Womens Denim Suits

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Women's denim suits aren't the first thing you'd imagine when "suit" comes to mind, but that's not a bad thing. If you love to wear substantial fabrics with hard-wearing qualities, then you will adore suits styled in full denim, complete with special buttons, interesting contrasting fabric appliques, and unique style lines. The denim suit is here to stay!

How Should Women's Denim Suits Fit?

When choosing women's denim suits, there are several things to consider. If you are interested in the perfect fit, pay attention to these key areas:

The Rise: The last thing you want is your denim suit trousers hitting the wrong part of your figure, and squeezing your midsection into a lumpy mess. Look for mid-rise trousers, not low-rise ones, and be sure to wear them with a slightly longer tunic top underneath your blazer.

The Length: Make sure that your denim trousers "break" the right way on your shoes. They should hit your shoes, crease once, and fall one inch from the back of your heel. Tailoring is a simple solution if your denim suit is too long, but don't forget to bring your heels into the dressing room to really get to know the fit!

If your suit has a skirt, length is of vital importance here, too. A too-short skirt is not a good look on anyone and overlong skirts can make short girls look even shorter. For most women, a pencil or a-line skirt that hits near the knee is ideal.

The Inseam: Avoid bagging and drooping along the legline by choosing a belt that coordinates perfectly with your denim suit. If you have extremely active days at work, it's more likely that you will run into problems with your suit drooping or stretching over the course of the day. A medium-width belt in a cognac or black leather will withstand all trend fluctuations.

What to Wear with Your Denim Suit

Try these popular styles with your women's denim suits:

  • Wear a longer, tunic style top in chiffon, and then button up your suit jacket so just a tiny peek of finery shows.
  • Try a silk tank top underneath your blazer, which is both a cool work look and a seasonless selection.
  • Pair your denim suit with a rounded-toe pair of heels for a more casual look, or try on a simple, pointier-toe pair of slingbacks to dress up your ensemble.
  • Wear a funky t-shirt with the denim trouser part of the set if you are headed out after work. You can try wearing a fancier top over that, and then the blazer, removing the layers when it comes time to party at night.
  • Select figure-conscious tanks in stretchy fabrics to create smooth lines under your blazer. These can be worn tucked-in or untucked, depending on the length. Avoid tanks with ribbing, unless you want to create an extremely casual effect.
  • Play around with unusual jewelry and accessories. Turquoise, amethyst, and tiger's eye all look wonderful with denim.
  • Experiment with colors that match your denim suit. Jewel tones look gorgeous paired with denim, so you can try experimenting with purple, yellow, dark green, and deep pink.

Shop for a Denim Suit

Stumped on where to buy your denim suit? Have no fear; there are lots of locations where you can purchase a fantastic denim suit that fits perfectly.Jones New York: This shop offers the best options for the sophisticated dresser. Not only can you grab shapely denim blazers, but matching crease-front trousers as well in a super dark wash.

Banana Republic: Shop at Banana Republic if you want to put together your own denim suit. Look for ones in lightweight fabrics that stand out from the crowd-- but still look sophisticated enough for work.

Max Studio: Swing by Max Studio for refined styles that look excellent with the dressier pieces of the season. High heels are more than welcome with their wide-legged trouser looks.

Dark or light, distressed or crisp, you might find yourself buying more than one women's denim suit.

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Womens Denim Suits