Fall and Winter Fashion Trend Pictures

Hot Fall and Winter Trends


Spruce up your wardrobe for the colder months by adding a few trendy looks. From outerwear to accessories, you can find hot new trends in styles and colors that might surprise you.

Shown here is one the season's boldest looks: the statement fur. The classic luxe look of a fur coat gets spiced up with exotic patterns and bold colors.

Lots of Layers


Layered looks are always popular as autumn draws near, and this season layering uses a variety of different fabrics and textures for a new look. Consider pairing items with different textures like a plaid or denim top with a chunky knit sweater. Top it off with one of fall's trendy long jackets for a great look that keeps you warm as the weather cools.

Stylish Hoodies


Hoodies are completely on-trend, and available in every form -- short, long, sleeveless, and even seen on dresses. From fleece to jersey knit to sweaters, this style is perfect for fall and winter. Not only is it a trendy and stylish look, it's comfortable and offers the option for extra warmth when you head outside.

Pairing Pink and Yellow


Fall's trending colors include some fresh, unique hues we don't always see in fall. Pairing pink and yellow is a fun trend that allows you to put a bright pop of color in your fall wardrobe. You can use pieces from spring and summer, such as a pink tee and yellow pumps, and add in a yellow cardigan or jacket with jeans for a great layered look featuring these colors.

80s Glamour


Bold, 80s-inspired looks with a glamorous edge are trending for the season. Styles using leather, ruffles, zippers, and bold details bring this look to life. A cropped top or jacket paired with a layered skirt is an easy way to get this fun look. Don't forget accessories, like oversize hoop earrings, to complete the style.

Minimalist Coats With Accents


If you prefer more streamlined styles, one of the trendy looks for the season is the minimalist coat. The difference in this look for the season, however, is that in addition to modern, clean-lines, the coats have accents to add interest. Details like a line of fur trim down the front, fringe, or embellished lapels add a pop of style to simple coats and jackets

Velvet Fashions


Velvet is one of the most popular fabrics for fall and winter. While it is a hot trend, it also has a classic and elegant appeal, which makes it perfect for date-night or special occasion dresses. Seen on everything from tops to shoes, you can wear velvet in any style, just be careful not to wear too much of it at once. Let your velvet clothing or accessory take center stage with its plush, rich look instead of piling it on.

One-Shoulder Styles


One-shoulder tops and dresses are back. This is the perfect way to show a little skin for a sophisticated, alluring look without going overboard. Keep the look current by choosing a style in one of the season's trendiest colors, which include taupe, red, grey, green, purple, and light blue.

Plaid Coats


Classic and stylish, a coat or jacket in grey plaid is a chic look for cooler weather. Plaid is a popular trend, and the neutral pattern allows you plenty of freedom when it comes to accessorizing. You can feel free to add a pop of color with your scarf or hat, for example, and be confident it won't clash.

Embellished Accessories


Embellishment on accessories is in, and that includes items like cold-weather gloves. Look for details like sequins, crystals, or metallic accents in fun patterns to add a touch of style to your cold-weather accessories. Keep it stylish by not wearing multiple embellished items at one time. If you have glitzy gloves, for example, stick with a simple scarf.

Pin Stripes


Pin stripes are in, and this slimming style is a great professional look in pants, jackets, skirts, or suits. The subtle detail adds interest to your look without being overdone.

Cute Capelets


Capelets offer a romantic, retro-chic look that provides just a lightweight cover. While you'll need something warmer when the cold weather really sets in, this cute style is perfect to throw over a top or dress on a fall day when you just need to ward off the chill in the air.

Fall Florals


Floral patterns are typical for spring, but floral dresses are also in style for fall. Look for long-sleeved dresses in more muted colors for a look that's fresh but seasonal.

Sweet Neckerchiefs


Accessorizing the neck area is in style with everything from bow-knot scarves to chokers. Using a neckerchief with a small knot is a look that's chic, feminine, and does double-duty to add a little extra cover up to the neck area.

Shearling Jackets


Shearling jackets are a great look for cooler weather. Seen in all types of jackets from short to long this season, this look is not only trendy, but ultra-cozy and warm as well. As with hoodies, you can easily embrace comfort as well as style with a shearling jacket.

Gold Metallic Fashions


For a standout look this season, take the gold metallic styles seen on runway models and tailor them to your personal style. Wear a gold blouse with a pair of jeans for a casual yet glamorous night-out style, or try a dress with modern details like stripes or cut outs. Gold fabrics make a strong impact, so minimize the accessories when wearing them.

Cropped Pants


Cropped pants are a fun transitional trend to wear moving into cooler weather. Wide-legged pants and culottes are a stylish, in-season look that offer a unique departure from skinny jeans and leggings. The wide legs also make the waist look narrower, and the breezy style is great for bringing autumn.

Patent Leather Jackets


Stay warm and look stylish in fall and winter with a trendy patent leather jacket. You'll find this cool, glossy outerwear in a variety of styles, from trench coats to shorter jackets in both neutrals and vibrant colors.

For more great looks to try for cooler weather, check out additional fall fashion ideas.

Fall and Winter Fashion Trend Pictures