Swim Dresses

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What Are Swim Dresses?

Swim dresses can be a great alternative for every woman who hates to show too much flesh at the beach or pool. A traditional swimsuit with the addition of a flared skirt which gives the suit the appearance of a dress, swim dresses are far more forgiving than their skimpier counterparts, while still allowing the wearer to swim or sunbathe in comfort.

Swim dress styles don't leave the thighs and stomach exposed, the way traditional swimsuits do, so they can be far more flattering to those who don't have super model figures, and the additional coverage also means they're safer, leaving less of your skin exposed to the sun's damaging rays.

Now don't make the mistake of thinking that these swimming dresses are frumpy and old-fashioned. Since when has a cute minidress ever been considered frumpy? When worn with a nice tan and some pretty flip-flops, swim dresses can also be surprisingly sexy, and will give you that all-important confidence to enjoy yourself without worrying about your figure.

Swim Dress Styles

Like any other kind of dress, there's a huge variety of different swim dress styles available, from halter necks and spaghetti strapped styles to strapless dresses in a range of colors. You're bound to find something to your liking.

It should be noted that because these dresses are designed for swimming, you won't find them in long-skirted lengths. Skirts tend to hit at mid-thigh level, or shorter to allow for ease of movement while you're enjoying the water.

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Where to Buy

You don't need to find a specialist swimwear boutique to buy a swim dress - in fact, you'll find them on sale anyplace where there's sun and sea to wear them in. Most swimwear stores will stock a range of these dress-style suits, and you'll also find them in department stores and online.

Here are some great swim dress suppliers who'll deliver to your door:

Always For Me specializes in selling plus-size swim dress suits designed to flatter larger figures, and styles available range from the sporty to the fashionable. Consider their great brown and white polka dot swim dress that will help you look up-to-date, even in the water.

NextTag.com has gathered together swim dresses and suits from a number of different designers, so there's a wealth of different styles here for you to browse through. Anne Klein's Sahara Dress, which you'll find at the site, is a knee-length bandeau style swim dress which could just as easily be dressed up for an evening out as worn on the beach.

Roamans also concentrates on selling swim dresses for the fuller figure. A great use of color and patterning makes these dresses particularly flattering, no matter what your shape!

Versatile and Stylish

Dresses that are designed for the beach can be worn by just about anyone. In fact, you don't have to be self-conscious, or modest about your body to enjoy this style of swimsuit. Versatile, stylish, and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, these sassy alternatives to traditional swimsuits might be the ideal item to perk up your swimwear wardrobe this season.

Swim Dresses