Religious Jewelry Types to Honor Different Faiths

Tibetan knot gold pendant from Ka Gold Jewelry
Tibetan knot gold pendant from Ka Gold Jewelry

Meaningful and beautiful at the same time, religious jewelry comes in many different types. No matter what your faith or style preference is, there are lots of beautiful options to choose from.

Religious Jewelry Options by Faith

Every faith has jewelry to help inspire those who believe. Whether you're a practicing member of a major religion or want to give a gift to someone who is, there are many beautiful pieces available.

Christian Jewelry
Sterling Silver Crucifix on

For Christians of many sects, religious jewelry can be a special reminder of their faith in God. This type of jewelry also makes a special gift for a First Communion or other important religious event. There are many different types of Christian jewelry available from a number of online retailers.

  • Popular items include rosaries, cross necklaces, medals of the saints, and guardian angel pins and pendants.
  • For more specific ideas, check out Christian Jewelry - a LoveToKnow article filled with tips for finding the perfect Christian religious piece of jewelry.

Muslim Jewelry

For people of the Muslim faith, jewelry options are nearly endless. There are Arabic faith message pendants, star and crescent charms, jewelry with evil eye motifs, tasbih prayer beads, and more. If you're shopping for Muslim jewelry, consider some of these resources:

  • Moon Allah pendant at Amazon
    Moon Allah pendant at Amazon
    Etsy - This store has many beautiful options, many crafted from sterling silver. From pendants with "Allah" in Arabic calligraphy to charms featuring the Ayat al Kursi or "throne verse," you'll love these simple and meaningful pieces. Items begin retailing around $10, and prices go up depending on the design and materials used.
  • Amazon - Featuring everything from Hakik rings to Allah pendants, this is an affordable source for beautiful Muslim jewelry. Most of these pieces are not made of precious metals, but they do feature many meaningful motifs. Expend to spend between five dollars and $30, depending on the item.
  • - Although this shop sells clothing and other items as well as jewelry, it has an excellent selection of tasbih prayer beads, sterling silver and gold-plated Allah pendants, Ayat al Kursi pendants. Prices range depending on the item, but you can expect to spend between $30 and $60.

Jewish Jewelry

Jewish jewelry comes in many different types as well. From rings featuring the Star of David to Hamsa necklaces and Kabbalah pendants, there are many gorgeous and inspirational pieces that make a beautiful statement about faith. Consider some of these shopping resources:

  • Silver and Gold Chai Necklace from Canaan Online
    Silver and Gold Chai Necklace from Canaan Online
    Canaan Online - This store features hundreds of beautiful options, many featuring sterling silver, gold, diamonds, and other precious materials. You'll find everything from Star of David blessing rings to Hebrew name necklaces and Chai pendants. Prices start at around $40.
  • - This well-stocked shop features items from Israeli jewelers, including cuff bracelets with Hebrew messages, Chai pendants, Hamsa pendants, and rings engraved with Hebrew charms. Many pieces are crafted from precious materials, but there are also affordable options. Prices start at about $10 and range significantly depending on the piece.
  • Zion Judaica - Specializing in fine jewelry with Jewish religious motifs, has everything from gold Hebrew name pendants to elaborate Star of David rings. There are also many options for Jewish holiday jewelry and pieces to celebrate special religious occasions. Prices vary, staring at around $30.

Hindu Jewelry

For Hindu people, religious jewelry options abound. There are pieces for every budget, including Shanti charms, Om bracelets and pendants, jewelry featuring Shiva and Ganesh, and much more. Several retailers specialize in these pieces:

  • Om pendant by Exotic India,
    Om pendant by Exotic India
    Shanti Boutique - With a focus on fair trade, Shanti Boutique offers a huge selection of Hindu jewelry. You'll find charm bracelets with several important Hindu symbols, Ganesh charms, Om earrings, and much more. While most pieces don't incorporate precious metals, many feature recycled materials. Prices range from about $10 to $70.
  • Bluestone Jewelry - Another great resource for Hindu religious jewelry, this shop Om pendants, Krishna earrings, and much more. Many styles are made of precious metals, and some feature diamonds and other gemstones. Prices range from about $50 to $500.
  • Exotic India - If you're looking for Hindu jewelry crafted from fine materials and precious metals, this is a great place to shop. There are sterling silver Om rings, 22k yellow gold Durga pendants, and many other options. Prices start at about $40.

Buddhist Jewelry

Buddhist jewelry often features inspirational sayings or familiar motifs like the lotus flower, Buddha, and yin-yang. There are pendants, bracelets, mala prayer beads, rings, bracelets, and more. Consider one of these shops:

  • Sterling Silver with Mother of Pearl Lotus Pendant from Buddha Groove
    Sterling Silver with Mother of Pearl Lotus Pendant from Buddha Groove
    Buddha Groove - From sandalwood mala beads to sterling silver lotus flower pendants, this shop has something for everyone. There's even an artisan section with handmade religious jewelry. Prices start at around $15 and range significantly depending on the piece.
  • Dharma Crafts - Specializing in meditation supplies, including religious jewelry, this shop has numerous items for both men and women. There are meditation bracelets and prayer beads, pendants with calligraphy and lotus flower motifs, and much more. Most are made of precious materials, and prices start at about $70.
  • Ka Gold Jewelry - With a wide range of fine artisan-crafted gold jewelry with Buddhist themes, this shop has many spectacular options. There are karma pendants, lotus flower earrings, and rings featuring Tibetan knots. All are crafted from sterling silver and gold. Prices start at about $70.

Inspirational and Attractive

No matter which faith you are, there are many ways to express your spiritual side through jewelry. From prayer beads to pendants, religious jewelry is inspirational and attractive.

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Religious Jewelry Types to Honor Different Faiths