Pictures of Knockoff Designer Purses

Finding Knockoff Designer Purses

Buying knockoff purses is a growing trend in today's fashion industry. More and more retailers are starting to offer designer-inspired handbags, which have similar style features or elements that can be practically identical to genuine branded bags at a fraction of the cost. When buying knockoff purses, keep in mind that there may be some differences in design and quality will be inferior to designer versions. These knockoff purses might not last quite as long as the designer versions, but they're a great alternative while you're saving up for the real thing!

The following are some popular look-alike knockoffs on the handbag market at the moment. For information on purchasing any of the bags seen here, click on the 'More Details' or 'Buy Now' link at the top of each image.

Marc Jacobs Inspired Handbags
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Known for their interesting yet classy designs, Marc Jacobs purses have a wide range of design elements. Knockoff bags might use copycat edgy hardware embellishments, such as multiple studs or eyelets, or quilted faux leather designs. However, it is the stripped-back, more simplistic knockoffs that look the most authentic.

For example, take the Faux Leather Satchel bag from Forever 21. It replicates the square-shaped, boxy look of the classic Big Shot Marc Jacobs handbag for a discounted price of about $30. The slouchiness of the faux leather craftsmanship and hidden amount of interior space means that this purse is ideal for everyday, relaxed occasions. Also, the fact that it's available in two versatile hues - tan and light pink - means that you can successfully pair it with any outfit.

Handbags Inspired by Givenchy
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A renowned name in the world of luxury designer handbags, Givenchy produce styles that are crafted from immaculate leather in Italy and use hard-wearing canvas lining.

Givenchy's Antigona is one of their most iconic purses. Its hexagonal classic shape is sought after by fashion industry experts and consumers alike. The most unique aspect of the Antigona is the structure; it is designed to be extremely spacious inside, in order to hold all your work or weekend possessions.

This Christian Siriano for Payless Women's Priya Satchel version replicates the shape and structure of the classic Givenchy Antigona. At around $35, it comes in a luscious wine hue, as well as olive and black. The beautiful combination of faux suede and outer leather is what makes this bag stand out, as well as it's ability to be worn on the shoulder and across the body with its removable longer strap. This knockoff is smart, it's classic, and it's could be your new favorite go-to bag.

Elegant Styles Inspired by Kate Spate
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Kate Spade handbags are elegant, streamlined, and designed with minimal embellishment. Many lower-priced handbags take inspiration from this style element, emulating the simple and sophisticated feel of this designer.

Kate Spade's Cameron Street Lottie has become one of the brand's ultimate best sellers. With its lusted-after round edges and sleek zip fastening, many retailers are starting to produce copycat shapes, such as Target. This Women's Pad Lock Dome Satchel by Mossimo Supply Co. is a complete bargain at around $40. As well as the two rolled handles that sit nicely on the shoulder, this bag features an across-the-body shape for versatility. It comes in three separate colors: black, wine, and cream, and looks just as fashionable as the designer version.

Knockoff Burberry Bags
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More popular with the international European crowd, luxury fashion house Burberry was established in 1856 and has a strong British heritage. As well as their iconic trench coats, Burberry is well-known for their high quality purses and accessories featuring the classic Burberry check.

This Celaine Women's Trendy Plaid Faux Leather Handbag from Amazon has an inspired-by-Burberry design with taupe, brown, red, and white stripes for a look that has echoes of the Burberry design. Included in the price (around $30), you will receive the shoulder bag with long handles, a separate smaller handbag that can be used with or without the strap, and a matching small bag that can be tucked inside one of the other styles. Even though it's manufactured from PU leather, this set looks more expensive and higher in quality than what it actually is. The handbag can be used to add interest to a simplistic outfit, and looks particularly striking when combined with your standard little white or little black dress.

Gucci Knockoff Hanbdags
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Gucci is another key leader in the luxury handbag market. Known for their high-quality leather, mixed materials, and colorful themes, Gucci purses tend to be unique and highly distinguishable.

The Sylvie is one of Gucci's most popular handbag styles. It features two interchangeable straps for versatility, as well as a metal buckle closure from the fashion house's archives, which sits upon multi-colored striped ribbon.

The Aldo Whipster from Amazon looks very similar to the Sylvie, and can be worn across the body or on the arm thanks to its two strap options. Small and square in shape, also like the Sylvie, it comes in two hues: Forest Green and Light Pink. At about $55, the Aldo Whipster is a fun and playful copycat that, when worn, makes you stand out for all the right reasons.

