Coverups with UV Protection

ZnO Beach Sunwrap
ZnO Beach Sunwrap from Coolibar

Keep your skin safe from the sun by not only donning a coverup, but one that features UV protection. The added protection will help stop the sun's rays from damaging your skin beyond that offered by a traditional coverup.

Women's UV Coverup Styles

Women have a number of stylish options to choose amongst when it comes to finding a cute swimsuit coverup that also keeps their skin safe. Dresses, rash guards, traditional coverups, and even skirts all come with sun protection, measured in terms of ultraviolet protection factor (UPF).

Tops and Rash Guards

Keep your upper body safe and comfortable with protective tops and rash guards.

  • Women's Rash Guard: No chemicals are needed to keep this rash guard safe. It features UPF 50+ protection from the weaving, a size range from x - small through double extra-large, and a slimming design. It retails for just under $25.
  • Shift Dress Cover Up: This lightweight oversized shift dress is easy to throw on over any style of swimsuit, and has UPF 50+ protection. Find it for a little less than $100, in sizes from small through extra-large. It comes in a variety of patterns.
  • Pareo Cover-up: This stylish coverup is available in sizes small/medium or large/x-large. You can wear it six different ways, making it easy and versatile. It features UPF 50 protection and is priced under $70.
  • Women's Hooded Cover-Up: Another shirt-style coverup, this option has a tied front and a hood for added protection. It is rated UPF 50+, has a size range from small through triple extra-large, and is just a little under $60.
  • ZnO sun Wrap: The easy style of this UPF 50+ wrap makes it comfortable to coverup. It is lightweight and comes in two fashionable colors. Find it in sizes medium through double extra-large, costing just under $80.

Shorts and Skirts

Shorts and skirts can help keep your midsection an upper legs safe.

  • Women's Board Shorts: If you want a little extra protection and coverage on your bottom half, look for cover-up shorts. These floral ones go with plain colored tops and are rated at UPF 50+. Get a great fit by choosing your size from S through 4XL, with a great price at under $40.
  • UV 50+ Swim Skirt: This breezy, above-the-knee skirt features UPF protection of 50+. It costs around $50 and comes in sizes small through extra-large. It has both buttons and a tie closure so you are sure to feel secure wearing it on and off the beach.


Dresses are a breezy, comfortable sun-protection option that can be short or long and have sleeves of varying lengths.

  • Women's Kaftan: Not all women's coverups have to be short. This kaftan is floor length and long-sleeved, to offer modest coverage and protection, but is also light enough to wear on a warm summer day. It has 100+ SPF protection. The longer length does make this option a little pricier, at just over $120. It comes in sizes extra-small through extra-large.
  • Halter Dress: This cute halter-style dress comes in UPF 50+ protection. Find one for less than $50 in sizes medium through double extra-large. Made from swimsuit material, this coverup option also features extra support for your chest.

Men's Shirts with UV Protection

Men who want to keep their top halves covered with UV protection should look for long or short sleeved rash guards to complement their UV swim trunks. These tops may suit your needs:

  • Men's Regular Long Sleeve Hooded Rash Guard: This basic top is comfortable and easy to wear, offering quick-dry fabric and UPF 50+ protection. It is priced at under $30 and comes in sizes small through large.
  • Solumbra Full Zip Surf Shirt: The full zip on this shirt makes it easy to put on and take off, even when wet. Slip it on after it gets dark for an easy cover-up with any pair of trunks. Find it in sizes extra-small through double extra-large and for less than $85. It has 100+ SPF protection.
  • Men's Short Sleeve Shirt: Made of quick-drying material, this short sleeve UPF 50+ shirt is a great coverup for outdoors. It even features a zippered pocket for holding keys. Get it for a little over $30 and in sizes regular through extra-tall.

Kids' UV Coverup Options

Children are especially susceptible to the sun, so make sure they stay protected by choosing coverups that have UV protection. You can find coverups in rash guards, rompers, and shirt/dress styles suitable for boys, girls, and infants.

  • Girl's Moroccan Tile Cover: This coverup not only gets girls dry, but keeps them safe with UPF 50+protection. It's available in sizes 7 through 14, and costs under $45.
  • Unisex Rash Guard: Boys will stay safe in this UPF 50 rated shirt , available in sizes for toddlers, little boys, and regular boys, from 4 through 16. It costs less than $20.

Stay Sun Safe Out of the Water

Even if you're no longer romping through the waves or taking a dip in the pool, you still need to be sun-conscious. Keep your skin safe by choosing coverups with UV protection in them.

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Coverups with UV Protection