How to Wear Jeans

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With denim being such an affordable and versatile material, women may wonder how to wear jeans in just about any situation. Jeans are no longer just a pair of durable slacks. They come in a wide range of price points and styles. You can find an inexpensive pair of jeans just about anywhere, but you can also find high-end designs that cost as much as several pairs put together. So many women are constantly on the hunt for that perfect pair of jeans that once they find them, they want to wear them as much as possible.

How to Wear Jeans for Different Occasions

Jeans can carry you from a Wednesday night date to casual Friday at the office to a weekend outing. They're just that flexible. However, to make the best impression in your favorite denim, make sure you're wearing your jeans the right way and accessorizing accordingly. Even so, there are some situations where even the dressiest jean won't be appropriate.

Date Night Jeans

Even if dresses are more your style, you can wear the right pair of jeans on a date and look just as sophisticated as if you had on a little black dress. The main thing you want to remember in choosing jeans for dates is the color: the darker, the better for overall chic appeal. Dark jeans look more like slacks than their acid-washed counterparts, which are outdated. Another point to keep in mind is the fit. Sleek fits are dressier than baggy fits and are slimming as well. Don't forget that high-heeled shoe, either, whether it's a pump or sandal. Add a dressy top, jewelry and a complementary handbag and your look is complete.

Weekend Casual Denim

For running around or just hanging out on the weekend, you have a lot of variety in jeans. While sneakers seem to be a popular accompaniment to denim, women who want to look more pulled together can sport ballerina flats or loafers. Sweatshirts are far from the only top you can wear. Try a crisp white shirt with a fitted pair of jeans, along with a neutral shoe, for a casually elegant look that will keep you comfortable while running errands, but also makes you look like a grownup versus a kid. Tee shirts are another option. You can find plenty of tailored tees that will keep your look sharp instead of sloppy. Topped with a cardigan in cooler weather, your jeans ensemble can be dressy casual.

Jeans at the Office: Casual Fridays

Not every workplace allows jeans even on casual days, but if your place of business does, don't blow it by showing up looking slovenly. Darker colored, tailored jeans are more polished than light jeans. Also, wear loafers, flats or pumps over tennis shoes. Likewise, your shirt should still be all business, whether it's an oxford top, pullover sweater or sweater set, or collared shirt with blazer.

Jeans Pointers for Wearing Jeans

For women who wonder how to wear jeans for the most flattering fit, keep these points in mind:

  • High waist jeans make your legs appear longer. Even when hip hugging jeans are all the rage, everyone can't wear the trendiest jean and look good in them. One of the main problems with low-rise jeans is that when you bend over, your underwear is usually visible. Jeans with higher waists not only help you avoid the issue of flashing people if you drop something, but they also make your legs look longer, an important point for women with short legs.
  • Jeans should fall past your ankle when wearing heels. Petite women who sport high heels with jeans should always remember to choose a pair that fall past the ankle. This elongates the leg in a flattering way and is a good tip for women who aren't petite as well.
  • Choose classic fits for longevity. Skinny jeans, wide leg jeans and low rise jeans come in and out of style, but if you want jeans that will last season to season, choose a pair that not only fits you well, but flatters you instead of jeans that are only part of the latest fashion trend.

Jeans: Versatile, Fashionable, Essential

Jeans are so easy to dress up or dress down that you can get a multitude of looks out of the same pair. If you find the perfect pair of jeans, buy more than one. Since these are usually such an affordable fashion, you can get years of wear and more than your money's worth in return.

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How to Wear Jeans