Skirted Tankini Styles

Zebra skirt tankini

The skirted tankini, sometimes referred to as the skirtini, is perfect for those feeling a little on the modest side at the pool or the beach. If you're not interested in "letting it all hang out", but you don't want to frolic poolside in a pair of cut-off shorts and a tank top, don't despair; there's a suit for you.

Friends of the Skirted tankini

Anyone can wear a skirted tankini, of course, especially when the situation calls for modest swim attire. However, some body types will love the style even more than others because it's not only modest, but it offers a slimming effect, too.

  • Tummy and Love Handle Troubles: Tankinis fit right down over that spare tire, making you look more streamlined than a regular bikini might. While you could feel great in a one-piece if your thighs and hips aren't trouble areas, some girls just prefer a two-piece. The skirted tankini is one solution.
  • Large Hips and Thighs: A skirted tankini covers your trouble areas. If you're pear-shaped, your hips and thighs are likely larger than you'd like, or at least not as proportional with your top half as you'd prefer. No problem. The skirt camouflages the difference in size.
  • Girly-girls: What's a girly-girl without a skirt? No matter what your shape, if you like to look extra-feminine, even in your swimsuit, you'll love a tankini set with a skirt, too.

There's really no body type that a skirted tankini looks bad on. It is more flattering than some other styles on pear and apple shapes, though, so it makes a great choice for those who still wish to wear a two-piece swimsuit even though they aren't shaped in a way that makes them comfortable sporting a skimpy bikini. Get your confidence and your bikini with this style.

Available Styles

You may think of a tankini as a top that resembles just the average tank top with two thick straps, one on either shoulder, joining in roughly the same area on the front as in the back. Not so! There is variety in the skirted tankini style.

Choose from tops with halter straps, skinny straps (single or multiple straps on each side), traditional tank straps, keyhole tops, and more. Some tops even have gel cups, so if you're a small-breasted pear shape who longs to be an hourglass, you can take even one step further. You can also get tummy control tankini tops.

The skirts tend to look like slim-fitting miniskirts, though you can find flirtier skirts in some designs. Keep in mind that if you're using your skirt to disguise your hips and thighs, the more fitted version will be most successful. Skirt lengths vary, as well, from barely-there to almost mid-thigh.

Also, if you're buying separates, don't be afraid to mix and match. Love that printed halter tankini top, but can't find the matching bottom, or does the bottom not come in the skirted style? No problem. Find a complementary solid color in the skirted tankini style.

Buying Yours

You shouldn't have any trouble picking up a skirted tankini at your local swimwear or department store. However, the selection is much more vast online, so it wouldn't hurt to take a peek at some of the stores that offer the styles before making your final purchase:

One of the benefits to shopping online is the ability to get your hands on the style you want almost any time of the year. You won't have the full online selection you may have in the spring and summer, but if you're searching for the perfect suit for a fantastic getaway in the fall or winter, those stores aimed mainly at swimwear will still have them in-stock and available. You might not be able to find any in your local department stores.

Skirted Tankini Styles