15 Best Savannah Ghost Tours for Paranormal Enthusiasts 

Updated August 11, 2021
iconic Wormsloe Historic Site in Savannah

Nothing screams haunted Savannah like the eerie, moss draped oak trees swaying in the city cemeteries and garden squares. Vengeful ghosts, demons, and evil spirits lurk in the shadows of mansions and streets. The best Savannah ghost tours know all the stories and take you to the scariest places to encounter these ghosts.

Savannah Ghosts & Gravestones Trolley

Savannah Ghosts & Gravestones Trolley Tour takes you back in time to the haunted historic district of Savannah. Your trolley guide shares stories of Savannah's creepy legends and scary resident ghosts. The trolley tour takes you past the oldest cemeteries in the city, beautiful squares, antebellum mansions, and battlegrounds. On the tour, you'll make several stops, such as Low House known for its many spirits and full-bodied apparitions and on to Perkin's and Sons Ship Chandlery on one of the most paranormal streets in Savannah - River Street.

Ghost and Gravestones tour in historic Savannah

Family-Friendly Ghost

Your tour guide for the Family-Friendly Ghost Tour entertains the entire family with kid-friendly spooky tales. You'll walk along Savannah's historic sidewalks and lush garden squares as your tour guide recounts the rich stories of frightening haunts and spirits still walking the streets. You just might bump into one of the ghosts. During this 90-minute tour, you'll learn about the history of Savannah and hear ghost stories about the different iconic antebellum homes as you pass them. One cute and fun addition to this tour is for Girl Scout troops. Not only is the tour age appropriate, but each Girl Scout also earns a patch for going on the tour! Private tours are also available.

The Grave Tales of Savannah

The Grave Tales of Savannah Tour is a family-friendly bold mix of history, haunted locations, and ghosts. If you're a history buff, then this may be right up your alley. The website states all locations have been researched thoroughly to ensure you receive accurate information and true ghost stories. The tour visits some of the most haunted locations in the Historic District, such as mansions and other historic sites, a Revolutionary War Battlefield, historic homes, haunted cemeteries and burial grounds, and more.

The Ghost City Haunted Pub Crawl Tour

What could be more fun than a pub crawl? A haunted one, of course! The Ghost City Haunted Pub Crawl for adults only stops at four of Savannah's most historic and haunted pubs with darker ghost stories. Your tour guide will share each pub's spooky tales of murder, aggressive ghosts, and demonic possessions. You won't feel rushed to finish your drink before moving on to the next pub, thanks to the city's open-carry law.

The Beyond Good And Evil

The Beyond Good And Evil Tour visits many of the locations mentioned in the novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, such as Colonial Park Cemetery, The Mercer Williams House, various haunted cemeteries, and 432 Abercorn. On this adults-only tour, learn inside details about "Lady Minerva's powerful impact on the events" depicted in the book and other dark stories.

Colonial Park Cemetery

The Dead of Night

The adults-only Dead of Night Tour is a late-night walking tour that visits some of the spookiest and most haunted places in Savannah. You'll go down twisting streets and alleyways while your guide retells stories of demons, murders, and black magic.

The Zombie Tour™

What could be more fun than a tour about zombies? The Zombie Tour™ is filled with ancient Gullah-Conjuring stories of the undead, bone collectors, and more. Advertised as Blue Orb's most popular ghost tour, The Zombies Tour includes not only the Colonial ghost stories but also the terrifying stories that the website states are, "from the large Voodoo and Hoodoo communities here in the low-country." Your guide recounts scary stories about shapeshifters, shadow people, and hags, oh my!

Savannah Secrets in the Night Illumination

If you're looking for a ghost tour that's a little different, then you may want to sign up for the Savannah Secrets in the Night Illumination Tour. It may be a mouthful, but it sums up this one-of-a-kind ghost tour experience unlike any other. You'll hop onto the trolley to learn about the dark, frightening paranormal side of Savannah, along with some ghost hunting tips. Afterwards, you'll jump off at The Savannah Underground Immersive Theatre and be surrounded by the performance of three ghastly true stories of Savannah's scary past.

