Chanel Costume Jewelry to Keep You Classy & Fabulous

Chanel shop on Champs-Elysees in Paris.

Chanel's costume jewelry line offers a trendy and less expensive alternative to fine jewelry. The range of costume jewelry includes items created from leather, ribbons, resin and gemstones made of glass. Many jewelry items are fabricated from non-precious metals. Using inexpensive and more accessible materials enables Chanel to create bold statement pieces or soft whimsical designs without an outrageous price tag.

Chanel Costume Pieces

The current line of costume jewelry can be found on the Chanel website and purchased from the company itself or one of its approved retailers. You can find these retailers using the "Store Locator" feature on the website. The selection changes with each season therefore it is a good idea to keep referring back for the latest season's styles.


The current line of Chanel necklaces include long ropes of pearls and metal chains, in addition to bold and delicate choker styles. Coco Chanel's own signature look included ropes and ropes of pearls. Many styles incorporate the famous interlocking C's of the Chanel logo. Prices start at about $1,200 and go up depending on style and materials.

  • Long necklaces feature pearls in various forms, from cultured pearls to those made of glass and resin. Accents of metal and resin include floral designs as well as crystal shapes and the iconic "C" logo. This stylish and classic multi-strand necklace of black and white glass pearls is also fabricated with metal.
  • Choker styles are made from glass pearls, velvet, and metal and embellished with strass (a version of Swaravski crystal) and other materials. They range from wide, high-necked styles to simple strands.

Bracelets and Cuffs

Chanel's bracelets and cuffs are bold statement pieces and many flaunt the Chanel logo. Fashioned from unusual materials like resin and multi-colored strass, these accessories will liven up any outfit. Prices range from about $1,500 to over $4,000, depending on style.

  • Bold, black cuffs are made from velvet or resin, and most feature the Chanel logo. Others are adorned with motifs in metal, strass, and glass pearls.
  • Resin and metal bangle bracelets are decorated with metal braids and glass pearls. They come in blue with red, white, and gold accents or white with white and gold accents. These bangles also incorporate the Chanel logo.
  • Pearls, long a necessary accessory for faithful Chanel followers, put a sophisticated twist on trendy wide cuffs. Choose from single strands adorning a cuff of silver metal, strands of black and white aluminum pearls, or a metal and plexiglass cuff featuring six rows of pearls.


The range of Chanel costume earrings is varied and exciting. The collection features small, delicate earring styles as well as more unusual and dramatic pieces. Prices vary, but you can expect to pay about $500 to $2,000 per pair.

  • Stud earrings feature everything from the Chanel logo to delicate flowers and stars. These pieces are simple yet elegant, with detailing in strass, metal, and pearls.
  • Simple drop earrings highlight the interlocking C logo at the lobe with small dangling designs in clear and colored glass, pearls, and strass.
  • Statement earrings include chandelier styles that include hanging strands of natural stones, cultured pearls, and resin.


Chanel costume rings add stylish flare to your fingers. Prices start at about $500.

  • Metal rings featuring glass pearls in wide, square shapes are bold and sleek. The most eye-catching of these fits on two fingers and includes a rectangular array of eight pearls.
  • If you prefer a more delicate look, try one of the metal designs set with strass crystals and cultured pearls. Choose from abstract, winding styles or rings with star or cross motifs.
  • Get a pop of color amongst the strass and pearls with red, white, and blue tweed highlights. The large design is sure to make a statement.


A Chanel brooch lends an elegant air to any ensemble. For a fun fashion twist, skip the statement necklace and add a touch of class with a well-placed brooch. These pieces cost anywhere from about $500 to over $2,000.

  • Go dramatic with a double brooch connected by ropes of chains, or opt for the singular approach with a Chanel crest accented with strass. The metal brooches are unmistakably Chanel, and will shine brightly on your jacket or sweater.
  • Smaller brooches feature a variety of motifs, from the iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle to the face of Coco Chanel. Other designs include a cuckoo clock and a Chanel handbag. These colorful pieces are fashioned from metal and resin.

Looking After Chanel Jewelry

All costume jewelry takes a little extra looking after to keep it in perfect condition. It is important that costume jewelry is kept clean and that dirt and grime is not allowed to build up on the surface. This is because the dirt will stop the jewelry from shining and looking its best. A gentle rub with a lint-free cloth is generally all that is required. Materials such as resin can be damaged by harsh chemicals, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions for any special information about cleaning the jewelry.

Storing jewelry in an organizer will help to keep it clean and free from damage. There are a wide range of jewelry organizers available and these are perfect for keeping your pieces clean and safe.

Chanel's Look

Coco Chanel said, "A woman should be two things: classy and fabulous." Wearing a piece of Chanel jewelry enables every woman to accomplish both of those feats. However, Chanel's line of costume jewelry ensures these accessories are fashionable as well as affordable.

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Chanel Costume Jewelry to Keep You Classy & Fabulous