Denim Short Shorts

short denim shorts

If you've worked hard for toned muscles in your legs, there's almost nothing that will display them better than denim short shorts.

How to Wear Denim Short Shorts

The key to wearing denim shorts is to avoid showing too much skin all at once. A modest tank top may work fine, but one that shows cleavage or midriff in addition to the length of the legs may leave you feeling overexposed. T-shirts with long or short sleeves or even button-up shirts with short or three-quarter length sleeves may keep you more comfortable without revealing too much skin. Shirts that have a billowy feel often beautifully counteract the more fitted, structured shape of blue jean shorts and can even offer a more modest appearance than other options-without losing the sex appeal. Denim shorts are difficult to dress up-they're definitely casual garments.

One place denim short shorts are always welcome is at the beach. You can throw them on top of your bathing suit bottom to cover up a little more when you're not out on the sand. They're also perfect for enjoying other beachside activities, like go-carts, putt-putt, and casual strolls or lunches.

When it comes to shoes, the obvious choice is flip-flops if you're going for a casual summer vibe. Though it's tough to dress up a pair of denim short shorts, there are other shoes you may be interested in pairing with your shorts. Sandals with or without short heels (kitten heels or low wedges, perhaps) will look more polished without crossing into "dressy" territory. If you're a fan of the Dukes of Hazzard character Daisy Duke, you can always pull on a pair of cowboy boots. A general rule to wearing short shorts or skirts is: the shorter the shorts or skirt, the lower the heels.

Types of Denim Shorts

Just as there are endless choices in blue jeans, there is quite the selection of short denim shorts:

  • Cuffed
  • Distressed
  • High waist
  • Faded
  • Dark wash
  • Black
  • White
  • Low rise
  • Traditional five-pocket styles

Very short shorts tend to have an inseam of about two to five inches and can be found within the collections of most denim apparel lines. Short denim shorts are available at several different price points, and if you're willing to check thrift or consignment stores, you will often find that you can get designer or name brand short denim shorts for less than you might pay for a lesser known brand in a department or big box store. Be sure that you take potential shrinkage into account before purchasing your denim shorts and always be sure to read the labels before caring for them. With inseams that are already so scant, any extra shrinkage could leave you unable to wear your shorts in public.

Buying Denim Shorts

When you're ready to buy your short denim shorts, you can visit almost any store that sells women's casual clothing, like:

  • American Apparel
  • Nordstrom
  • Forever21
  • Target

Short shorts-especially in denim-are spring and summer staples for plenty of women. Using them wisely in an ensemble can give you the sexy, casual vibe you crave and allow you to stand out from the crowd.

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Denim Short Shorts