30 Cozy Winter Movies to Call You Back to the Warm Couch

It's the season of staying in and drinking warm beverages. These cozy winter movies will help you snuggle up or veg out during the cold weather.

Published January 12, 2024
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Nothing invites you to cozy up and snuggle in like winter movies on a chilly day. From the romantic to the adventurous, the best winter movies inspire all the staying-in vibes. If you like embracing the restful rhythm of the season, settle in with one of these films and your favorite hot beverage. 

Classic Winter Movies Everyone Can Enjoy

These classic winter movies are great for the whole family and are well worth more than one watch. Choose one for your cozy day indoors and soak in the heartwarming goodness of these timeless flicks. 

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

A snowy wonderland, grand adventure, and inviting winter creatures make this film ideal for a winter watch. The first installment in the Chronicles of Narnia series is a cozy watch for the whole family. Stream the magical adventure on Disney Plus.

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a classic watch at any time of the year, but the timeframe and setting of this beloved film make it best suited for winter viewing. Get lost in this winter holiday time loop by streaming Groundhog Day on Netflix

Snow White & the Huntsman 

It's a cold and dark twist on the classic Snow White tale and it's worth a watch this winter. With an icy queen and an adventurous plotline, Snow White & the Huntsman is the cold weather movie the whole family can enjoy. Stream it on Amazon

Little Women

Any version of this classic film adaption will bring cozy joy to your winter. Follow the blossoming stories of the four March sisters and see just how ahead of her time Louisa May Alcott was. Stream Little Women on Amazon Prime Video

Little Women also made our list of best kids' movies of all time


If you need a feel-good film that represents all the classic movie ideals we all love, Miracle is the way to go. The story of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team comes with all the challenges and victories that great movies are made of. Rent the film on Amazon Prime Video. 

Snow Day

Think Home Alone without the Christmas ornaments and multiply the kids. That's essentially the plot of Snow Day. If you grew up in the 90s or early 2000s you probably remember watching this a time or two. More than 20 years later it's officially a classic for winter weather. Find it on Amazon Prime Video.


Hilarious criminal hijinks and a true Minnesota winter setting make Fargo an instant classic. It's honestly a great watch any time of the year but feels even more appropriate on a snowy day. Stream the film on Amazon

March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins is technically a nature documentary, but you won't be getting out of this without some laughter and tears. It's probably a lot warmer where you are, but a peek at life in the Antarctic might be perfect for a particularly cold day. Find this heartwarming documentary on Watch Documentaries. 

Grumpy Old Men

Two grown men fighting over the affections of a new neighbor is funny enough. Add some snow and you have a classic film that many generations can appreciate. Rent Grumpy Old Men on Amazon, Google Play, and more. 

The Family Stone

Though most people consider The Family Stone a Christmas movie, it's cozy enough to suit any winter-watching occasion. The drama, the romance, and the comfort of this film overpower the holiday backdrop. Stream it on Amazon

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Winter Horror Films & Thrillers to Send a Shiver Down Your Spine

If the season isn't cold enough, give one of these bone-chilling movies a try. From the mysterious to the horrific, these films might keep you warm with all the adrenaline they provide. 

The Shining

The Shining needs no introduction and you probably haven't forgotten about the isolated winter setting of this Stephen King film adaption. Your pounding heart will keep you plenty warm in the chilly weather if you give this film a shot. Get creeped out all over again and stream The Shining on Amazon

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 

A snowy battle scene and an ice-cold lover make the third installment of The Twilight Saga perfect for winter. You might as well watch the other four films in the series while you're at it. You can currently find The Twilight Saga: Eclipse streaming on Apple TV.

Quick Tip

 If you're planning a movie night, try our tips for the most magical movie night ever. 

The Revenant

Imagine surviving the brutal winter wilderness. Now throw in a bear mauling. The Revenant will chill you to the core, but it's a must-watch about the human need to simply survive. Stream the thriller on Apple TV. 

Eight Below

If you love animal movies, this one could be a thrilling tale of overcoming or a heartbreaking journey. Eight Below is the story of a team of sled dogs surviving the icy Antarctic after their owners are forced to leave them behind and fight their way back to rescue the dogs. Find it on Amazon Prime Video. 

The Grey

This chilly thriller is far from the heartwarming tale of Eight Below. In The Grey, a plane crashes and leaves passengers fighting their way back to civilization as a group of hungry wolves hunts them in the darkness. It's a thriller with an ending that still divides viewers. Watch The Grey on Netflix. 

