Where to Donate Unused Fabric for a Positive Cause

Published October 20, 2020
Man holding donation box

When you've finished your sewing projects or crafts, find out where to donate fabric to do some good in the world. From making masks to creating baby quilts for local hospitals, there are lots of things you can do with unused fabric. Getting your fabric to the right organization is important.

Where to Donate Fabric and Remnants Nationally

There are a number of national organizations that accept fabric donations. Most have local chapters you can contact to get in touch.

Donate Fabric at Goodwill

Goodwill accepts fabric donations, especially bundles of fabric scraps for quilting or large pieces of fabric for projects. After you donate the fabric, others can buy it at a discounted price. This supports Goodwill as an organization and lets you give your fabric to others who may need it. You can drop off your fabric at any Goodwill location.

Salvation Army Fabric Donations

The Salvation Army accepts fabric donations as well. You can schedule a pickup if you live near a location and have a lot of other items to donate, or you can find a Salvation Army location to drop off your fabric donation.

Animal Humane Society Fabric Donations

You can donate fabric to local animal shelters for use in pet bedding. The Animal Humane Society is a great organization that may be interested in your fabric remnants, especially cozy fabrics like fleece and wool. Check for Animal Humane Society locations near you.

Donate to Newborns in Need

Newborns in Need is an organization devoted to providing needed items for newborn babies born into poverty. In addition to gathering baby supplies and clothing, volunteers sew baby blankets and quilts. They are always looking for fabric donations to help with this work. You can find a Newborns in Need chapter in your state that will happily accept your fabric.

Quilts of Valor Fabric Donations

Quilts of Valor is dedicated to making quilts for veterans who have been wounded. You can help by donating your fabric. There are two ways to do this: find a local chapter and donate locally or donate to the national group. Either way, you can donate to Quilts of Valor by giving them your quilting cotton.

Donate Fabric to Project Linus

Project Linus provides blankets and quilts to children under age 18 who are very ill. The group coordinates volunteers who make the blankets and the people who need them. You can help by giving your extra fabric to the organization. Find a local Project Linus chapter and off them your fabric.

Where Can You Donate Fabric Scraps Locally?

If you want to donate your fabric scraps locally, there are a number of neighborhood organizations that will accept your donations and put them to good use. Each of these will use your unwanted fabric scraps in your community.

box of donated fabric

Local Mask Sewing Groups and Volunteers

During the pandemic, many local groups and individual volunteers are working to sew masks to protect health care workers, teachers, and other essential workers. You can help by donating your fabric or remnants. Look for local groups on Facebook, such as Sewing to Save.

Elementary School Art Programs

Many school art programs use donated fabric scraps for projects. Your local elementary school is likely among them. To donate fabric, call the office at your school to see what they are accepting or if they can put you in touch with the art teacher.

High School Sewing Classes

Not all school districts have home economics or sewing classes, but some still do. Because budgets are tight for these programs, they are usually glad to receive donated fabric. If you know your school district offers sewing classes, you can contact the teacher. If you aren't sure, call the high school office to find out.

Church Groups

Many churches have groups that get together to sew for charity. If you are a member of a church, you can ask your church about this possibility. You can also call churches in the area to find out if they accept fabric donations.

Senior Centers and Community Centers

Senior centers often have classes or groups that involve sewing or quilting. Contact your local senior center or community center to see if they are interested in your fabric donation.

Nursing Homes

Many nursing homes also accept donations of fabric and remnants. They use fabric in nursing home activities and craft projects for residents. Call the nursing home office to see if they are interested.

Where to Donate Fabric Internationally

There are also some organizations that accept fabric donations for use internationally. Consider giving your fabric remnants and yardage to one of the following.

Days for Girls

In many countries, lack of access to feminine hygiene products keeps girls out of school for several days each month. Days for Girls is dedicated to providing education and menstrual supplies to girls around the world. You can donate your fabric to one of the 800 chapters worldwide.

Serving With Smiles

Serving With Smiles is a humanitarian group for kids who want to help out. They coordinate monthly drives to make items needed by kids around the world, including school supplies, clothing, and face masks. They accept donations of cotton fabric and quilt batting.

Put Your Fabric Stash to Good Use

In addition to donating your fabric, you can make things with it and donate what you make. Two simple projects include baby blankets for babies in need and face masks for health care workers. Whether you make something or provide the fabric for others to do so, knowing where to donate fabric remnants and yardage is important for putting your fabric stash to good use.

Where to Donate Unused Fabric for a Positive Cause