Sweater Mini Dress

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A sweater mini dress is a chic, fashionable option for fall. Though it sounds a bit challenging to wear, it actually presents numerous styling possibilities.

About Sweater Dresses

Perfect for fall and even mild winters, sweater dresses are comfortable, cozy and stylish all at once. They're available in many looks, ranging from long and fitted to short and flowing. Simply put, there's a sweater dress for everyone, and they're perfect for those who wouldn't normally consider wearing a dress during cold weather.

Wearing a Sweater Mini Dress

If the weather is brisk but not yet freezing, it might be a great time to experiment with a sweater mini dress. Though slightly unusual sounding, this garment is a lot more practical than its name suggests. As you shop, you may discover that many styles tend to be quite fitted. In general, sweater dresses are more body conscious than, say, an A-line dress or a shift, but there are loose-fitting sweater dresses available, too.

Short lengths add a touch of edge and sass to an otherwise classic piece. Since it's worn primarily during cold weather, styling a short sweater dress appropriately is key. Otherwise, you risk feeling uncomfortable, cold and even itchy. These tips will ensure that your mini dress looks and feels great all day long:

  • Pay close attention to the fabric. Sweater dresses are typically made from cotton, a polyester blend, mohair, viscose or wool. If your skin is sensitive, you might find that it itches quite a bit when it is exposed to wool or mohair, so avoid these materials if necessary.
  • If you already own an itchy dress, wear it over a lightweight full slip. Your slip should be at least a couple of inches shorter than your dress, so that there is minimal chance of it showing as you move. A shaping slip is a great option, particularly for a form-fitting, short sweater dress, because it clings to the body, smoothes your curves and keeps your skin protected.
  • In many ways, a short sweater dress is similar to a tunic. It may graze the area right below the hips, or it might be a touch longer. Either way, it looks phenomenal with a pair of leggings! If your sweater dress is brightly colored or patterned, opt for leggings in a complementary dark color. This is a great way to look chic and stay warm without a lot of bulk.
  • An alternative to leggings is a pair of skinny jeans. A dark rinse pair is perfect for wearing during the colder months. Some women find that skinny jeans are just not as comfortable as a pair of stretchy leggings, but they're worth a shot if you love wearing denim for their extra warmth.
  • It's not just leggings and jeans that work with short sweater dresses. A pair of opaque tights will also serve you well when the weather cools down. They'll keep your legs warm, of course, and they also look right at home with a short dress. If your dress is on the simple side, experiment with vibrant tights for a fun, creative look. If the dress is bold, though, opt for tights that are free of excessive patterns.
  • Footwear is key when it comes to pulling off a short sweater dress. If you're wearing tights or leggings, you might consider a pair of over-the-knee boots to complete the look. They have a couple of things going for them: they're extremely trendy and they also add another layer of warmth to your legs.
  • Shop for your body type. Accentuate an hourglass figure with a fitted sweater dress. Cinch a floaty sweater dress with a wide belt to show off a small waist. Opt for a slightly looser cut if you're plus size. Play with animal prints for special occasions. The options are endless.

Short sweater dresses are a great option for women who don't want to make the switch to pants at the first sign of cold weather. They're perfect for everything from casual lunches to nights out with the girls, and add a fun element to any wardrobe. The most important thing is to shop with your comfort in mind. A comfortable material and a flattering fit both ensure that you'll wear your dress for years.

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Sweater Mini Dress