Strawberry Blonde

Woman with Natural Strawberry Blonde Hair

While many women are born with strawberry blonde hair, many others choose to color their locks in this head-turning shade. This color is easy to achieve with hair dye if you already have relatively light-colored locks, though those with darker tresses can still get the look with the help of a salon professional.

Strawberry Blonde Options

Two colors that have historically been considered the definitions of sexy and beautiful, red and gold, come together as blonde hair with strawberry-red hues. For years, many women went to the beauty salon in search of Rita Hayworth's strawberry blonde hair color. Today, many women experiment with strawberry blonde highlights on darker hair or on blonde hair. Many of these looks can be done at home on light to medium shades of hair, but going from a darker brunette to strawberry blonde is best handled by a professional colorist because the hair will have to be bleached and toned to get the right color.

Light Strawberry Blonde

A light strawberry blonde color is best achieved on pale to light blonde hair using a very light red-gold shade such as L'oreal Superior Preference 9GR. This permanent hair color can be found at most drug, department, or grocery stores that carry hair color for about $10.

Light strawberry blonde hair

Dark Strawberry Blonde

A dark strawberry blonde color can be achieved on medium to dark blonde hair and light brown hair. Use a light red-gold semi-permanent color, such as Clairol Natural Instincts 15RG, to get this look. Natural Instincts is available wherever hair color is sold and you can get it for less than $10 a box.

Dark strawberry blonde hair

Strawberry With Blonde Highlights

A popular color combination, strawberry blonde hair with blonde highlights can make the strawberry red tone of the hair more subtle. Blonde highlights are typically done with bleach in chunky slices, but can be done in a more subtle woven pattern throughout the hair if you prefer. If you are wanting natural looking highlights, consult a professional.

Strawberry blonde hair with highlights

Strawberry Blonde With Chestnut Brown Lowlights

Lowlights are the same as highlights except that with lowlights, the streaks are darker than the main hair color. Lowlights can be subtle or heavy just like highlights. A stunning color combination is light strawberry blonde hair with chestnut brown lowlights. For best results you'll want to have this done by a professional at a salon. If your color is a light strawberry blonde, other options include a darker strawberry blonde or auburn lowlights to bump up the radiance of the red.

Strawberry blonde hair with brown highlights

Natural Dye

If you don't want a permanent or semi-permanent dye or just prefer using more natural products, try one of these options to get a strawberry blonde look. Keep in mind that these products will not work on hair that has previously been colored or otherwise chemically treated.

  • Henna Dream is a natural hair dye with strawberry blonde results, which works well on natural gray or blonde hair. This dye is 100 percent henna, so a skin test may be necessary if you have sensitive skin to make sure you are not allergic to henna. Henna Dream is ammonia and peroxide free which means it is a semi-permanent dye and will last about 25 shampoos.
  • Herbal hair color can be made into a "tea" or a paste. For a strawberry blonde color on naturally light hair, a good combination is hibiscus flowers and calendula. This will give a faint tint to the hair. However, it will gradually fade and need to be repeated. While it is healthy for hair, it takes several applications of soaking and drying your hair to see a noticeable result.
  • If you have darker hair, chamomile leaves are a good lightener when used as a tea or paste as mentioned above. This may take several applications as well to achieve a strawberry blonde color depending on the darkness of your natural color.

Maintaining Your New Color

Red fades faster than any other color due to the larger molecule size of the red pigment. Since not everyone can go to the salon every week for a touch-up, use color enhancing shampoos and conditioners that will slow your color fading. A few of the top hair products to extend the life of your color are listed below.

  • Pureology Reviving Red consists of shampoo, conditioner, and weekly treatments that are sulfate free and oil-infused to maintain your color's vibrancy. These products can be found at salons that sell Pureology products and at Ulta. The larger bottles are less than $30.
  • John Frieda Radiant Red is a shampoo and conditioner that guards your color from fading and helps maintain rich, vibrant color. Radiant Red can be found in most drug stores and department stores for about $5.
  • Quantum Riveting Reds offers a shampoo and conditioner that moisturize your hair while minimizing frizz and enhancing color and shine. These contain red henna extract to refresh your red color and keep it from fading. This line can be found at Sally Beauty Supply for less than $10.

Loving Your Look

Blonde hair with strawberry tones is always eye-catching, whether you opt for a bright, light shade or something a little richer. Consult your stylist for advice on which shades will work best for you and how to best maintain them so you'll be sure to love your new look.

Strawberry Blonde