Sexy Socks

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When it comes to fashion, it's not always just about the clothes, and accessories like sexy socks can make take an outfit into a new dimension!

What Makes Socks Sexy?

Since everyone might define just what makes an item "sexy" a little bit differently, there are many different types of socks and stockings that can add instant appeal. The only universal aspect of a sock with sex appeal is one that makes personally feel and look great! Socks might be considered sexy when they are out of the ordinary, have feminine touches like lace or ribbons, or show a hint of skin. The colors and materials also come into play - such as sheer socks or colors like black or red.

Types of Sexy Socks

While your sweetheart might just find white Hanes gym socks adorable on you, there are several types of socks that are definitely spicier! Let's go over a few types of socks that are commonly thought of in terms of adding a little sex appeal to an ensemble.

Knee High and Thigh High Socks

Knee socks and thigh high socks are top candidates for sassy socks. When worn with shorter skirts or dresses, these socks add charm and show a glimpse of the leg. These are available in a number of styles, from sheer socks to thicker patterned socks, so you can use a pair appropriate for the season. Wear them with a pair of Mary Janes or ballet flats to finish the look.

Ankle Socks

An adorable retro accessory, sexy ankle socks are the perfect accompaniment to pinup-inspired clothing styles like rockabilly dresses. These socks are typically made from nylon or other thin fabric, and are cuffed at the ankle. Common embellishments are lace edging and ribbons or bows on the back of the sock. Plain colored ankle socks with satin cuffs can be cute when paired with a bright, bold pair of platform heels.

Lace Up Socks

Although inspired by the ballet slipper, you don't have to be a ballerina to wear these sexy foot coverings! Lace up socks come in a variety of lengths, from ankle length to mid calf to knee length. While the typical style covers the foot in lacy or stretchy fabric and ties around the leg to lace up and ends in a bow like a ballet slipper, there are other variations as well. Some lace up stockings tie together in front and expose just a bit of skin; while others lace up in back and show no skin once the sock is tied.

Fishnet Socks

The cousin of the well-known fishnet tights, fishnet socks are equally sexy. These come in a variety of lengths, but most commonly knee length. Net size varies from very large to tiny micro net. Black is a popular color, but pink, purple, metallic colors, flesh tone, and other colors are also available.

Lace Socks

Sweet, sexy, and feminine, lace socks come in many styles. Black lace ankle socks offer a hint of eighties fashion flair, while knitted socks in lace patterns offer warmth as well as a feminine touch.

Unique Patterns and Colors

Unique patterns and colors in socks can also scream sex appeal simply because they are showing off a woman's vibrant sense of personal style. Whether it's argyle, polka dots, or candy cane stripes, there are hundreds of unique choices in funky and unusual socks to choose from. Choose from dozens of sexy prints, such as:

  • Hearts
  • Punk icons or skulls
  • Leopard or other animal prints
  • Stripes
  • Cherries

Embellishments that add sass to a pair of socks include:

  • Fringe
  • Sequins, rhinestones, or faux jewels
  • Charms
  • Floral trim
  • Satin, lace or fabric ruffles

Where to Buy

You can buy sexy socks to set off you next ensemble in a style at department store, lingerie stores, and specialty sock and stocking retailers. A few places to begin your search include:

Sexy Socks