Perfect Wrap Dress

cute wrap dress with pattern

The perfect wrap dress is one that can be worn in any season and that looks great no matter the occasion.

Selecting the Right Wrap Dress

The perfect wrap dress is one that can go anywhere while still looking flawless, and that can perform season after season. It may sound too good to sound true, but there are many reasons why this type of dress is the perfect addition to any fashionable wardrobe. If you haven't thought about this type of dress before, it's time you did!

Svelte Personified

The most important reason to wear this dress is that it will help you look five pounds thinner almost instantly. The reason for this lies in the genius of the dress's design. First, there is the crisscross bust line. This shape is important because it creates the illusion of a smaller waist, or what professional exercise trainers refer to as the "V-taper"; this is when the shoulders appear broader than the waistline. The wrap dress is able to perform this trick of the eye without the wearer ever having to do a push-up.

The second reason why this dress makes one look thinner is because the bottom layers of fabric skim, rather than hug, the hips. This allows for a slimming of the overall shape, which is something most women love!

Factor to Consider When Shopping

While the benefits of the perfect wrap dress are extensive, you'll still need to consider certain factors before shopping. These factors include:


Choose the color of this dress carefully. The best color is really one that is neutral and/or solid. This is because a neutral color, like that of black or caramel, will never look out of place, no matter what the occasion.

Don't worry about it looking boring either! You can always dress the look up by adding eye-catching accessories. Think turquoise colored jewelry paired with a black dress, or brilliant red shoes with a caramel colored one. If the budget allows, buy more than one dress in a graphic print, but really, a solid block of color is the best way to go.

Long or Short Sleeves?

It's actually better to buy a dress with short sleeves. You can always make a dress warmer by adding a lightweight sweater or cardigan, but it's not always possible to make a dress look "cooler" for the warmer months.

Make the Look Last

Even if you can only purchase two wrap dresses, don't worry because it will really add pop to your wardrobe.

  • During the Summer Months: This one is probably a no-brainer, but in the summer months, pair your wrap dress with strappy sandals and summer-friendly accessories. The only caveat there is that you must take into account the length of the dress and the fabric, both of which can impact the type of shape you wear. For example, a stiletto heel can throw the proportion of a dress off balance. Sometimes a wedge heel, again, depending on the hem of a dress, works much better.
  • During the Colder Months: These dresses work brilliantly in the winter. Throw a turtleneck over the dress (that's why you want a dress with a simple neckline and short sleeves) and pair with riding boots. Or, add a cardigan and work-appropriate shoes. Voila! An instant fashionable and flexible wardrobe.

This is also why you need to purchase a dress in a solid color, like red. It's much easier to extend these dresses when they are solid in color; it can be difficult to pair a matching or complementary sweater with a print.

Places to Shop

Try these shops for the perfect wrap dress:

  • Diane von Furstenberg: High on the list of places to shop is at Diane von Furstenberg. That's because Ms. von Furstenberg invented the wrap dress look.
  • You'll find some fantastic cold weather wrap dresses here in great colors and patterns.
  • Nordstrom: Here you'll find a collection of wrap dresses in a dizzying array of colors and styles. There are dresses to be found for every style, shape, and season.

When you have the opportunity to purchase that perfect wrap dress, take it! It's an incredibly chic and flexible wardrobe piece that can be dressed up or down to fit the environment. Perfect for an art gallery opening and incredibly elegant and comfortable at dinner, these dresses are the fashion pieces you'll love for years to come.

Perfect Wrap Dress