Which Zodiac Signs Make The Best Friends: A Definitive Ranking

Every zodiac sign has traits that can make them a good friend. Discover what those traits are, and which signs make the most ride-or-die pals.

Published August 24, 2023

The qualities someone looks for in a friend is a personal journey. After all, we are all as unique as the stars themselves. But it's time to meet the most steadfast, loyal friends of the zodiac. These are the zodiac signs that are the friendliest, and who will always be a ride or die, no matter what. 

No need to remember where you fall on the zodiac calendar; take a peek at which sign you are to find out how good of a friend you might make. 

1. Libra


It's no surprise that the sign most concerned with fairness and making sure that everyone around them is happy also makes for one of the best friends to have in your life. Sweet, friendly Libra is always easygoing and charming, cooperative, and so very loving. You can credit their quest for harmony and laid-back approach to just about any situation for why you can always find this sign surrounded by friends. And with their always-ready-to-listen and fix-any-broken-hearts personalities, you can count on a Libra to be a friend for life. 

2. Leo


Don't be fooled by Leo's quest for the spotlight; this zodiac sign wants their friends right alongside them, with their names side by side in the starring role on the marque of life. With a burning desire to have others love and admire them, thanks to the Sun ruling this sign, a generous and warm-hearted Leo will go to great lengths to take care of their friends. A Leo's own self-confidence rubs off on everyone they meet, and their magnetism makes them an irresistible and loyal friend. 

3. Sagittarius


A Sagittarius can, and will, make friends with every soul that they meet. One of the happiest signs of the zodiac, it's easy to understand why so many are drawn to this optimistic and jolly sign. No sign radiates positive vibes so strongly. But it's their carefree, happy-go-lucky nature that makes their mood so infectious, and it's why they make such good friends. And when you have a Sag around, you'll never find a lull in the conversation. 

4. Cancer


A Cancer's natural intuition and empathetic nature make this sign a standout for one of the best friends in the zodiac. Although represented by the crab, don't be fooled. Having a Cancer as a friend means having a friend that's protective and tough, loyal and nurturing. Just don't find yourself on their bad side, as a Cancer can be fiercely unforgiving. However, should anyone wrong you, a Cancer will make sure you don't make the same mistakes again. 

5. Taurus


Stubbornly loyal and protective Taurus will never turn their back on you, but they are a friend that will hold a grudge like no other. Their self-indulgent moments are made all the better with friends by their side, so although they'll find the best place to eat dinner with a view, you know it'll come with a price tag. However, their gentle, kind nature and emotional intelligence make them a friend for life. Just prepare for a few tiffs here and there. 

6. Pisces


If you're ever met with a problem or situation you're unsure how to navigate, you can always call your Pisces friend to help you find a solution — or at least commiserate about how unfair life can be. Gentle and wise, Pisces is ready to open their arms to you. However, be prepared for any misplaced word or ill-timed comment to upset your deeply emotional Pisces buddy. But as a mutable sign, you can trust Pisces to slowly come back around. But getting ahold of your Pisces friend might be the most challenging part of their friendship. 

7. Aries


Aries is one of the friendliest zodiac signs you'll find, but their ambition and drive to be the best can get in the way. They're a true leader in any situation, friendship, or relationship, and their warmhearted and charismatic personality makes for a loyal and kind friend. But their short temper can sometimes get the better of them. Aries makes the best friend for those who love a good debate and want to hang out with someone exceedingly enthusiastic. 

8. Gemini


Witty, adaptable, and curious, Gemini is ready for any adventure with their friends. Gemini will be ready to spill the tea and gossip with you, but they'll be just as quick to gossip about you. They're a social butterfly, though, so you know that they're the friend you can call to hang out or grab a beer with at only a moment's notice. Almost too charming for their own good, you can look to your Gemini friend to keep you young at heart, no matter how old you and your friendship might be. 

9. Aquarius


An Aquarius friend will always be ready to swoop in and hang out with you, run errands, or try a new recipe together. No other zodiac sign is so driven to help everyone they meet, both stranger and friend, but their uncompromising ways mean that they're going to help their way — or no way. But their loving heart and ability to hold court in any social circle mean you can expect them to influence you to head to another bar, even if you're ready to go home. 

10. Virgo


A friend who is a Virgo will always be ready to brainstorm and solve any problem — but at the price of perfection. So while your Virgo friend will be over at a moment's notice to help you organize your bookshelf, they also offer several suggestions, wanted or not, about how they would do it. No sign excels so well at keeping their emotions under wraps, but their analytical minds are always whirring. And sometimes those brains are turning over the perfect gift or experience for you, their friend. 

11. Scorpio


Far more emotional than they let on, a Scorpio friend is one of the most loyal people you can count on. When it comes to learning everything about you, they'll leave no stone unturned to learn who you are — inside and out. However, they may not open the door for you because of their distrusting nature. But they'll always wear their big hearts right on their sleeves. 

12. Capricorn


If you're looking for a zodiac sign to draft onto your apocalypse team, a Capricorn and their drive to thrive and survive will make life easier. Their ambition is unmatched, and they expect the same of their friends. Loyal and disciplined to a fault, having a Cap by your side means someone that'll text you daily to make sure you're keeping up with your resolutions and goals. If you need a friend to keep you accountable, a Capricorn will never let you down. 

Zodiac Signs That Are Friend Goals


Whether you've started a new job, moved to a new school, or joined a new group, the stars are ready to point you towards the signs that are ready to be the number one friend. Of course, looking at a zodiac sign to decide whether someone should be your friend might be going a step too far. But learning how someone loves and thinks is the sign of a caring friend. And we all need a good friend. 

Which Zodiac Signs Make The Best Friends: A Definitive Ranking