Petite Fashion Jeans

Finding flattering petite jeans is a challenge.

Finding excellent petite fashion jeans can be an exercise in frustration for the shorter fashionista. Yes, you can always buy longer jeans and have them hemmed - in fact, the better stores will offer this service for free - but why should you have to do that? Some designers have gotten wise to the fact that women under model height want jeans that fit and flatter them, but you should still be prepared to do a lot of trying on before you find your perfect pair.

The Search for Petite Fashion Jeans

Jeans can be a challenge for most women as designers seem to willfully forget that women tend to have hips that are larger than their waists and that clothes need to fit both these body parts - not just fit, but flatter. Not all makers of jeans are interested in the challenge and so leave women frustrated. The challenge for petite women is greater because if the fit through the hips is not flattering, she runs the risk of looking even shorter.

Most women end up focusing on just trying to find jeans that fit well enough in the hips and waist, concentrating on rise and inseam and trusting that they can get the jeans hemmed for length. This usually ends up looking fine, although it can be a hassle.

There are some designers that make genuine petite jeans. DKNY, 7 for All Mankind and Joe's Jeans. Most of these can be found in department stores. Lucky women have found them marked down at shops like Loehmann's, but it's wisest not to count on that. The reviews are mixed, as is to be expected from a garment that is so individual, but these are good options for the petite woman.

Things to Look For

Jeans come in a variety of colors and cuts. However, when what you need are petite fashion jeans, you should look for the darkest blue rinse available. This creates a longer and slimming look. And although skinny jeans can be fun to wear, it's the boot cut jeans that will actually create height. Wear them with a chunky heel to give you even more length. You also want to aim for a more monochromatic look where you can, so as to avoid chopping your body in two. It's recommended that you avoid belts, as this has the same body-chopping effect, but when it comes to jeans, that's nearly impossible. However, a belt that matches the jean or is otherwise unobtrusive can shape your waist and smooth the line.

Budget Fashion

For those who want the look of petite fashion jeans at bargain prices, standards like the Gap and Old Navy are usually the most reliable. For plus size fashion jeans, Lane Bryant carries a good selection of petites up to size 32.

If you have a lot of time and patience for shopping, you should comb both the sales and places like T.J. Maxx and Ross Dress for Less, as they will often have designer jeans at low prices. Once you know a jean that works for you, you can do even better by shopping online. However, this is best avoided when you haven't tried something on first. Jeans are so individual, it's rare to get so lucky as to find something ideal without a lot of trial and error.

Custom Jeans

Sure, you might have a wedding dress made to order, but jeans? It may sound silly till you've tried on several dozen pairs and hated them all. IndiDenim is the answer for both petite women and those who are hard to fit. You effectively design your own jeans. The shipping is free and while the price might be higher than you'd like to spend, it can be worth it for jeans that are actually made to fit your own body.

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Petite Fashion Jeans