Sexy Leggings Pictures

80s-Inspired Sexy Leggings

There are so many different designs in leggings today, it's easy to find a sexy style. The many 80s-inspired clothing trends of today wouldn't be complete without them. One of the staples in any woman's wardrobe in the 80s was leggings, and these versatile pieces are back. Leggings can be paired with bold or neon colors for an authentic 80s vibe, or they can be worn in a variety of ways that mix this retro style with more contemporary flair.

Pair With a Loose-Fitting Top

Because leggings hug the body so closely, it's generally best to select a top that contrasts with a looser fit. This shirt falls right past the hips without being over-sized, creating a flattering ensemble. The shirt's length adds modesty if you're worried about the combination of material's thinness and the tight fit.

Sexy Black Leggings and Tunic

Fitted, black, faux leather leggings look fabulous paired with a bold tunic top for a night out. For a structured, mod look like this one, cinch the tunic at the waist with a wide belt or choose a style that has a nipped-in waist.

Sexy and Sheer Colored Leggings

Not sure how to wear the sheer trend? Try a pair of colorful, sheer leggings. This hot pink pair highlights the pink bow on this dress for an unexpected alternative to black leggings.

Leggings With Subtle Patterns

Leggings don't have to be solid colors to be sexy. While plain leggings will work with a variety of outfits, those with a subtle pattern work best with a solid-colored top. The simple, blousy shirt doesn't take away from the unique print on the leggings.

Animal Prints

Animal prints offer more pizzazz than subtle patterns. They always have a hint of sexiness, especially in the look of fitted leggings. To keep tight animal print leggings from looking too sexy, pair them with loose or less structured tops and layer with a great jacket and accessories. This wrap vest offers visual interest via texture without adding more color to compete with the busy snakeskin pattern on the bottom half.

Bold Patterns

Animal prints aren't the only options for leggings with bold patterns. Keep in mind that less can be more when wearing a bold print. Leggings with busy patterns should be paired with tops in solid, complementary or neutral colors, but those tops can be structured or loose-fitting.

Fun and Flirty Neon Leggings

Choose prints in fun, flirty neon colors like this striped pink and black style. If you're a fan of daring clothing choices that will turn heads (and maybe raise a few eyebrows), pair them up with a patterned top that's just as brightly colored. If you'd prefer a more neutral look, a long, loose-fitting black tee or tank will look great with a neon pattern on the bottom.

Black Leggings and Bright Tops

If you're looking for a chic look to wear to a casual affair, try pairing simple black leggings with a bright-colored patterned t-shirt and a pair of stilettos in a surprising, coordinating bright color. This type of outfit can take you just about anywhere.

Monochromatic Style

The woman who prefers a more streamlined look can wear her leggings as part of a monochromatic outfit that exudes simple chic style.This versatile look can work in just about any setting - from a party to a shopping trip to even some office settings.

Leather Leggings

Leather leggings may be paired with a stylish jacket for a super-sexy tailored look. Throw a jacket and/or a faux fur vest on top and a pair of stilettos (maybe even with black lace socks) on your feet and you'll look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine.

Sexy and Elegant

Leggings can look elegant, as shown here paired with a draping, cream colored coat. When wearing lighter colors or sheer leggings, maintain the appeal of elegance by layering wisely. A mini or mid-thigh length skirt will maintain your modesty, but still look sexy without taking the attention away from your leggings.

Glam Rocker Leggings

Have some fun with sheer lace leggings. A style that can be worn with anything from a denim skirt to a somewhat casual little black dress, this look gives off a sexy, punk-glamour vibe that is perfect for a night out on the town. Pair them up with embellished sandals or stiletto ankle boots.

Gold Leggings

Gold leggings are a way to take the glamour up to the highest level. If you're going to a concert or VIP event where you really want a look that rocks, sexy gold leggings paired with a strapless tank and designer heels might be the perfect choice.

Trouser Style Leggings

A popular 80s-inspired look is sexy trouser and jean-style leggings (sometimes referred to as treggings and jeggings). These fitted garments, similar to skinny jeans, are actually very versatile and can be worn with a variety of tops and jackets.

Sexy Take on Leggings and Tees

Rather than an oversize tee shirt, create a fresh take with graphic print leggings and a short, fitted tee. Even if the tee isn't loose, as long as it isn't low-cut or overly tight, it can balance the sexiness of the leggings. Rectangular body types can pull off this look best.

Pair Leggings With Shorts

This look is is perfect for the twenty-somethings who want an age-appropriate, yet sexy, look. Lots of vibrant color and fun accessories make an individual statement. Leggings worn under shorts or micro mini skirts provide extra coverage.

Shoes to Match

Celebrate uniformity by wearing shoes the same color as your leggings. Bright red leggings and vibrant shoes draw attention to your lower half. If your leggings extend all the way to the tops of your shoes, this can create the illusion of elongated legs.

Pair With Sleek Pumps

Another look that matches shoes to leggings, this one is more subtle than the red pairing previously shown. A neutral long shirt worn over close-fitting leggings with matching pumps is one of the many ways to wear leggings that you may want to try.

Sexy Leggings Pictures