6 Inch Heels

pump six inch heel

Want to add half a foot to your height, turn heads, amp up your outfit, and look fierce? Six-inch heels are one way to cover all those bases. These aren't available everywhere, but you can find these at a few retailers in plenty of eye-catching styles.

Buying Six Inch Heels

You won't always find heels this high in your average big box or department store (though you might sometimes run across a pair or two). When you want six-inch heels, you'll need to do a little extra sleuthing. The main focus is the height, of course, but you'll still need to decide what style and color you want, how many outfits you need them to work with, and look for the most comfortable styles available. Start with:


Amazon has a selection of six-inch heels in numerous styles and from a wide variety of name brands. You can find boots, pumps, clear platforms, and more.

  • The Onlymaker Peep Toe Platform Slingback Sandals are available in five color combinations for around $50.00. The stiletto heel is about six inches high and the platform is about 1.25 inches.
  • If you want a boot style, there's the Faux Fur Women's Fashion Platform 6" Heel Boots with adjustable laces, available in black or tan for just over $20.00. The inner platform is about two inches high and the shaft height is about five inches.

Discount Stripper

Discount Stripper has everything from metallic pink pumps with sky-high heels to matte black ones with fringe. Some styles are as understated as you can get in a heel so high, while others are a little outlandish.

  • The 609-LEVI Double Strap Platform Shoe is available in basic black (for less than $75.00), but this shoe is anything but basic. The sexy double straps around the ankle, extra strap that wraps around the heel, and netting detailing combine to create a stunning shoe.
  • If you really want to make a statement with your heels, try the DELIGHT-1017RSF Fuchsia Chrome 6" Heel with Fringe next time you go out. The have an open heel and toe, shiny pink platform, and simulated rhinestone fringe. Expect to pay around $100.00.

Pink Basis

Pink Basis has several styles of very high heels, including two-toned rhinestone platforms and faux suede pumps.

Mustard Cross Strappy Platform 6 Inch High Heels Velvet

Pros and Cons of Wearing Them

With heels this high, of course, there are pros and cons to consider. There are health risks involved, but sometimes heels are borderline irresistible, so it's important to find balance in your shoe wardrobe.


Most of the pros are based on looks:

  • Sexy high heels give you a "wavy" silhouette with the appearance of a larger bottom and perkier breasts.
  • The appearance of longer legs
  • Legs that look especially toned, strong, slender.
  • Attention (because regardless of the style you choose, heels this high are going to be head-turners)
  • Additional chances to meet men because they're more willing to approach and help women in heels, according to a study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior (and discussed in more detail in Time Magazine).
  • Potential boost in confidence because of the way your body looks and attention you garner when you wear heels
  • Fun styles and colors to choose from that you may not see in lower heels


Most of the cons revolve around short-term as well as long-term health issues or pain:

  • Foot or even back pain, as The Spine Health Institute points out
  • Bunions, hammertoe, bone spurs, and other foot problems
  • Knee and hip pain and arthritis because the position of the foot in heels above two inches doesn't allow the foot to do its job and absorb shock
  • Difficulty walking (or at least walking quickly)
  • Increased likelihood that you'll trip, fall, or otherwise injure yourself without lots of practice
  • Time commitment of practice walking in heels this high
  • Feeling of being too tall once you're out and about
  • Heels this high are rarely comfortable for very long.
  • Shortened calf muscles and thickened tendons
  • Degenerative arthritis in the knees, according to Joint Essential

How to Wear Your Heels

The average two- or- three-inch heel is fairly easy to style and works with skirts and dresses of all lengths, as well as most pants (and in some cases, even shorts). However, a six-inch heel may take more care when it comes to styling. You want to show them off, of course! Try them with:

  • Curve-hugging jeans that hit at the tops of the shoes paired with a sexy top (usually most appropriate for a night out)
  • Denim capris and a fitted button-up, tee, or light sweater, as long as the style of the shoe is fairly understated (otherwise the outfit may be too casual for the shoes)
  • A knee-length A-line dress with tights (black tights with black heels will elongate your legs even more)
  • A silhouette-skimming midi dress or skirt (especially sexy with tall boots)
  • A flowy maxi dress that stops at the ankles (so you won't trip)
Woman wearing 6 inch heels

In most cases, shorts and miniskirts are not the best things to pair with very tall heels because the amount of exposed leg will compete with the shoes for attention. In some ways, it's the same idea as avoiding wearing heavy eye makeup and a bold lip, or a short skirt with a skin-tight top. Keep the focus in one area for a more flattering outfit.

Practical Tips for Happy Feet

Wearing heels as high as six inches will probably never be considered "comfortable." However, there are things you can do to minimize the pain and risk for injury or long-lasting effects of their wear.

Let Your Feet Rest

Don't wear your high heels all day, every day. On the days you do need to wear them, try to minimize the number of hours you wear them. Going out with the girls for a few hours? Put them on right before you leave and then take them off immediately once you get home (or, if you're taking your own car or carpooling with friends, leave a pair of sneakers in the car and change there at the end of the night). Sit down as often as you can while you're out. Skip heels of any height as often as possible.

Take Time to Train Your Feet

Though cutting down on their wear time as much as possible is important, you also shouldn't go from flats to high heels at the last minute. Take about 10 or 15 minutes each day to practice standing, and eventually walking, in your new shoes. Train yourself to walk in your heels before you go out in them so you'll feel more confident, look better, and be more capable of maneuvering through crowds and across a variety of surfaces.

Opt for Platform Heels

Choose platform heels when you can. The higher, the better. You'll still get the lift and other benefits of high heels, but the platform reduces the angle your foot is at in the shoe. That will increase comfort, decrease the pressure on the ball of the foot, and hopefully minimize long-term damage done by wearing heels.

VALENTINO, Tan-Go Platform Pump

Massage and Stretch

Massage and stretch your feet and calves. Use a lacrosse ball or tennis ball under your foot while you're sitting down. Simply roll it around with your foot so that it puts pressure on the achy spots. For your calves, try a foam roller (or just massage with your hands). Even a yoga class will help you stretch your feet and legs, so if you have one of those scheduled the day after a night out, perfect.

Add Cushion

Add some cushion to your shoes. It won't do much when you're putting all that pressure on the balls of your feet, but it could take the edge off. Look for gel pads in the foot care aisles at your local drugstore.

Show Off Your Style

Enjoy your heels of any height, but in moderation. Take care to choose the most comfortable shoes in the correct size for the best experience. When you consider how to wear ultra-high heels and take practical tips to minimize damage, you can enjoy showing them off.

6 Inch Heels