Cat Eye Makeup


Some beauty trends never fade. Though each season ushers in a new crop of in-demand colors, application techniques, and crazy contours, glamorous cat eyes are an unwavering staple. This style uses eyeliner to create a look that is simple and elegant yet undeniably bold.

Cat Eye Makeup Application

There are many occasions when a cat eye look is appropriate. Maybe you have a holiday party coming up, a dinner with friends, or want to add a little interest to your day-to-day makeup. That's the best thing about this particular style: it is extremely versatile. This can be worn on its own for a more classic look or paired with a smoky eye for something a little more dramatic.

What You'll Need

You may have heard that is is difficult to apply perfectly precise cat eye liner. It doesn't have to be! Applying eyeliner just takes preparation, practice, and patience. To achieve that unforgettable winged effect, start by gathering the essentials. That includes:

types of eyeliner
Different types of eyeliner give different results.
  • Black eyeliner (There are several types to choose from, including liquid, gel, pencil, and felt-tip.)
  • Eyelash curler
  • Black mascara (Benefit's They're Real mascara is an Allure award winner.)
  • Lightweight concealer
  • Medium brown eyeshadow
  • Q-Tips
  • Makeup remover or facial wipes

Put thought into the formula you choose. For instance, liquid liner can give you a sharp and precise line but is often trickier to work with, while a felt-tip applicator mimics the appearance of liquid but gives the user more control. Gel liner is more beginner-friendly as it does not dry as quickly, and pencil is fairly easy to use but needs to be kept ultra sharp. Consider the pros and cons as well as your own personal preferences.

Creating Catty Eye Makeup

Once you have chosen your desired product, you are ready to achieve cat eyed perfection. To unleash your creative side and add a little meow to your makeup routine, start by:

applying cat eye makeup
Apply your liner along the upper lash line.
  1. Placing eyeliner on the inner corner and working your way out. This should be done in short strokes for more precision. Remember: the sharper your liner (or the finer the tip) the easier it will be to get right into that innermost corner.
  2. Connect those short strokes into one solid line. Keep in mind that the line should be on the thin side. It is best to start with a thinner line. Build up the product to your desired thickness after the shape has been perfected.
  3. Create your wing by extending the existing line past the outer corner. It should come up on a 45 degree angle, leaving you with a diagonal line that ends in a sharp point. The length of the wing can be as short or long as you like. However, something shorter will be more subtle while a longer line leaves you with a more intense finish.
  4. Fill in the wing by drawing another line from the end of the first line to the middle of your lash line. Use your liner to ensure that area is completely filled in. This adds thickness and makes everything look smooth and even.
    Finish creating your wing for a flawless cat eye effect.
  5. Thicken the liner more if you are after a more dramatic finish or leave it as is if you are satisfied with your cat eye look. If you choose to intensify the style, make sure your eyeliner has dried completely before adding on more.
  6. Repeat on the opposite eye.
  7. Take an eyelash curler and carefully curl the upper lashes. A few gentle pumps of the lash curler is all you need to create lots of lift and definition.
  8. Apply two coats of black mascara to your upper and lower lashes. This step will really open up the eyes and make them pop!
  9. Dab a small amount of concealer underneath your eyes to cover up any dark circles that might detract from your oh-so-stunning cat eye makeup.
  10. Tap into a medium brown eyeshadow and apply it through the crease. You can add on a deeper color to create a smoky eye or apply a neutral shadow shade to the lid, but a mid-tone brown is the best place to start. It adds polish and pulls everything together.

Simple Ways to Handle Liner Mistakes

Touch up any mistakes to reveal flawless liner.

Even the most experienced beauty lovers struggle with winged liner every now and again. If an accident happens, don't panic. Small missteps can be fixed with a Q-Tip soaked in makeup remover. Wait for the eyeliner to dry and then erase the mistake with the cotton applicator. Larger mistakes may need to be tackled with a makeup removing wipe. If you can't seem to fix your liner, don't be afraid to take it off and try again.

Fun Ways to Change It Up

After you have gotten the hang of creating cat eye makeup, nothing will limit your creativity. There are many exciting ways to alter this style to keep it fresh and fun day after day. A few suggestions include:

  • Give this look a touch of glamour by adding on false lashes and applying white eyeliner to the inner rim along the lower lash line. This will make your eyes stand out for all the right reasons! It is also a great option for a night out.
  • Incorporate color by using a different eyeliner shade. You can easily swap out black for something bolder like blue, green, purple, pink, or yellow. It is a surefire way to make a statement.
Mix up your makeup with color and glitter!
  • Play with line thickness and length. Keep adding more liner until the line is quite thick (not Amy Winehouse level but something equally bold). Then extend the length of your wing so it looks more runway than ready-to-wear.
  • Add on glitter for a glitzy and over the top style. There are a few ways to do this: either use a glitter eyeliner (Urban Decay has a wide shade selection) and apply it directly over your cat eye liner or use a glitter glue and loose glitter. For the latter, use an angled brush and place your glue directly over top of the line you have created. Then do the exact same thing with your glitter.

Practice Makes Purrfect

When it comes to stunning cat eye makeup, the most important thing to remember is that practice makes perfect. Before long, the application process will be quick, easy, and painless! So, make the most of this versatile style and incorporate it into your next look.

Cat Eye Makeup