Beach Towels That Turn into Beach Bags

The Kicker (c) Urban Barrels
The Kicker (c) Urban Barrels

Carrying items to the beach can often be a struggle. Beach towels add bulk and extra weight to your bag and can take up room that could be used for other essentials. A great solution to consider is a beach towel that converts into a bag. This option not only saves you space but gives you a unique way to carry your beach items.

Convertible Towel Beach Bag Options

There are several options for beach towels that can be converted into a beach bag. Some to consider include:

Urban Barrels Kicker Bag Towel

The Kicker (c) style of the Urban Barrels Bag Towel began as a Kickstarter project. It has an absorbent towel on one side (the inside!) and the outside is a tote bag made from sails from old sailboats, so it's durable and water-resistant. The towel is sewn in place, so it folds in and out of the bag easily. There is a zipper pocket on the front to keep your wallet, phone, and other personal items safe and dry. This beach towel/bag combo is priced at $85.

Texas Longhorns Beach Towel Backpack

The officially licensed Texas Longhorns Beach Towel Backpack is sold by FansEdge. It is priced around $30 and is made from a bright orange terry cloth towel featuring a Texas Longhorns theme. The towel itself measures 30" x 60" when fully open and closes to 14" x 12" x 7". This backpack can hold essentials such as sunscreen and beach accessories. Since it converts to a beach towel, there is no need to pack a bulky towel in the bag. Other licensed team logo options are also available at FansEdge.

Beach Buddy Beach Tote

The Beach Buddy Beach Tote Bag is a tote bag and towel all in one. It is done in your choice of a brightly-colored patterned fabric. All bags are made with two layers for durability and come in two size options. The adult size bag is priced around $30 and the kids' bag is priced around $20. Both sizes feature an outer divided pocket that can items such as books and water bottles. The bag also features a pocket on the top corner of the towel to safeguard your items while laying out in the sun.

Convenience and Style

A beach towel bag is a convenient way to tote your beach essentials in style. Since you will not need to carry a separate towel, your beach bag will be lighter and have more room for items such as books, magazines, sunglasses and more. Keep in mind that since the towel will often get wet and sandy, you will want to wash and dry it before its next use. You may even want to have more than one on hand so you are never without a bag to tote to the beach.

Beach Towels That Turn into Beach Bags