Avant Garde Clothing for Women

Make a Fashion Statement


Avant garde clothing for women often differs from mainstream looks in its artistic, edgy, and sometimes extreme or risqué traits. Some boutiques and shops specialize in avant garde styles and cater to those who don't want to blend in with everyone else. Avant garde haute couture styles are also seen on the runway and worn by celebrities; many of these styles can be toned down for the stylish, savvy woman who wants to a make her own fashion statement.

Pairing contrasting types of clothing, such as a high waisted business skirt and lingerie inspired blouse, can create an avant garde look.

Sexy and Sophisticated


Again by combining unexpected elements, you can pull off a look that combines laid back sexiness and sophistication. A dark pant is just underdressed enough to hint 'casual', and a strapless black blouse evokes the elegance of an evening dress. The sharp line of the monochrome look is broken by the huge belt for a unique look.

Avant Garde Evening Dress


An unusual cut in an evening gown, like this asymmetrical chocolate dress, makes a statement. To keep an asymmetrical look from being too strong, look for ruffles or other feminine accents that soften sharp lines.

Artistic Prints


Unusual patterns and bold colors make unique avant garde clothing for women. When wearing highly artistic prints like this multicolored dress, keep accessories minimal and hair and makeup simple so the look isn't overdone.

Modern Lines


A feature sometimes seen in avant garde clothing styles is having clean, modern lines or a futuristic feel. A structured pantsuit with an unusual design can make a huge impact, even in a quiet color.

Dramatic Details


A signature trait of avant garde clothing is dramatic detail, like the draping center detail of this casual dress.

Contrasting Colors


The use of contrasting colors is another eye-catching fashion feature. Here the black, white, and multi top contrasts sharply with the red accessories. A slim denim jean can doesn't compete with such a bold blouse, making it a stylish and wearable avant garde option.

Avant Gard Maxi Dress


Avant garde clothing is often designed in extremes, for example a long maxi dress with lots of fabric...

Micro Mini Dress


Or a tiny micro mini dress that can show off great legs.

Go a Little Avant Garde


Whether you don a unique dress, go with a bright print or boldly contrasting colors, or just try a look that's a little more extreme than your usual clothing styles, you can go avant garde and a make a fashion statement all your own.

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Avant Garde Clothing for Women