Slimming Swimsuits

Shopping for a swimsuit

As beach season approaches, women everywhere search for slimming swimsuits that flatter and enhance their figures. The right features can make anyone look stunning in a bathing suit. Slimming swimsuits can mean a lot of different things - including playing with color and proportion, wearing a certain cut of suit, and technology specifically made to slim the body.

Slimming Swimsuit Cuts

Shore Club Eclipse Plus Size Twist Front Bandeau/Halter Tankini
Shore Club Shortini

There is a huge variety of swimsuits for you to choose from, including tankini and one-piece styles. In general, look for a suit that contains a high amount of Lycra and/or Spandex. The greater the content of these materials, the more control the suit will provide. Greater control equates to a more slimmed-down effect.

Ruching at the Waist

To conceal a tummy, consider swimsuits with ruching along the waist, which can diminish the look of a larger stomach.

Swimsuits for All offers some great ruched pieces, including this shortini piece by Shore Club (pictured). The halter neck and sweetheart neckline draws attention to your upper body and is super-flattering. The ruching around the waist conceals tummies, and the boyshort bottoms provide extra coverage. Priced at $52.50 and available in sizes 10-24.

Tummy Control Tankini

Some swimsuits styles have a tummy control panel built in, such as those by Profile by Gottex and Tommy Bahama, which include such panels in most of their tankini styles. These panels are made from tighter fabric that will suck you in.

The 'Tutti Frutti' Skirted One-Piece Swim Dress from Profile by Gottex has shirred panels and a tummy-concealing panel. It is also slightly longer, which provides additional coverage and support for wider hips. Available in sizes 6-12, $128.

Faux Wrap Bottoms

For those with wide hips, consider faux wrap bottoms, which provide more lower body coverage and can often be more flattering than regular bottoms or even boyshorts.

Slimming Technology in Swimsuits



The Miraclesuit contains Miratex®, a blend of fabrics that contains a high percentage of Lycra and Spandex. The material feels soft and almost silky, a feature most welcome in a swimsuit that is designed to strategically hold the body's shape and keep it under control. The Miraclesuit claims to have holding power three times greater than the average swimsuit.

  • Miraclesuits do not feature control panels or thick linings.
  • Instead, the four-way knit fabric provides allover support, eliminating the need for targeted shapers like tummy control panels.
  • The result is balanced control that flatters all the right features, and downplays those you'd rather keep under wraps, literally and figuratively.

These suits are available in a wide variety of color combinations that are ideal for bottom-heavy figures, including solids, color-block designs and prints.

Miraclesuit can be found at a variety of retailers including Macy's and Cyberswim.

Color, Pattern, and Proportion

The general rule of thumb is that darker colors are more slimming than lighter colors, vertical stripes are more slimming than horizontal ones, and a shorter top exposes more skin than a longer one.

If you wanted to play down your hips, for example, try a white tankini top with a bright print and a simple black boyshort bottom. These are simple rules to keep in mind when purchasing swimsuits, and while they might not slim you down from a size 14 to a size 4, they will subtly draw attention away from places you do not want attention to linger.

Many Options

These suggestions are merely general guidelines, not strict rules to follow. Today, swimsuits are available in so many different styles and varieties that there is truly something for everyone. Gone are the days when a large bottom, full hips and thighs, an ample waist or broad shoulders meant wearing a coverup instead of a sexy swimsuit. No matter what size a woman is and what areas she wishes to conceal, there is a swimsuit available that will make her feel both comfortable and stylish at the same time.

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Slimming Swimsuits