Unique Pocket Watches on Necklace Chains

Watch Pendant Necklace

Pocket watches in necklace form are a fun twist on the classic men's pocket watches used for decades. You can choose from inexpensive ones designed just for fashion's sake (they do still run, though!) or purchase something more special that has lasted through nearly a century or more. There's a pocket watch on a necklace chain for every budget, and you're sure to get some attention if you wear one.

Shop for Necklaces

Some stores may have just one option while others could have whole collections of pocket watches on necklace chains to choose from. The pricing will vary greatly depending on the materials used, the age of the watch, and more. Most of them will look like they're from another era even when they aren't, but you may occasionally run across one or two that look bright, shiny, and new.


Shopping at Amazon has plenty of perks, and they have pages of pocket watches on chains, like:

  • The JewelryWe retro-inspired one on a 30-inch chain that features Roman numerals and a surprising amount of color. This watch is 1.89 inches wide and .59 inches thick. It's under $10.00 but doesn't qualify for free shipping even if you have Prime, so expect another few dollars on top of that.
  • The REATR pocket watch that features an owl has a vintage feel and a touch of whimsy. The owl's wings fold down to hide the clock and it comes with a chain that's about 16 inches long. This one is also under $10.00 and is available for Prime shipping.
  • The Carrie Hughes Ladies Steampunk Pendant Pocket Watch has a silver stainless steel case and a black and gold lid. The pendant itself is about an inch in diameter and the chain is about 32 inches long. This one will cost you less than $15.00 and is available for Prime shipping.
    Steampunk Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace Pocket Watch
    Steampunk Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace Pocket Watch

Hot Topic

Hot Topic does trends and pop culture well. Pocket watches on necklace chains fit in nicely with their selection.

  • The Disney Beauty and the Beast Belle Mirror Pocket Watch Necklace from Hot Topic costs less than $20.00 and is one of the most feminine and whimsical designs around because of the enamel roses around the edges and Belle's silhouette in the middle. It's not just a circle, either; it's a mirror, so it's not your ordinary pocket watch style. It's gold-tone with a pyramid chain.
  • The Blackheart Celestial Pendant Pocket Watch Necklace, (around $20.00) is another feminine style, this time with an air of mystery around it. It also has a gold tone chain, but in addition to that, features opalescent and clear stones, moons, and stars on the 23-inch chain (with three-inch extender).
  • The Harry Potter Golden Snitch Pocket Watch Necklace (around $20.00) is a must-have for those who love Harry Potter books and movies as well as fashion pieces inspired by the past.

Stamp the Moment

Dedicated to offering meaningful, affordable jewelry styles, Stamp the Moment carries several styles of these necklaces. Each are sold for just under $20 and include a 30-inch chain with a stainless steel lobster claw clasp. The watches are 3/8" thick (when closed) and are about one-inch in diameter. Styles include:

  • Dragonfly Pocket Watch Necklace: This has a unique design of a dragonfly and flowers on the front, and the back is done in scrollwork. It has an antique gold style with a darker background behind the dragonfly.
  • Petals Necklace: This look features numerous petals in antique gold with a darker background like the dragonfly. The style is delicate, interesting, and feminine thanks to the weaving and swirling petal design.
  • Victorian-Inspired Style: This one features an open face look that is inspired by Victorian pocket watches. The outer edge features an intricate antique gold design that lends itself well to steampunk looks.
    Victorian Pocket Watch Necklace
    Victorian Pocket Watch Necklace


ModCloth is known for their clothing that looks like it's from another time. They have a gorgeous Turn Back Time Necklace in El Prado style that looks more expensive than it is (about $25.00). It has a gold antiqued finish and when you open the front by pushing the button on top, you'll expose the clock face that displays the hour, minute, and second hands. The exterior is pretty and decorative, with a garden-fenced watch face. The pendant is two inches long and the chain is 32 inches. Some reviewers say that this is versatile enough to go with any outfit.

Turn Back Time Necklace
Turn Back Time Necklace


Etsy has an ever-changing collection of pocket watches on necklace chains since sellers are always creating and selling new products as they sell out of others. Many of them are Steampunk-related, some are designed simply as a salute to jewelry from years gone by, and others could actually be vintage. You'll find silver, brass, pocket watches with images or quotes etched into them, clock faces on display or hidden behind a door, and more. Prices, of course, will vary from seller to seller based on style, age of the item, and materials used.


If you're looking for an inexpensive price and don't mind waiting several weeks for shipping, Wish.com has a wide selection of inexpensive pocket watch necklaces for as low as $1.00. Choose from lids that feature dragons, crowns, intricate patterns, the Eiffel Tower, bird cages, butterflies, and more. You can even get heart-shaped watches instead of the traditional round ones. Most have an antique gold, bronze, copper, or silver appearance.

1st Dibs

If you're looking for pocket watch necklaces that are the real thing from as far back as the 1800s, 1st Dibs is a good place to shop. What's available will change as sales are made and new items are introduced, but for a sample of what you might find, check out:

  • The Ladies Yellow Gold Diamond Enamel Hunting Case Pendant Watch (just under $7,000.00 but you can make an offer), which was created around 1880 and is made of 14K gold. The enamel cover has a beautiful painted scene that shows a man and a woman by the sea.
  • The Art Deco Blue and Gold Enamel Swiss Pocket Watch on a Lorgnette Necklace (around $3000.00, or you can make an offer) has a beautiful 14K gold and periwinkle blue chain and has matching periwinkle blue enamel on the lid. It's from around 1910 to 1919.
    Swiss Pocket Watch on a Lorgnette Necklace
    Swiss Pocket Watch on a Lorgnette Necklace

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is another place to get antique pocket watch necklaces. Their offerings will also change as items are purchased and added, but for a taste of what you could find, there's the:

  • Antique 18K Gold & Swiss Enamel Ladies Pocket Watch, available for just over $1500.00. This 18K gold watch is from around 1850 and has a scene featuring a young girl holding roses in a beautiful outdoor space on the front. The metal detail surrounding the enamel on the lid has an intricate swirling pattern.
  • The One of a Kind Collectible 14K Gold Diamond Vintage Pocket Pendant Watch with Akoya Pearl Necklace costs right around $1000.00. The 36-inch pearl necklace is from the 1940s or 50s and can be worn by itself or with the watch.
    Gold Diamond Vintage Pocket Pendant watch with Akoya Pearl Necklace
    Vintage Pocket Pendant Watch With Akoya Pearl Necklace

Fashion or Keepsake

Because pocket watches have such a long history, you can choose whether you want a piece that includes an antique pocket watch created decades ago or something that just looks like it was. You can also go for something completely modern that features one of your favorite characters. These pocket watch necklaces can serve as icebreakers when you're getting to know new people because they look like they have a story behind them. Whatever type you choose, they are an interesting way to add style to any look. Now, get some tips on Waltham watch values and see if the brand piques your interest.

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Unique Pocket Watches on Necklace Chains