Pictures of Fashion Scarves

Fashion Scarf Style Secrets

Looking at pictures of fashion scarves can provide numerous style ideas. Scarves can add a color and style boost to any outfit and change its look in an instant. From a light and breezy summer scarf that adds elegance and keeps the chill off your neck to a cute and chunky winter knit scarf that wards off an arctic blast of air, these versatile accessories are not only fashionable, but functional as well. So sit back, get cozy, and learn the scarf style secrets that will keep you looking fabulous in every season!

Creating Contrast with Scarves

Both colored and neutral scarves can look incredible; the trick is in knowing how to wear them. One simple way to pull off color well with a scarf (this is true with many accessories) is by creating contrast. This can be done with either color or tone (dark and light).

Bold Colored Scarves for Winter

Don't be afraid to use bold or rich colors. These can make a great style statement, especially in winter when color really stands out against dreary weather.

Again you can see how contrast is key to making the look work. The rich burgundy of the scarf looks stunning with the bright golden yellow of the coat.

Scarf Colors That Complement

Another aspect to consider when donning a scarf is whether the color suits your skin tone and eye color. Since a scarf is worn close to the face, it is a great way to brighten your skin and draw attention to your eyes. Beware of colors that tend to wash you out or don't work well with your coloring. A few colors that are nearly universally flattering are:

  • Eggplant
  • Red
  • Dark Teal
  • Soft Rose

Scarf Pattern Don'ts

There are many stylish scarf patterns to choose. A few basic things to remember when accessorizing with patterned scarves:

  • Avoid matching a scarf pattern and other pattern in your outfit exactly. The overall effect may end up looking too cutesy or overdone.
  • Don't pair a different patterned scarf and a patterned blouse or other clothing item. The clashing patterns can look unkempt, and the business detracts from a focal point of the outfit.


Wearing Scarf Patterns Perfectly

Opt for a patterned scarf OR a patterned blouse or dress, but not both, to keep a stylish balance. A patterned scarf looks gorgeous with a solid color, especially if there is some relationship between them.

In the image shown here, the scarf works beautifully because it includes a green hue similar to the model's sweater in the pattern.

Fun and Fashionable Scarf Style

Don't be afraid to take a risk with your scarf styles; you can create an original look that is still pulled together and has your own personal style stamp. Look for a common color or other aspect that can create harmony among different elements to make a look work.

Here the oversize earrings work with the patterned scarf because they both have a color base of pearl. The yellow tee picks up the gold glints in the scarf, and the subtle dark jacket lets the accessories shine.

Casually Sophisticated Scarf

A sleek, brightly colored silk scarf gives a gorgeous new look to a dark casual top. Leaving a dressy scarf loose and flowing keeps it casual.

Evening Elegance with Scarves

Fashion scarves become unique when used as a focal point with evening wear. A gorgeous way to show off a lovely scarf is to wear it around the neck as an alternative to a necklace. Sleek, sexy, and original, this look can't go wrong.

Sweet Summery Fashion Scarf

You don't have to give up scarves when the warm weather hits! Choose light, breezy scarves to wear with summer dresses for evening.

Pretty and Professional Scarf

A solid top and a neutral scarf is both pretty and professional. Medium weight scarves are perfect for autumn when the cooler weather starts to hit.

Define Your Scarf Style

Depending on the scarf and how you wear it, you can create completely different styles. For a polished, elegant look, pair a scarf in a similar material finish or weight to your sweater, dress, or suit. For a funky, boho chic look, pair a chunky scarf with a sleeker outfit. From sexy to sweet, there are many different looks you can create with scarves.

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Pictures of Fashion Scarves