Velour Sweat Suits

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Though their popularity can ultimately be narrowed down to their extreme comfort, velour sweat suits have paved the way for a whole new style of dressing. While "casual" once referred quite generally to jeans and T-shirts, the word is now closely associated with this comfortable and relaxed two-piece suit.

Thanks, Juicy Couture

It was label Juicy Couture that gave the famed velour sweat suit its grand introduction to the world of high fashion. Emblazoned with cutesy logos and phrases and available in a variety of fresh, bright colors, the suits quickly became the favorite of young celebrities everywhere. Seen on the likes of Paris Hilton, Mandy Moore and Britney Spears with great frequency, it wasn't long before young women everywhere grew attached to them and built their own velour collections.

What People Love About Velour Sweat Suits

One doesn't need to conduct an official poll of the people to know with fair certainty that velour sweat suits are absolutely beloved by women all over the world - still. Though in the early days, they may have seemed a bit more like passing trends than timeless classics, they've proven otherwise over the years. Plenty of other labels have gotten in on the act, designing comfortable sweat suits in various designs. In addition to basic comfort, women love these suits because:

  • They're not baggy. They're the anti-sweat suits in that regard. Velour sweats tend to fit a woman's body in a sleeker manner, and thus appear more polished and flattering.
  • They're cute. This is something of a no brainer for women who love velour sweat suits. In a host of mouthwatering colors and often accented by words emblazoned across the backside of the pants, they appeal especially to teenagers and young women.
  • They're ageless. That's right - despite appealing primarily to younger women, it's simply not unusual to spot a woman of any age sporting a velour sweat suit. Comfort trumps all in the end, and these suits are the very definition of that.
  • They're versatile. Though they aren't made for an evening out or a special occasion, they certainly work well on a relaxed afternoon errand run, a spot of casual lunch with friends or a day out with the kids.
  • There's variety. As mentioned, there are plenty of colors to choose from, and today there are also numerous brands to pick from, too.

What to Look For

The good news is that velour sweat suits are readily available at just about every basic mall store and big name department store out there. Even better, they're sold at varying price points, so there's a style that will really meet everyone's needs. Check out these sites for information:

  • Express carries a great selection of velour hoodies and pants that are far more intriguing than the plainer varieties. If you're feeling particularly bold, opt for a stud-embellished pair of velour pants, along with a matching hoodie. If you're into flared pants, you'll love the fit and flare version of the velour bottoms, which boast a loose cut along the ankles. All of the styles are available in plenty of bright and neutral colors.
  • Juicy Couture is a great place to find your velour track tops and pants. They don't come cheap - a hoodie can run upwards of $100, and so can the pants. The upside is that they're long lasting, so it's a sound investment. A helpful hint: Shop around for your Juicy velour pieces. They're also sold at stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's, and they can often be found on sale if you look in the right places!
  • Adidas offers sporty gals just as much comfort in their velour sweat suits as the other brands. Their slim designs are crisp and modern, and they elevate the basic loungewear look and give it a fresher appearance.
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Velour Sweat Suits