10 'Weird' Habits People Have (But Don't Admit To)

We all have an odd habit or two — whether it's truly unusual or just a quirk. Our advice, own it. It's probably not as uncommon as you think.

Updated October 13, 2023

We all have quirks that make us unique, but that we don't necessarily want to share. My fiance and I found one another's and they can be quite the source of entertainment for us. While the person closest to us may know our idiosyncrasies, what's normal to one person may not be to the other, and that's when we tend to be more reluctant to share the deets.

As humans, we're all odd in our own ways, but some of our tendencies are more common than you might think. See this list of quirky habits and what you might identify with! 

Keeping Your Feet Under the Covers


If you're guilty of making absolutely certain your feet stay under the covers at all times to avoid monsters, you aren't alone. This is a popular one. And I'm not afraid to admit that I cannot sleep if my feet aren't covered up.

All I can think of with my feet hanging out of the blankets are those horror movie scenes where the spirit or monster grabs them out of the bed. That's a big "no thanks" for me. I'll keep my feet under the covers where they're safe.

Checking Behind Shower Curtains


This one is along the same line as hiding your feet. Even though we know it's irrational, some of us can't resist peeking behind the shower curtain just to make sure there aren’t any creepers — dead or alive — chillin' in the bathtub. See, we're right back to those scary movie scenes. 

Having Our Own Personal Concert


Whether it's a hairbrush or a shampoo bottle, most of us have grabbed an object and launched into a full-blown concert in our bedrooms (or bathrooms, or while driving in the car ... you get the picture). It's a private show, and honestly, we need to get into the groove of the music to relieve some tension. 

Quick Tip

Acoustics in the bathroom are pretty awesome if you want to practice your solos. 

Doodling During Phone Calls


There are a handful of people who doodle during phone calls to help keep them focused. Sometimes, they don't even know they're doing it until they're off the phone. Let's just say I may be guilty of this one.

If I'm on the phone for a while, I'll make you a full-blown masterpiece. I can't say it will be great because I am definitely not an artist — but hey— it's a personal work of art. 

Talking to Inanimate Objects


Have you ever caught yourself talking to your car because she's just on her last leg? Or maybe even talking to your food because it's just that delicious. Of course, if a random person happens to hear you, they're going to get a good chuckle. But for real— most of us do this. 

Rewinding Arguments


Oh my goodness, this habit drives me up a wall. Have you ever been in an argument or debate with someone and you just don't know what to say? Then, hours later, you start re-digesting that argument from earlier and you're like "Oh my gosh, I have the perfect thing to say!" Well, it sure doesn't help now — but it would have been great for our brains to work this way during the debate.

Turning the Radio Down


I don't know why this works — but seriously — it does! Whether you're willing to admit it or not, are you one of those people who turns down the volume on the radio when you're looking for a particular address?

If you are thinking to yourself "Yeah, that's me!" then you know that lowering the volume just makes you see better, doesn't it? Nope, I'm not saying it makes sense, but it's another odd habit for sure.

Whiffy Behavior


Some of us think that old books smell so good, and who can blame people if they want to smell them all day? But did you know that some people cannot get enough of smelling other things, like their own fingernails, mildew-scented towels, Play Doh (yes, really), and even laundry detergent? Some people literally cannot go through a day without smelling some downright oddities. 

Inside Conversations

More Details

Have you ever had a full-blown conversation in your head? Let's say you're debating on what you should make for dinner tonight. Does the conversation kind of go like: "Hey, what should we make for dinner tonight? What sounds good? I think lasagna sounds good, but it takes so long to make" — and go on and on with an inner monologue? 

You aren't the only one talking to yourself about daily decisions. Even though a lot of people won't admit to it, we all have some type of conversation in our heads. 

Fast Fact

Studies on self-talk show that it can actually be a "crucial mental activity" and can be beneficial in reaching learning goals and helping us regulate our emotions. 

Even Volume


I have an odd habit I'll admit to you. The volume legit NEEDS to be even. If it's an odd number, it needs to be changed quickly. Some people need things to be an odd number, or a multiple of a specific number like 10, 3, or 5.

Some people think that we have unconscious preferences for certain numbers based on our life experiences. Or, like so many of our human behaviors and tendencies, this might just be an unexplainable quirky habit many of us have. 

Embracing Your Quirks


The oddities that make us feel a smidge out of place are what make us uniquely us. Embracing them isn’t just about self-esteem. It’s the quirks that paint our personalities in vibrant colors. Next time you find yourself hiding your weirdness, remember that it's just a little sprinkle of you flavoring the world.

10 'Weird' Habits People Have (But Don't Admit To)