Boos Cruise: Exploring Savannah's Haunted Past

The Savannah Slow Ride offers several tours that are a unique way to tour Savannah via a 15-person pedal bicycle. Boos Cruise: Exploring Savannah's Haunted Past gives you a different perspective of the historic city. Your guide shares scary, hair-raising tales as you pedal past haunted houses, landmarks, and cemeteries. The tour includes three or four stops for photo opportunities, to grab refreshments, or simply to stretch your legs.

Savannah Georgia historic park

"Public" GHOST Tour

This carriage ghost tour immerses you in Old Savannah by traveling through the streets in a horse-drawn carriage. The "Public" GHOST Tour is an intimate introduction to Savannah's dark and frightening past that is personalized by your guide. You'll hear some of the most haunting tales about Savannah's resident ghosts and spirits. This leisurely tour trots past cemeteries and mansions known for their paranormal activity.

Voices of the Dead Tour

Voice of the Dead Tour is one of two Afterlife Tours. The spooky tales of shadow people, haunted cemeteries, and murder victims seeking revenge are just a few of the stories you'll hear on the Voice of the Dead Tour. You'll visit haunted historical homes and listen to EVPs captured in the homes. Discover which home a Catholic priest was summoned to perform an exorcism. You'll be able to watch videos and listen to recordings of both residual hauntings and intelligent entities interacting with the investigators at some of the historic homes and other locations. According to the website, the team had to bring in a Catholic priest to perform an exorcism in one of the homes.

The Restless Souls Tour

The Restless Souls Tour is the other scary Afterlife tour. Hear the stories of the many ghosts residing in Savannah's hotels from the days the buildings were used as makeshift hospitals during the Yellow Fever outbreak and the Civil War. These and other spirits haunt these Savannah hotels. Hear the many stories of the malevolent spirits that attack people inside these buildings and the gruesome tale of the 1990s serial killer. Your tour guide will play actual EVPs captured of frightening, evil spirits. This tour features historic hotels that were commandeered for makeshift hospitals during the yellow fever epidemic and Civil War. Poltergeists and malevolent spirits are captured on EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) responsible for ongoing attacks reported in these buildings.

Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub

The Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour is the oldest haunted pub crawl in the Historic Savannah district. This walking pub tour takes you to some of Savannah's best pubs while your tour guide tells colorful ghost stories about the resident spirits. You get a sampling taste of the pub spirits before moving on to the next pub. You'll enjoy a fun night touring up to four haunted bars and exploring a few other creepy spots. You can grab your to-go drink and keep moving as you crawl to the next haunted stop to hear the latest paranormal encounters of the staff and customers.

Hearse Ghost Tours™

Hearse Ghost Tour™ is a private tour service that accommodates up to eight people. You get to ride around the most haunted areas of Savannah inside one of these souped up touring styled hearses that were in service with actual funeral parlors. Cruise past cemeteries and through the beautiful streets of the Historic and Victorian districts. Hear about the spirits and ghosts that haunt Savannah. You'll learn about the dark stories of the city's past in this paranormal journey you'll never forget.

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah Georgia

Genteel & Bard

Genteel & Bard present Dark History & Ghost Encounter Tours for high-end ghost tours. The walking tours take you to the places in Savannah haunted by dark and restless energies. Storytellers share creepy tales of Savannah's past and today's paranormal encounters happening throughout the city. You may have your own paranormal encounter while on the tour - if the ghosts are willing. Your walking tour will take you to haunted cemeteries, mansions, and other places in the city.

Scary and Best Savannah Ghost Tours

These are just a handful of the plethora of ghost tours available in the historic city of Savannah. In addition to all the public tours, you can also book private and even tailored ghost tours to suit your group's interests.

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15 Best Savannah Ghost Tours for Paranormal Enthusiasts