Petite Women Fashion Pictures

For women who stand 5'4" and under, seeing petite women fashion pictures can give you ideas on how to elongate and flatter your figure. There are tips you can use, besides wearing high heels, that can lengthen your body and give the illusion of height.

As seen here, skirts and dresses with hemlines that hit right at the knee or above give your legs a longer look. Calf-length tends to make short legs look even shorter.

Follow this and other guidelines in these petite women fashion pictures and you'll stand tall in your stylish attire.

Pinstripes are Perfect

Pinstripe slacks and jackets work wonderfully on the petite frame. The vertical detail draws the eye up and down, making you appear taller.

Choose a Slim Silhouette

Petite women should choose body-skimming fashions whenever possible (this doesn't equal "skintight"!). Clothes that are too roomy and voluminous will swallow your frame up, so go with styles that fit you perfectly.

Garments from petite clothing stores or departments are cut shorter in the torso and leg, designed to fit your overall frame better.

Go with V

V-neck shirts and dress tops are elongating and very flattering to shorter women. This is another vertical detail that works to make you look taller.

Vertical is Good

Any detail whose direction is up and down is great for petites. Horizontal stripes should be avoided at all costs (the wider they are, the less flattering they are to you).

However, vertical stripes, even if they run up the sides of a blouse or dress, will add length.

Monochrome Dressing

Dressing in one color head-to-toe is a great way for petites to add inches to their look. When you wear shoes in a color that matches or is similar to your slacks, you further elongate your long line.

The Right Jacket

Choose jackets that hit right at your hip, not fall well past it. You can wear patterns -- just skip those that are overwhelming.

When your slacks fall past your ankles like this and you wear a smart pair of heels, your legs can look a mile long.

Who Wears Short Shorts?

During spring and summer, shorts are great. With much of your legs exposed, they can look longer, especially when worn with high heeled espadrille or strappy sandals.

Bermuda shorts work, too, but be careful with Capri pants, which can cut the leg line, making your legs appear shorter. Choose Capris that fit closely and match your shoes to them for the best look.

Don't Forget Heels

High heels add inches instantly, so don't forget them! They're great for work, casual or dressy occasions. During warm months, choosing pumps or sandals that are the same color as your skin gives your legs a long, lean look.

Pointed toes add length, while rounded toes make your feet (and possibly your legs) look shorter, so go pointy when you can.

Need more petite advice? Check out fashion tips for petite women and flattering styles for any body shape for more tips on how to look your best!

Petite Women Fashion Pictures