Gothic Cross Pendants

Gothic style cross necklace

Gothic cross pendants are worn for various reasons but have become quite trendy and are seen as a popular jewelry option.

About Gothic Jewelry

Gothic jewelry embraces the dark side and has become popular due to the release of various vampire movies and books such as the Twilight series. Gothic style is dark and features clothes done in black along with jewelry done in shapes such as crosses, bats, dragons and swords.

Crosses are a popular item for Gothic jewelry. They are done in heavy styles with tons of detail and are made from metals such as sterling silver, surgical steel or even pewter. Both men and women enjoy wearing Gothic crosses.

The Meaning Behind Gothic Crosses

Gothic Crosses are one of the many symbols of Gothic culture. They are much different than a Christian corss in that the imagery used represents all that is dark and mysterious. Many like to wear a Gothic style cross to show that they are part of the Gothic lifestyle, and to show that they believe in Satan or the occult.

The crosses seen in jewelry designs come from Germanic culture and depending on the position and style can mean different things. For example, an inverted cross is believed to represent death. Other meanings for Gothic crosses include:

  • Upside down cross can be a symbol of the wearer's rejection of Jesus and the sacrifice he made on the cross
  • Celtic crosses represent everlasting life

A cross can also have a hidden meaning that is known only to the wearer. This can be anger or other hidden emotions that they want to convey through the wearing of the cross. The meaning can also be a mixed message if the cross is part of a design incorporating other Gothic symbols as well.

Styles of Gothic Cross Pendants

There are many styles of Gothic crosses used in jewelry. All use a lot of detail and can be quite ornate in their design. Some incorporate other symbols along with a cross while others rely on the cross as the focus of the design.

Some common Gothic cross designs are:

  • Ornate heavy metal cross
  • Cross wrapped in barbed wire
  • Cross intertwined with flowers
  • Celtic crosses
  • Cross with daggers
  • Cross with circles
  • Cross and pentagrams

Shopping Options

If you have decided that you want to wear a Gothic cross, consider shopping around to find a style that has a meaning behind it that is special to you. Gothic cross pendants are available at many online sites and come in almost any style imaginable. Some sites and styles to check out include the following:

Celtic Charms

Celtic Charms has a collection of Gothic pendants including the following cross pendants.

  • Crux Cross features twin circles and a cross. It is made of pewter and has Swarovski crystals. It comes with a chain and costs $32.95.
  • Rosycroix has a cross shaped pendant set in pewter and enhanced with crystals. It comes with a chain and costs $20.95.

Dragonweave Jewelry

Dragonweave Jewelry has the following cross pendants:

  • Infinity Cross Casket Necklace features a large pewter cross marked with the letter A. The cross has an open design that reveals a copper skeleton. It comes with a cable chain and costs $69.
  • Balkan Revenants Cross Necklace has etched letters and a decorative fleur de lis and ivy design. The cross pendant is pewter and it comes with a matching gunmetal rolo chain and costs $39.
  • Heretics Cross Necklace has a cross and four rings that are suspended from the cross. The pendant is done in pewter and the chain is gunmetal and has an extender. It costs $39.
  • Nevermore Cross Necklace is reminiscent of the raven poem by Edgar Allen Poe. A raven sitting on a black resin cross is the design for this heavy pendant. The words Nevermore and etched on it as well. The pendant and chain cost $44.
  • Croix de Cour Noir Necklace features a black heart cross and dark pewter. A black crystal heart is in the center of the cross along with four red crystals at each tip. It is priced at $39.
  • Renaissance Cross of Passion Necklace features a dark cross set in pewter along with a red crystal heart in the center. Three red crystal are on each side. This pendant is large and will get a lot of attention. It comes with a cable chain and costs $44.
  • Goetia Cross Necklace is believed to bring intuition to the wearer. It features a crescent moon along with a cross and fleur de lis images. This cross comes with a curb chain and is priced at $34.

Ending Thoughts

Wearing a Gothic style cross is not only seen as fashionable but can symbolize your beliefs in the dark side as well. Some Gothic jewelry is considered mainstream and is trendy to where while others have deep symbolism behind each piece and means something special to those who wear it. No matter what the reason, there are many styles of Gothic crosses that can suit anyone's personal style and individuality.

Gothic Cross Pendants