Coach Inspired Bags
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One of the most popular names in designer handbags is Coach. A lot of brands are currently trying to replicate the quality and craftsmanship of Coach purses, especially the abundance of original shapes.

The slouchy, rectangular Sophia tote is an all-time favorite Coach handbag shape, especially in the classic hues of black, tan, and taupe. This Reversible Faux Leather Tote from Street Level is a fantastic knockoff version, and comes in the three colors. Available at about $48, its super soft faux leather can be turned inside out making it one of the most versatile designer-inspired purses on the market at the moment.

Knockoff Louis Vuitton Handbags
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Louis Vuitton's handbags are known for their signature 'LV' monogrammed print, luxurious leather, and meticulous detail. It is these three aspects of their purses which are the most replicated amongst fashion-forward retailers.

Designer-inspired Louis Vuitton bag styles often use faux leather and a different letter logo or check print that's similar to LV's signature print, such as this Micom Signature Printing Tote Shoulder Handbag from Amazon. As well as being available in the R Signature, it comes in six other variations; however, this pattern is the most similar to the classic brown and tan color way that Louis Vuitton bags are renowned for. It's made from PU faux leather and is available for just under $20.

Purses Influenced by Michael Kors
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Michael Kors handbags are extremely popular on the market at the moment, recognized for their high-quality, fashion-forward, aesthetically pleasing products. In particular, the Jet Set Saffiano tote has become one of their most iconic shapes. It's made from real leather, an upside down trapezium in shape, and features a hanging logo charm.

Just like variations of the Jet Set Saffiano, this Nine West Reana Color Block Tote features two color-blocking hues split across the middle horizontally. It also features long handles which replicate the Jet Set Saffiano, but the Nine West version is manufactured from faux leather. This incredible knockoff costs about $47 from Macy's and comes in two delicious colors: Cashmere/Milk and Milk/Camel.

Chanel Inspired Bags
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Chanel purses are the mother of all handbags in the fashion world. Not one self-professed fashionista can quite move past the icon that was the 2.55 quilted handbag. Its name is 2.55 because it was created in February 1955 - and purses haven't been the same since!

Just like the most popular 2.55, Mango's Quilted Chain Bag comes in a classic black hue with metal chain straps. It has a front lapel that fastens with a clasp, just like the original Chanel 2.55. It also has a dual compartment, good quality lining, and can be bought for about $60.

Bags Influenced by Mulberry
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Mulberry designer handbags are well sought after by fashionistas worldwide, particularly their classic Bayswater style. This style is known for its rectangular satchel shape, with decorative turnlock flap, and long, rolled handles, so that the bag sits on the shoulder with ease.

This Faux Leather Weekend Satchel by Sole Society has dreamy, polished hardware accents and is an undeniable nod to the Mulberry Bayswater. It comes in a classic taupe hue, which means it would look great on your arm no matter what color palette you're wearing, and retails for about $80.

Prada Inspired Bags
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Purses modeled after the look of Prada bags tend to be feminine, yet classic in shape.

The Galleria Saffiano is one of their most classic styles, whether the size is small or large. It's more square in shape, features two short rolled handles and is designed to be worn on the arm to epitomize the phrase "ultimate arm candy." This BUYEONLINE version from Amazon is sold for just over $40 and comes in a variety of colors: Yellow, Watermelon Red, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Azure, Pink, Black, and Rose Red. It's spot-on when it comes to the look of the Galleria Saffiano, and is the perfect grab-and-go type of purse.

Hermes Knockoff Purses
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Another completely iconic handbag style comes in the form of the Hermes Birkin, named after the singer and actress Jane Birkin. The Birkin bag is still just as popular now as it was in the 1980s when it was created, but there are some great knockoff versions available too.

The key feature of a Birkin bag is the lock and key that sits in the center of a horizontal strap running along the top of the body of the bag. The key is enclosed in a leather lanyard, called a clochette, and is looped through a handle. The Dasein Tote Purse shown here replicates this key feature rather nicely. It also replicates the classic square shape, but costs so much less than the real version at only about $40. You can buy this knockoff in eleven different colors, ranging from the rich coffee shown here to versatile navy and pretty pewter. It's the type of purse that will dress up any casual outfit.

From simple and elegant to bold and unique, knockoff designer purses are available for many of the most iconic names. You just have to be aware of the key designer styles to be able to find a good knockoff you'll love.

Pictures of Knockoff Designer Purses