8 Park Lane Jewelry Collections for Any Occasion

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Park Lane jewelry is worth considering if you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends at a reasonable price. The company has jewelry selections that are suitable for the office, nights on the town, and everyday casual wear. The direct sale nature of the company also makes it more fun to shop for jewelry.

About Park Lane Jewelry

Arthur and Shirley LeVin founded Jewels by Park Lane in 1955 as a direct sales jewelry party plan company. The company claims to "define the American dream," in their website because employees can work at home. Based in Chicago, the company has independent contractor representatives all over the country who are authorized to sell pieces directly to the public. The company focuses on jewelry shows and parties that introduce the company's products in an informal social manner. Park Lane views this process of selling directly to the public as providing a more personal touch than traditional retail sales because customers can get one-on-one attention from their trained field executives.

Jewelry Collections

Park Lane has both classic designs and trendy fashion jewelry. Many pieces are well-made, affordable alternatives to expensive designer brands. Many designs are based on top designer's jewelry but for a more affordable price. Jewelry collections include the following:

  • Classic: Classic designs feature traditional jewelry such as pearl ensembles, diamond stud earrings, and delicate chains.
  • Career: The Career collection has pieces appropriate for the workplace, such as tailored pendant necklaces and small hoop earrings.
  • Casual: Casual jewelry includes some of the new trendy styles, many of which are perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans. These pieces are colorful and mix media to create unique designs, such as double chain beaded pendant necklaces.
  • Couture: The Couture collection showcases jewelry inspired by top designers' collections, as well as some designer imitation pieces.
  • Trend Setter: The more daring trendy designs are in the Trend Setter collection. This style of jewelry reflects current fashions.
  • Men's: Men have their own jewelry collection of tailored, masculine designs for rings, bracelets, and necklaces.
  • Special Occasion: Special occasion jewelry is more ornate than other collections. Many of the rings, necklaces, and earrings are perfect for pairing with a little black dress for evenings on the town.
  • Other Collections: The company offers special jewelry selections for party hostesses and jewelry shows.

The jewelry selection in these collections changes monthly. Customers on their mailing list receive an annual catalog and a monthly brochure that shows each month's featured items. The catalog and brochures can be downloaded in PDF files on the company website.Park Lane offers a free unconditional guarantee for customers to return jewelry for refunds or replacements within the 120 days after purchase.

Additional Jewelry Details

Jewels by Park Lane offers a large selection in a variety of fine and semi-precious materials. The company uses yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver as well as geniune gemstones, Swarovski crystals, resin, and cubic zirconia. Some items are solid gold or sterling silver, while others are gold plated or silver plated. The jewelry generally ranges in price from around $12 to $200, depending on the materials and designs.

Style Notebook

Park Lane offers a Style Notebook to their customers that provides suggestions on the many different ways to wear jewelry. The Style Notebook is updated once a month and features seasonal jewelry and fashion tips. It features colorful photos of jewelry that can be worn together in many different ways, often with a model or celebrity example. The fashion guide is available on the company website.

Shopping for Park Lane Jewelry

To purchase the jewelry, you'll need to work with a Park Lane representative. The company does not sell to retail stores or online. Visiting the company's official website is the best way to find a local representative who sells the jewelry. Local representatives can invite interested customers to jewelry shows and parties in the area and arrange jewelry sales.

Attending a Park Lane party or show may make jewelry shopping more fun than normal trips to the mall. This type of jewelry party plan company may do extremely well for years to come because people want jewelry shopping to be a fun experience.

8 Park Lane Jewelry Collections for Any Occasion