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Meet Happycoat by Tilla Lindig, a luxurious collection of coats that incorporates the whimsical charm of bright, attractive colors with the practicality of soft materials, flattering cuts and fashion-forward styles. With collections for women, men and children, there is something for everyone in this vast collection of warm, utilitarian coats.

As their name suggests, Happycoats are likely to make their wearers quite pleased, thanks to their ability to transform a ho-hum winter ensemble into something bold, elegant and sophisticated. The women's collection includes many varieties and shapes:

  • Happycoat I is a basic coat with a classic cut. It's available in colors that run the gamut from smart black to adventurous teal, and is ideal for layering over a sweater on a brisk day.
  • Happycoat II boasts an inherently old-world appeal, thanks to its kilt pin closure at the empire waist. It, too, is available in plentiful colors.
  • Happycoat III is a light, draped coat with a tie waist. On a cool day, this coat lends your outfit a dressy, polished finish.
  • Happycoat IV takes its inspiration from trendy military-style coats. Its refined, clean look is accented by a row of neck-high buttons and a sleek cut.
  • Happycoat V is a dressy coat guaranteed to turn a few heads. It's retro-meets-modern, a chic interpretation of a classic 1950s style.
  • Happycoat VII is the coat of choice for women who love cropped styles. Fresh and youthful, it layers perfectly over a sleek sheath dress.
  • Happycoat VIII is an office-appropriate style that also happens to look polished with a pair of jeans and boots.
  • Happycoat IX clips closed at the neck. This cape-style topper is such a swanky choice for a glamorous night out on the town, and looks right at home over a little black dress.

We spoke with company founder Tilla Lindig to learn more about the Happycoat brand, where she came up with that catchy name and what the future holds for the company.

About Happycoat

Woman wearing Happycoat

LoveToKnow: Tilla, thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for me! Please tell me a bit about your background. How did you get involved in the fashion industry?

Tilla Lindig: Fashion was my first passion, since I grew up in a family that made their living in fashion retail. I got my first sewing machine at the age of six!

LTK: Where did the name "Happycoat" come from?

TL: Happycoat sounds so German! Moreover, the first super-duper comfy coat I made 10 years ago was nicknamed "Happycoat." It was something that made everybody happy right from the beginning.


LTK: What made you interested in designing coats?

TL: I felt the need, with a family and as a mother of three, a job and my everyday life, to design coats - coats that are super easy to dress up, to hide in or cover up in perfectly, all day long.

LTK: Your coats are truly beautiful, and they've garnered quite a bit of attention! What inspires your designs?

TL: I get inspiration everywhere: on the streets, in books, from my past and even from my daughter.

Sustainable Styles

LTK: You are very committed to being an ethical company with sustainable products. Why do you feel this is so important in the fashion industry today, and what do you do to ensure that your coats meet your requirements?

TL: My coats are all made from a traditional German fabric, and all of my products are made in Germany. Sustainable fashion is very important to us as human beings - it's important to protect our world and society. I personally know all of the people who work for my company, and I am so happy to confirm that all of my products are fair trade.

LTK: What do you have planned for the future of your company?

TL: I would love to be the new "queen of less," looking for the best shapes for women with sexy, slim fits, all under the umbrella of comfort, luxury and functional fabrics.

Happycoats are available for purchase online at the company's official Web site.

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Happycoat Interview with Tilla Lindig