Brands with One Piece High Cut Swimwear

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Few swim styles can make your legs look like they go on for miles like that of one-piece high cut swimwear

The Main Draw

No matter your body type, it's pretty hard to go wrong with one-piece high cut swimwear. This particular style of swimwear has several advantages, including:

  • Helps you look taller: The higher a swimsuit sits on the leg, the longer that leg will look. This is because a high cut suit exposes a greater swath of length, which in turn helps you look taller. If you don't appear as tall as you'd like, whether you're petite or not, then this style of swimwear is a good option.
  • Minimizes stomach bulge: Few have perfectly flat, chiseled abs, and if this is your personal experience, know that a one-piece suit can greatly help you appear slim and trim. Look for tummy control options to further enhance a suit's stomach-flattening abilities.
  • Fashionably coordinated: Another advantage of opting for a one-piece swimsuit is that it looks fashionably coordinated. With two-piece styles, you often have the option of choosing a separate bikini top and bottom, and while the added benefit of this is increased flexibility, this flexibility can lead to confusion, or an uncoordinated appearance. With a one-piece swimsuit, you won't have this problem.

Shop for One Piece High Cut Swimwear

You can find high cut swimwear at a variety of shopping sites including:


Nordstrom has a fantastic collection of high cut suits including the Desert Dream One-Piece Swimsuit by Billabong. This stunning suit features a water colored striped bodice, scooped neck and dramatic open back.

Neiman Marcus

The Mio Super Low Back One-Piece Swimsuit at Neiman Marcus will leave you breathless for a variety of reasons, including the suit's stunning color, red on black.

Other notable features are the suit's scooped neckline and modest coverage for your backside, despite being a high-waisted swimsuit, and an empire waist for added tummy control. In fact, this suit is so lovely that the high cut legs only add to its elegance.


If you want to look like a million bucks, but are not keen to spend it, then JCPenney might just be the store to visit. There, you'll find the aptly named Social Angel Floral One-Piece. What you'll love about this style, beyond its high cut leg openings, is the very flattering bodice which serves to help you not only look slim, but sexy as well.

One-Piece: Anything But Boring

One a final note, keep in mind that a one-piece, even one outfitted with high leg cuts, doesn't have to mean boring. The key to making sure your suit stands out often lies in the top portion or chest area of the suit. In other words, you can easily choose from criss-cross styles, halter tops or even faux bandeau looks. This way, ultimately, the one-piece style you choose is sure to match not only your personality type, but your physique as well.

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Brands with One Piece High Cut Swimwear