glance, but once people get to know you, they discover just how warm and loving you are.

Gemini: Perrito from ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’


"Talkative" is an understatement when it comes to the Gemini zodiac sign, which is why chatty Perrito is your perfect match. Perrito is an adorable and charismatic dog who befriends Puss in the third Puss in Boots film. He is optimistic, friendly, and downright hysterical. Sound like anyone you know, Gemini? Yes, we're talking about you!

Cancer: Nana from ‘Peter Pan’


Oh, compassionate Cancer; you and Nana from Peter Pan have so much in common. Nana is the canine nursemaid who takes care of Wendy, Michael, and John. Just like Nana, you are an incredibly comforting presence, Cancer. You remain protective, loyal, and nurturing to those close to your heart.

Leo: Lassie from ‘Lassie’


Lassie is an iconic fictional dog who is just like you, Leo, and it's not just because of her lion-like mane. In the series, the brave Rough Collie rescues her owner from various scenarios. Likewise, you're a born protector with an enormous heart and creative streak. And similar to Lassie, you're not afraid of the spotlight either, Leo.

Virgo: Wishbone from ‘Wishbone’


What's the story, Virgo? Of all the famous dogs out there, you're most like Wishbone. Wishbone is an incredibly well-read pooch who takes viewers on an adventure through various literary stories. You're both organized, detail-oriented beings who would rather have your nose in a book than attend a big social gathering any day.

Libra: Bruiser from ‘Legally Blonde’


If you're familiar with Legally Blonde, you know Elle Woods doesn't go anywhere without her beloved pooch, Bruiser. Libra, you and Bruiser have a lot more in common than you might think. You're both incredibly stylish (have you seen Bruiser's numerous pink outfits??), charming, friendly, and have a strong sense of justice. You might even find yourself tackling a cause like Bruiser's mission for animal rights. Go Libra!

Scorpio: Togo


Togo isn't just a character (although several movies are based on his life); he was a real dog who led a life-saving sled team across Alaska in 1925. And if anyone is more determined than Togo, it's a Scorpio. Like Togo, you're headstrong, brave, and passionate, though you both have a mischievous streak.

Sagittarius: Dug from ‘Up’


As a fun-loving and spontaneous Sagittarius, you're most like Dug from Up. You are both optimistic, outgoing beings who can't help but get a little distracted when something you love, like, let's say, a squirrel, runs by. Still, you know how to live life to the fullest, Sag, just like Dug.

Capricorn: Buddy from ‘Secret Life of Pets’


Capricorn, you're the epitome of easygoing, which explains why you're a perfect match with Buddy from Secret Life of Pets. The sarcastic Dachshund loves taking some time for self-care (mixer massage, anyone?) but is equally hardworking, just like you, Cap. Instead of having your head in the clouds like some of the other characters, you're both down to Earth.

Aquarius: Clifford from ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’


With a larger-than-life personality and free spirit, you and Clifford the Big Red Dog are a match made in zodiac heaven, Aquarius. The two of you are equally optimistic, friendly, and open-minded. It's hard to miss an Aquarian in a crowd!

Pisces: Fang from ‘Harry Potter’


Even though he has a fierce-sounding name, Hagrid's companion dog, Fang, is anything but aggressive. Like you, Pisces, he's a creative and sensitive soul with a friendly nature. Even though you stand your ground, you're not one to run head-first into danger unless you or your loved ones are threatened.

Famous Dogs for Every Sign


No matter which iconic dog you are most like based on your sign, there's a lot we can learn from all these canines. Courage, compassion, and loyalty are just a few positive canine traits. Life sure would be ruff without dogs.

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What Famous Dog Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?