Finding Unique Evening Gowns

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If you're looking to stand out from the crowd at your next formal function, a unique evening gown can show off your personal style and help you look and feel gorgeous.

What Makes an Evening Gown Unique

Classic designs and polished colors can always make a woman look stunning, but if you want an evening dress that has a bit of extra flair, you can opt for something more unusual. There is a wide range of evening gown styles available, from very affordable looks to high end designer dress creations.

Some of the aspects that make an evening gown original and unique include:

  • Custom designed or custom made gowns
  • Vintage or retro dress styles
  • Unusual colors or patterns
  • Unique details or embellishments
  • Exclusive or limited edition designs
  • Dramatic designs
  • Gowns created with unexpected materials
  • Classic gowns with unexpected twists, such as a backless black dress

Examples of Unusual Evening Gowns

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With the range of dress styles available, there is something for every taste, whether it's a renaissance-inspired ensemble, a dark mysterious gown, or a deceptively simple dress with delicious details that make it extraordinary. Let's take a look at a few unique evening gown styles that are available.

  • The Esmeralda by Florisimo: This lovely strapless rich yellow gown is made from metallic taffeta. The black corded net floral-like detail on the bodice adds visual interest, and the skirt drapes uniquely to both sides and is shortest in the middle for an elegant but unusual look.
  • The Herion Evening Gown Collection is comprised of very unusual gowns that are wearable art. Bold cuts, unusual color and fabric combinations, and screened artistry make these gowns truly distinctive.
  • This Precious Formals evening gown, available at Cinderella's closet, will make you stand out with a multi-colored, hand-beaded, corset-style bodice and layered rainbow chiffon skirt.
  • The distinctive collection of evening gowns by Gribha International uses incredible detailing to create dresses that are anything but ordinary. Elegant, sexy, and statement-making, these dresses are sure to appeal to women who love creative details.

Unique Gowns: Considering Cost

Having flattering and original gown for a special event is important, but it's also important to factor in the cost. Many one-of-a-kind or unique dresses cost considerably more than a standard evening or cocktail dress. These might range from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the design, materials, and exclusivity of the dress. Ideas for making a statement for less include;

  • Shop for pre-owned evening gowns at sites like One Night Affair for considerable savings
  • Check vintage clothing stores - even with the cost of cleaning and alterations, your total may be significantly less than purchasing a new unique dress
  • Use accessories like jackets, scarves, bold jewelry, and an attention-grabbing clutch to make a statement with a simpler gown

Where to Purchase

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There are many places where you can purchase dresses with a bit of added pizazz. In addition to looking for different styles at department stores and other retailers that carry ladies evening wear, consider the following resources for style inspiration:

For unique contemporary evening gown styles:

  • Simply Dresses: Has both simple and unusual designs and prints.
  • Only Gowns: Includes a variety of dresses with dramatic cuts, bright colors, and embellishments.
  • Elegant Mart: Dresses that combine elegance with attitude.

For custom made or one-of-a-kind dresses:

For unique vintage evening dresses:

Whether you are able to buy a lovely custom or couture dress, or use your creativity and shopping savvy to find an affordable style, unique evening gowns are certain to give you a stunning edge.

Finding Unique Evening Gowns