Why Hopeless Romantics Aren't So Hopeless After All

It's the 2020s and we're loving romance again! Get the scoop on why hopeless romantics aren't so hopeless after all.

Published January 20, 2024
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Being a hopeless romantic means so much more than doodling two names in a heart during class or sighing dreamily when someone sends you a smile. See if you fit the bill and find out the reasons that being one makes life that much more magical.

The Dreamy Meaning Behind Being a Hopeless Romantic

Ask anyone on the street what a hopeless romantic is and you'll get the same kinds of answers. It's all "they're daydreamers who fall in love too quickly" or "they're obsessed with the idea of romance and not real relationships." 

While that can be true for some, the majority of people who fall into the hopeless romantic category are infatuated with all things romance. It warms their heart to think about love and they hope for (and try to manifest) that kind of everlasting love in their own life.

15+ Signs You’re a Hopeless Romantic

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 Still unsure if you deserve the hopeless romantic badge? Go through our list and see just how many of these things apply to you. If you've checked most of the boxes, you're a hopeless romantic.

  • You’ve got a bookshelf full of romance novels.
  • You watch Pride & Prejudice or another Jane Austen adaptation when you need a little comfort.
  • You daydream about the adventures you'll have with a partner.
  • You've got a florist on speed dial.
  • Your childhood notebooks are full of doodles pertaining to your infatuation of the month.
  • Small gestures of gallantry make your heart flutter.
  • One sweet smile and your mind immediately conjure what the next few years together would look like.
  • You have a playlist labeled something like "late nights in bed with my love" or "slow dancing in the rain."
  • You prioritize your partner's needs.
  • You can fall in love with someone after just a moment together.
  • You've practiced couple's poses in the mirror.
  • You believe in love at first sight.
  • You love all things weddings.
  • Stories about people finding love in unexpected ways make you cry.
  • Prolonged eye contact makes you giddy. 
  • You're always looking for ways to make your partner smile. 
  • You long to recreate your favorite romantic moments from books or films. 
  • Valentine's Day is your favorite holiday. 
Need to Know

Language evolves over time; that's kind of its thing. Many people now favor the term hopeful romantic instead of hopeless — but it's up to you to decide which one fits you best!

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5 Benefits of Being a Hopeless Romantic

The current pop culture climate is all about capitalizing on negativity. That's why most of what you hear about hopeless romantics is focused on the pitfalls.

But like any person with an outlook on life, there are both good and bad things that come from it. We're bucking the system and focusing on the benefits of being a hopeless romantic, instead.

1. You've Got a Positive Outlook on Life

A hopeless romantic is a glass-half-full kind of person. You can't believe in the power and enchantment of love without believing in all its forms. If everyone is a possible romantic partner, then there has to be something good in everyone you meet. With negativity spewing out of every nook and cranny today, believing in people's innate goodness is something to admire.

2. You Bounce Back From Breakups in Record Time

One of the best things about being a hopeless romantic is that breakups don't keep you down for long. As a hopeless romantic, you're infatuated with the idea of love — not a specific person. So, you can heal those old breakup wounds by falling into someone else’s arms. Obviously, your ex can't compare to the person of the hour!

3. You Can Make Simple Moments Feel Special

Being a hopeless romantic isn't always about the big gestures. The small moments mean just as much, if not more. A mind like yours feels the magic in those simple romantic gestures like bringing you home a snack from your favorite restaurant or kissing your forehead before leaving for work. You make the mundane feel magical.

4. You Go for What You Want

Hopeless romantics have a reputation for being a bit naïve. If you've ever seen a hopeless romantic on the hunt for the person who's caught their eye, then you know they can be shrewd hunters. If you're a hopeless romantic, you don't wait on the sidelines bemoaning over your crushes or infatuations in fear of rejection. Instead, you take the reins and go for what you want.

5. You Wear Your Hopeful Nature With Pride

Some people hide their true nature for fear of how other people will react, but hopeless romantics wear their personalities with pride. They let criticism wash over their shoulders because they love living life the way they do. After all, what's shameful about loving love?

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Hopeless Romantics Aren't so Hopeless After All

It's the 2020s and it's time to stop infantilizing people who dream about finding love and happiness. Hopeless romantics aren't afraid to be open and honest about their dreams and we shouldn’t be either. Here's to all the hopeless romantics showing us how it's done!

Why Hopeless Romantics Aren't So Hopeless After All