1970s Eyewear Styles

Edward Beiner 1970s Eyewear


Edward Beiner's eyewear collection includes a number of vintage styles inspired by the 1970s and life in Miami. It's no secret that retro and vintage styles are back again, but the technology, materials and designs from Edward Beiner Enterprises improve on yesterday's designs. The company' oversized 1970s styles broadcast bright colors and a bold look reminiscent of decades past.



The Dawn style was named for the flagship store owner. It's available in navy blue, black, creme brulee, and tortoiseshell. If you love the big sunglasses look but you crave something just a little different from the norm, the fact that the arms are attached at the bottom of the frames rather than the middle makes these an excellent choice.

Merrick, Superhero Style


Merrick is a style that subtly speaks of superheroes in disguise. They resemble Clark Kent's eyeglasses, and if you're a man who loves the geek-chic look, you won't want to miss these. They're available in classic black, tortoiseshell, clear, and even a two-toned black and clear. Emote strength and intelligence just by slipping these onto the bridge of your nose.

Miami for All Faces


The soft square shape of these oversized sunglasses make them an option for almost any face shape. They're casual at first glance, yet extremely sexy. This style is available in red, black, tortoiseshell, and light brown, and if you don't have 20/20 vision, you can have your prescription added to them.

If You Love Color...


This 1970s style is available in red, green, blue, and tortoiseshell. It's an oversized retro-inspired style that allows you to show off your personality. The lenses are large, perfect for blocking out UV rays or helping you stay incognito on the street.

The Shore Club


The Shore Club style is another nearly universally flattering shape, more elongated and rounded than the Miami style. This is suitable for those who want a chic pair of sunglasses but don't care for the classic big sunglasses look. This style is available in two options: caramel front with a blue-purple back and brown with a red back.

The Aventura


The Aventura is available in raspberry pink, tinted orange, lime green, and tortoiseshell. If bold statement glasses are on your list of things to try, this one shouldn't be overlooked.

Cat Eye Frames: Millenia


Cat eye frames are flattering on almost any face and they're here to stay. The Millenia, shown here, is available in the stunning shades of solid white, bright red, metallic coffee, and black. The extra touch of Swarovski crystals on the black pair make them ultra-glamorous. You can't go wrong with designer eyewear that takes its own twist on classic styles.

1970s Eyewear Styles