Donatella Versace Dresses


Donatella Versace dresses have been ruling the runways season after season since the 1970s. Read on to learn more about this famous Italian designer and her line of fabulous eveningwear that continues to impress and make an impact on the modern fashion industry.

About Donatella Versace

Born as the youngest of three children into an Italian family, Donatella's older brother Giovanni was the original Versace to hold a distinct flair for fashion. He was working in knitwear design in Florence when Donatella came along with the hopes of assisting in public relations. She turned out to be a valuable adviser to Giovanni, and soon she was getting her feet wet in the world of fashion and original design. She continued to work both independently and in collaboration with her brother until his tragic death in the 1990s. In 1998, Versace had her first couture show in Paris, and has met great success ever since.

She is known for constantly being surrounded by celebrities, and was one of the first big time designers to have them model her clothing in lieu of more traditional high fashion models.

Donatella Versace Dresses Hit the Big Time

Since they have always worn her clothing, Donatella's friends have really boosted sales and her high profile image. Her dresses are continually coveted by Hollywood superstars for special events such as Oscars night. She also has a large celebrity entourage at many of her fashion shows, continually raising the level of interest and intrigue within the media.

In recent years, Donatella Versace dresses have grown even more popular as the once flamboyant designer has toned down her style and focused more on simple elegance rather than extreme chic. Her 2006 line featured darks and earth tones, many of which were worked into classic cocktail dresses and simple evening gowns. Fashion insiders relished in this subtle simplicity, and her line continues to thrive on this concept today. Wearing a Versace dress often means flaunting flattering drapes of fabric in a solid tone of brown or perhaps cherry red, often accentuating the curves of the female physique while still maintaining the right element of glamour.

Versace has also branched out to other lines of clothing, including slim and savvy cigarette pants and high-end overcoats. The sight of a Versace dress on a red carpet Hollywood premiere is a common occurrence, and as Versace continues to evolve her line, chances are she will capture even more of the entertainment industry's attention.

Where to Buy Versace

If you are fortunate enough to afford a Versace dress in your evening wear collection, there are a few places to find them.

Neiman Marcus carries a line of Donatella Versace dresses, and some are available for a median price. From classy runway apparel to shoes and handbags, Versace is a star at Neiman Marcus, and most items can be ordered through their website.

If you are conducting an online dress search, check out, which does the hunt for you. Punch in Versace's name, and you will be provided with a myriad of search results, ranging from Saks Fifth Avenue finds to a special sale at Nordstrom's. Versace dresses are easily located with this great fashion search engine, and your only dilemma will be choosing between all of the winning gowns you'll find.

Lastly, a search conducted on eBay will also yield some results if you need a Versace dress for that special event but don't want to pay full price. Be sure to carefully examine the ad before bidding, as there are plenty of knockoffs all over the Internet, and you will want to ensure your gown is the real deal.

Donatella Versace continues to rock the fashion industry by designing couture ideal for younger generations. Take the time to explore her creations, and you may find there is a perfect design out there for you, no matter what your age or style.

Donatella Versace Dresses