7 Mother's Day Nail Design Ideas Perfect for Busy Moms

We know moms don't always have time for cute nail designs. But we've got you covered with adorable nails that are perfect for Mother's Day.

Published April 24, 2024
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Whether you're heading out for brunch with the family or just hanging out at home loving your kids, a fresh spring mani is exactly what you need this year for Mother's Day. And our Mother's Day nail ideas are the perfect place to start. 

We know you're busy, so our nail designs for Mother's Day are quick and easy. We're avoiding involved processes like gel nails and relying on cute nail art decals and, where we can, quick-drying polishes.

My Kids Are My ❤️


We love the idea of a heart for each kid on different nails. So if you have an only, make it one nail. If you have two, then paint it on two nails. You get the idea.

We think this sweet red heart is adorable, but you can choose heart colors based on each of your kids. You can use fun heart nail decals. We love this OPI nail lacquer in Tagus in That Selfie for the pink basecoat. Finish with a top coat of OPI RapiDry, and your nails will be done in a flash. 

Helpful Hack

When working with decals, paint your color and let it dry (you can use the RapiDry top coat to speed things along). Place your sticker, and then finish with another coat of the RapiDry top coat.

Mom 'n' Me Mother's Day Nails


How cute are matching manis as a Mother's Day nail idea? We think the bright colors on these short nails are simply adorable for both mom and her mini-me. Choose any colors you like from this Morovan 15 bright color air-dry nail polish set

Matching but Not


Here's another cute mom 'n' me idea... you choose alternating vivid yellow and teal, and your kiddo goes yellow on one hand and teal on the other. Less matchy-matchy, but still very much a matched set. 

Get the look:

Girl Mom Nails


A sweet pink nail is always a classic. It's simple, no fuss, feminine, and super clean. And it looks great on any length nails. Plus, if you're going for mommy and me nails, this is super simple, even for wiggly little fingers and toes. We love the Essie Expressie in Keepin' It Wheel because it dries quickly — perfect for a busy mom. 

She Rose to the Occasion


You always knew you'd be a great mom, and you certainly rose to the occasion. Show it off with these sweet rose nails. No free-handing here — you can use rose nail decals over a rapid-drying red nail polish like Essie Expressie in Seize the Minute and a white like Essie Expressie's Unapologetic Icon. Place your stickers, and finish with Essie's rapid-drying Speed Setter top coat. You'll be done before that episode of Bluey is over. 

Cute Critters


How adorable are these whimsical nails? We lobr a cute critter, no matter where they show up, and your littles will be obsessed with your nails (and probably want some of their own). You can use these cute animal decals on every nail or just on a single nail. 

For the base color, you can't beat this pretty lavender — we like OPI's You're Such a BudaPest. Place your sticker and finish with OPI RapiDry, and you'll be ready to go. 

Joyfully Juicy


Is there anything sweeter than the first strawberry of spring (and, of course, your littles when they're sound asleep)? We love these juicy strawberry-themed nails... so cute for Mother's Day! Essie Expressie Send a Message is the perfect shade of strawberry red, and their Unapologetic Icon is the perfect white. Add in some sweet strawberry nail decals and finish with Essie's rapid-drying Speed Setter top coat

Mother's Day Nail Designs for Busy Moms


Every mom deserves cute nails. And even if you're super busy, you have time to do these pretty manis — for Mother's Day or any other day of the year. You'll be done in less than 20 minutes, and your nails will look amazing. 

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7 Mother's Day Nail Design Ideas Perfect for Busy Moms