Lutheran Cross Necklaces

Cross pendant necklace

If you want to celebrate your Lutheran faith, a Lutheran cross necklace can be a meaningful addition to your jewelry collection. The Lutheran denomination recognizes a number of different cross designs as associated with their faith.

About Lutheran Crosses

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) considers the cross a sacred symbol of their Christian faith. Many of the ELCA's regional administrative organizations (synods) have incorporated a cross symbol in their logos and seals. For example, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has a logo made up of three connecting crosses to symbolize the Holy Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The top sections of the cross represent the arms of the church members reaching toward heaven and the bottom section of the cross symbolize arms reaching toward the earth to express love. The various sections of the three-layered cross represents the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 apostles.

Luther Rose Crosses

The Luther rose, aka Luther seal, is a universal symbol of the Lutheran faith. It was a special coat of arms designed by Church founder, Martin Luther. The circular seal features an open white rose with a red heart center on a blue background with a yellow border. The red heart has a black cross inside of it. Many Lutheran crosses designs include the rose shield.

ECLA Diaconal Cross

The evangelical approach of the ECLA is symbolized by the church's diaconal cross to embrace the role of deacons in each church. The cross is designed in one uninterrupted line with the crossbar formed by two overlapping circles. The main ECLA resources site sells the diaconal cross pendant necklace in gold or silver.

Other Crosses Accepted by the Lutheran Church

The Lutheran church also recognizes other types of Christian crosses as suitable for their members to wear. Here are examples of the crosses that the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod lists on Lutheransonline as associated with their faith:

  • Byzantine cross - The Byzantine cross of the Eastern Orthodox Church has two smaller crossbars: one at the top section of the cross and one in the bottom section of the cross. There is also a version that looks like a plain cross with fluted ends at each point.
  • Celtic cross - The Celtic cross is a Latin cross with a circle at its intersection.
  • Jerusalem cross - The Jerusalem cross is also known as the Crusader's cross or the five-fold cross. The broad cross has four smaller crosses within the larger cross design to represent the five wounds of Christ.
  • Anchor cross - The anchor cross or mariner's cross is a cross formed in an anchor shape. It symbolizes the idea that every Christian's hope should be anchored in Jesus Christ.
  • Triumphant cross - The triumphant cross, aka the cross and shield or the cross of victory, represents God's rule over the world.
  • Alpha and Omega cross - This design features a Latin cross with the Greek letters for alpha and omega below the middle crossbar.

As you celebrate your Lutheran faith, you have many options for religious jewelry.

Online Sources for Lutheran Cross Necklaces

Finding a large selection of Lutheran cross necklaces may be difficult in many locations. Fortunately, the Internet has many online retailers that sell Lutheran jewelry at different prices. The following websites carry Lutheran cross necklaces:

  • Church Supplier Warehouse: The Church Supplier site has a number of designs featuring the Lutheran rose and cross shield.
  • Concordia Publishing House: The Virgin Bee site sells Lutheran seal necklaces and many crosses associated with the Lutheran church.
  • Amazon: Amazon has ECLA seal pendants and cross necklaces available.

A cross necklace can be a daily reminder of your faith and help keep you focused on prayer and Christian living.

Lutheran Cross Necklaces