Murder on the Orient Express

Murder, mystery, and intriguing characters that only Agatha Christie could invent. Throw in a train trapped in the snow and you have a winter film with plenty of thrills and chills. Find Murder on the Orient Express on Apple TV. 


The sun is about to set for six months in the Antarctic and there is a killer on the loose. That's all you need to know about Whiteout. It's a thriller just as cold as the outdoors you're trying to avoid. Stream it on Amazon Prime Video. 

Winter Movies Kids Will Love

Kids love snow days, but they will have to come inside eventually. Greet them with hot cocoa and one of these kid-friendly winter films. 

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Happy Feet

We aren't just adding one penguin-centered film to this winter movie collection. Happy Feet is an animated film about a dancing Emperor penguin on a quest to find his soul mate. It's heartwarming in all the ways an animated film should be and adults tend to love it just as much as kids. Find it on Netflix


Remember the days when no one was as cool as Elsa? Revisit Frozen with your family this winter and be reminded of all the reasons this animated Disney feature was such a box-office hit. Stream the frozen feature on Disney Plus. 

Quick Tip

Need a warm drink to keep the family warm as you watch? We have the hot chocolate recipe you need. 

Ice Age

Three unlikely prehistoric animal friends set out on an impossible mission during the ice age in this family favorite. Your kids will love the animation of Ice Age and you'll love the witty humor. Find it on Disney Plus


Anastasia is a truly underrated animated film. It has romance, tragedy, and the classic battle of good versus evil. Give it a try with your family and enjoy the wintery setting of this true story adaption. Find the animated musical on Disney Plus. 


Kevin Bacon voicing a husky dog is all you really need to know about this animated feature. The story of Balto's journey is quite touching as well. Find Balto on Apple TV. 


Nothing says winter like scary Huns crawling out of the snow. Mulan is a family-friendly animated film from Disney and it's been a favorite for decades. Introduce your kids to the magic of this honorable princess on Disney Plus

Wintery Romance Films for Major Snuggles 

Fall might be the season of falling in love, but winter is the season for snuggling up with your new lover. Share some laughs and maybe a few tears with these comforting romance films featuring some wintery settings. 

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If you need a reminder of fate's role in all our lives, this is your movie. Serendipity has all the romance movie tropes you secretly love, including a couple leaving their potential relationship entirely up to chance. Plus, the whole story unfolds in snowy New York City. Watch Serendipity on Amazon Prime Video. 

Winter's Tale

A bit of mystery and some serious romance are at the center of this fantasy film. Winter's Tale has plenty of snowy scenes in the backdrop of this unpredictable plot. Remember, this isn't a true story, it's a love story. Stream Winter's Tale on Amazon. 

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping is the cozy romantic comedy that winter weekends call for. The fun of this film is discovering, along with the main character, where the true love story lies. Find While You Were Sleeping on Disney Plus

Last Christmas

Technically this is a Christmas movie, but most of the film takes place throughout winter. So much development happens that you sort of forget it's supposed to be Christmas. You'll never see the end of this romantic film coming and that's why it's such a great watch. Stream Last Christmas on Apple TV. 

Bridget Jones's Diary

This classic rom-com takes place over a year, but there are plenty of cozy moments to make it a perfect film for winter viewing. Follow Bridget as she sets out to improve herself, find love, and keep her diary up-to-date. Find Bridget Jones's Diary on Amazon Prime Video. 

Helpful Hack

Have you ever planned a date for your sweetheart that's entirely inspired by a film? We have some ideas for movie-inspired dates that are worth trying. 

Last Holiday

A woman is given months to live and decides to cash in on her life's savings to enjoy an expensive European vacation. Last Holiday blends the hilarious styling of Queen Latifah with an important message about living life to the fullest.

You'll laugh even more than you cry while watching the main character enjoy her wintery final trip. Find Last Holiday on Amazon

The Proposal

Enemies turned lovers on a snowy Alaskan landscape isn't the movie you want, it's the movie you need. During its release, The Proposal became an instant romantic comedy hit and it's one you can turn to time and time again for a cozy movie night. Stream it on Amazon Prime Video. 

Now You Need Snuggles

With the right movie and a chilly day outside you're all set for a day of snuggling. Grab your family or your sweetheart and settle in for a warm and comforting movie-watching experience this winter. 

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30 Cozy Winter Movies to Call You Back to the Warm Couch