Long Sleeve Mini Dresses

Bright Chic Style


Long sleeve mini dresses can be sexy and versatile. These dresses, thanks to their long sleeves, can be worn to a variety of occasions and still look perfectly appropriate. During the warmer months, bold colors and bright patterns can help you feel cool, comfortable and fashionable all at once.

However, if you do decide to opt for a dress with a busy pattern, it may be best to keep your other accessories at a minimum, so that the entire look is one that's streamlined.

A Lovely Classic


Sheer lace sleeves, a bustier-style top and a bright, shiny finish all conspire to make this dress perfect for anything from a lavish cocktail party to an evening wedding reception.

The fabric of this dress captivates attention, so keep hair neat and your makeup simple, pretty and feminine; a soft dewy look is the perfect choice.

Artistic Flair


Mini dresses work easily during the colder months; all you need to do is add tights and cute booties to the look.

Consider pairing your dress with tall high heeled boots, as that will work perfectly if you are headed out on the town. If heels aren't your style, you can also pair your dress with a flat riding boots for effortless style.

Perfect for Work


Take a cue from this model and select a dress that's fashioned from a slightly wispy fabric. Not only do flowing fabrics work well in the spring, but the fabric is perfectly polished enough for wear to the office.

Additionally, don't be afraid to go for a handbag that is a different color that your dress, as the right shade can lend a greater depth of hue to your entire outfit.

Geometric Prints


The right mini dress can also help you to appear slimmer, particularly when the dress sports a strong, geometric print.

The key to this design lies in the placement of the stripes; the zigzag across the hips and chest area serve to guide the eyes to follow the same pattern, thus helping you appear slim. Keep in mind, too, that horizontal stripes will help you appear curvy, while vertical ones will help you look slimmer.

Cosmopolitan Style


A black, long sleeved mini dress is sleek and stylish. Perfect for fall, this style is great for work or school. When the weather turns significantly colder, you can still wear this style by pairing the dress with tights.

Feminine Style


This A-line cut dress is perfect for spring. Not only does the color strike just the right springtime note, but the fabric of the dress will stand up well to the unexpected rainstorm.

If pink is not your color, consider choosing a dress that's done in light blue, lavender or even emerald. All of those shades will fit the shape of this dress perfectly.

Ready for Anything


When the forecast calls for rain, you can just laugh if off if you pair your dress with a clear, plastic raincoat.

While this look is not for everyone, it's definitely eye-catching and stylish; there's no doubt that all eyes will be on you while you're wearing an ensemble like this.

Belted Style


Another key way you can make the mini dress your own is to pair it with a stylish belt. This is a great way to enhance your curves while defining your waist in a way that is polished and pretty.

Just be sure that the dress you plan to belt has either a cotton or wool finish. If you try to belt a nylon or polyester dress, it might create a fuller bottom that may appear unflattering.

Whether worn alone, or paired with great accessories like tights, jackets, and belts, mini dresses with long sleeves can be worn in many fashionable ways.

Long Sleeve Mini Dresses