Cover Girl is famous for its makeup.

Cover Girl cosmetics are essentially a part of a large organization known for minimal customer service and personal attention. What they lose in the mass merchant concept, they make up for it in the economies of scale. Cover Girl may not be able to provide you a personal consultant at a local makeup counter, but they do provide a large variety of decent products at decent prices.

Company Background

Cover Girl was first introduced to the United States by Noxema in 1960, backed by an advertising campaign that employed actual cover models who were excited about this "glamorous new makeup." In 1989, Proctor & Gamble took over the Noxema Company including the Cover Girl brand. It is currently the best selling mass market cosmetic brand in the U.S. and is particularly prevalent in the teenage marketplace.

As part of the corporate giant, Proctor & Gamble, Cover Girl is more of a brand license then a cosmetics company. They sell their makeup products to large distribution centers and a variety of wholesalers. While this allows their products to be easily found in all types of stores and websites, it can make it more difficult to find the perfect product for your selected needs.

Fashion Forward Products

Even though Cover Girl may lack the individual attention of a selected famous makeup artist, they do spend extensive time and money reviewing their product selection. Every season they study fashion trends, current technology and consumer tastes to adjust their makeup offerings. This can lead to exciting new updates and also the reduction of your favorites. In order to support their customers through these adjustments they provide a service online called MakeUpdater. Through this system they help you find similar current products to replace your old discontinued favorites.

Special Offers

Coupons are readily available through the P&G Brand SAVER newspaper insert found in most major city papers. In order to encourage support of new products, Cover Girl will occasionally offer a select amount of free samples available through their website. If Cover Girl is your brand of choice, register on their website for advanced notice of these sorts of special offers.

Award Winning Cover Girl Makeup

Outlast Liquid Foundation

Receiving a Shape magazine Beauty Award, this foundation is actually a two in one bottle. With a primer on one side and a liquid foundation on the other, it is designed for long lasting coverage. The primer preps the skin, fills the lines, and prevents shine. The foundation is intended to last for up to ten hours after application.

Outlast All-Day Lip Color

A Mom Approved Beauty Award product from Child magazine, this lipstick combination is designed to last for sixteen hours, even through meals! With 49 different shades to choose from, you should have no problem finding the right one for your skin tone. The lip cover is applied with a two step process. The color is spread on with an applicator and set to dry for at least one minute. Then a glossy sealer is added on top for a soft dewy feel. The color will last all day, but the gloss can be reapplied as needed. At the end of the day it is necessary to remove the color with makeup remover.

Cheekers Blush

A truly basic blush powder that has stood the test of time with the CosmoGirl Kiss of Approval for five years and running. A natural looking blush designed to last for hours available in a mini compact.

For Further Product Information

As Cover Girl makeup is sold in the mass merchant marketplace, there is little to no customer service while you are shopping. Therefore, doing some initial research will help you at the check out counter. On their website they offer a feature called the Shopping Wall where you gather information on common Cover Girl products and compare their benefits.

While visiting their website, also take advantage of Cover Girl's online beauty consultant feature. Input some simple skin and color information and they will match you to products, shades and makeup pro tips. You can receive the recommendations in your email inbox or through a live chat feature on their website.

For those of you who still like to touch base with a live person, the company provides a free hotline for product information and beauty tips at 1-800-426-8374.

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