Waxing a Bald Head

Bald chic

If you are searching for a super sleek look, with plenty of shine, waxing your head might be a viable option. On the other hand, if waxing for hair removal. a more cautious approach may be necessary. No matter your intent, for fashion or necessity, when it comes to waxing, you'll need to proceed with care.

Waxing for Hair Removal

Shaving your head regularly can become tiresome, which may make you wonder if waxing is a good idea in the first place. While waxing is a popular hair removal method that promises smooth, long lasting results, it's not necessarily the right choice for the scalp. In light of this, and before you strip your hair follicles bare, it's necessary to learn more about this hair removal treatment.

Promising hair free skin, waxing for hair removal is an effective method that involves using warm or hot wax to remove hair from its follicles. Hair does not grow back as quickly as it does with shaving, which makes the approach very appealing to people who shave their heads regularly.

Is It a Good Idea?

Take it from GQ's Style Guy, Glenn O'Brien, who recognizes that waxing a bald head is possible, but it isn't worth the discomfort. The Style Guy's argument against the practice is short, but it is very convincing, as it cites pain as a major drawback.

Since the follicles on the scalp are numerous, waxing pulls a lot of hair out of the area all at once. Pair that with the delicate nature of the skin on the scalp and you have a recipe for major discomfort, as evidenced by the video O'Brien uses as reference. Although the skin on your scalp is relatively thick, it does contain nerve endings that are likely to object to the procedure.

If waxing your head is not your cup of tea, then consider a close shave and conditioning instead.

Waxing for Shine and Conditioning

Products that make hair shine can make your scalp shine, which makes hair wax something to consider. Hair products that promise to condition and moisturize hair follicles can work as well. While products can offer a healthy glow, it helps to understand what makes a bald scalp shiny.

A smooth surface is more likely to glisten than a stubble-laden surface. When you first shave your head, you may notice that the top layer is smooth and more reflective. Natural oils play a role in shine as well, and in some cases, dryness can be a problem.

Natural oils protect the scalp and keep the skin from drying out. In addition, they can make the skin a little shiny. Simply adding moisturizer can do the trick, but some want to glisten. When mega shine is in order, you may want to cautiously consider wax or pomade.

Wax and Pomade

Hair waxes and pomades are hair styling products that leave hair looking glistening wet, and they may work on clean shaven heads, too. Keep in mind that the products are specifically designed for hair, and not skin. Products like Redken Water Wax Pomade add shine and control to hair. Keep in mind that water-based waxes may be the best choice if you choose to take this route.

There are some things to consider before investing in hair waxes and pomades, for example, hair wax can clog pores when used excessively. Additionally, if you have had problems with ingrown hairs and breakouts, you may want to avoid using waxes as well.

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Alternatives to Waxes

A healthy shine is a sign of a healthy scalp. Some products naturally provide relief from dry skin, like aloe vera, but you may want to focus on products made especially for bald heads.

  • Bald Guyz Moisture Gel may sting a little, but it provides great protection to the scalp.
  • If you want to reduce shine, try a product like Matte for Men that conditions while toning down the shine.
  • Head Shed is an exfoliator that removes dead skin and prepares the scalp for a close shave.
  • HeadBlade Headlube is a moisturizer with sunscreen that leaves a subtle shine.

Healthy Style

Bald is stylish, and you have many options to explore in caring for your skin. Waxing a bald head, whether hair removal or hair wax, isn't necessarily the best approach, especially considering the number of products made especially for keeping a shaven head looking its best. Keeping your scalp clean, healthy and closely shaven should yield excellent results, but in some cases, it may be helpful to use products that remove dead skin and ones that condition.

Waxing a Bald Head