16 Glass Vial Pendant and Necklace Styles + DIY Ideas

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Glass pendant

At once stunning and meaningful, glass vial pendants are a unique jewelry item. Available in a diverse range of designs, these pendants are more than just a creative fashion accessory. The items inside the tiny bottles are often symbolic or have special significance to the wearer.

Styles of Glass Vial Pendants

Miniature glass bottle pendants are available in many styles. The bottle shape itself may be a cylinder, bulb, heart, teardrop, or other shape. Cork or metal are common stopper designs. Other elements, such as charms, beads, or ribbon are also sometimes added to the necklace. Although prices vary, this is generally a very affordable jewelry style.

Potion Necklaces

An accessory often used for Live Action Role Play (LARP) or Cosplay, glass bottle necklaces with faux potions are a popular item. Potion types include life, health, love, and luck. Some potion jewelry is inspired by popular literature and films, such as Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland.

  • Alice in Wonderland Drink Me Potion Necklace: This delicate, two-centimeter tall glass vial from Jillicious Charms and Accessories is inspired by Alice's adventures in the iconic tale of Alice in Wonderland. It features a whimsical label and pale blue potion. It's affixed to a bronze chain and includes a Tibetan silver key charm. It retails for approximately $13.00 with shipping being approximately around $6.00 for orders under $75.00.
  • Health and Mana Potion Pendant Set
    Health and Mana Potion Pendant Set
    Health and Mana Potion Pendant Set: Designed by Mie Moe, a fantasy jewelry company, and available through Amazon, this potion necklace set features a red health vial and a blue mana vial. It includes a cord necklace with a detailed silver slide attached to the bottle. This set is sold for approximately $11.00 plus $6.00 shipping.

Fairy Dust Bottle Pendants

Another popular type of glass bottle pendant are those filled with 'fairy dust.' Whimsical and pretty, these are often filled with glitter. This type of jewelry is a fun accent for women who enjoy wearing fantasy-inspired jewelry. It also makes a great gift for a young girl.

  • Discerning Amethyst with Hope Charm Vial: Designed by The Fairy Dust Shop and available on Amazon, this pretty necklace features a slim vial filled with deep purple glitter, a sterling silver chain, and a Hope charm. It retails for around $8.00 plus shipping.
  • Magic Fairy Dust Necklace: The Magickal Cat sells a unique fairy dust pendant with a delicate silver fairy that covers a glass cylinder filled with copper glitter. Its design signifies magic and it comes on a black cord necklace. It is available for approximately $10.00 with shipping options ranging from $4.00 to $6.00.

Wish Necklaces

An excellent gift idea, wish necklaces come in several styles. These may have charms with wish-related phrases on them, or may allow the recipient to make her own wish and place it inside the vial.

  • Wish Dust Bottle Necklace: Available from Etsy, this necklace comes with a vial of glitter and a star wand charm. The vial is attached to a 24-inch bronze chain. Approximate cost for this pendant is about $13 and shipping is extra.
  • Dandelion Wish Necklace: Feminine and sophisticated, this Dandelion Wish Necklace, sold at Amazon, includes a globe-shaped glass pendant filled with real dried dandelion seeds. It is attached to a silver chain accented with pretty green and yellow beads. This pendant retails for around $10.00 plus shipping.

Message in a Bottle

Another great gift item, a message necklace is a very personalized way to express love, gratitude, or other sentiments to the recipient.

  • Pendant bottle with a letter in the middle
    Choose You Own Message in a Bottle Necklace: Available from Heart on Your Wrist, this pendant is designed with a small, round glass bottle and a message (specified by the buyer) sealed inside. Shoppers can choose from several lengths and styles of sterling silver chains to be included with the pendant. Price ranges from approximately $50.00 to $80.00, depending on chain length and style. Shipping is either free or an extra cost, depending on how quickly you want it delivered.
  • Message in a Bottle Necklace: Lotus Jewelry Studio offers a message necklace designed with a slim, cylinder-style bottle. Choose from five pre-written messages regarding love, friendship, and happiness. The pendant comes on a simple sterling silver chain. It retails for around $40.00 with free shipping on orders over $75.00.

Rose in a Bottle

Inspired by the classic tale Beauty and the Beast, a rose-in-a-bottle pendant is a romantic and lovely addition to a jewelry collection.

  • Bella Rose in a Glass Vial Necklace
    Bella Rose in a Glass Vial Necklace
    Classic Red Rose Pendant: Woodland and Belle offers a delicate, teardrop-shaped glass vial with a ruby red rose intricately crafted out of archival paper. The design features hand blown glass, a vintage-style sterling cap, and a sterling silver chain. This is a higher-end piece and is sold for approximately $140.00 with shipping costs determined by where you live.
  • Tale as Old as Time: Choose from a selection of four rose colors with this pendant from EnchantedBottleCraft. This pendant is topped with a cork and hangs on a silver-plated chain. It retails just under $15.00, and shipping is extra.

Perfume Bottle Pendants

Perfume bottle pendants offer a romantic and original design. Available in modern looks or vintage-inspired styles, these are a unique jewelry item for women with discerning tastes.

  • Czech Victorian Perfume Bottle Pendant: Sold by Gabriella's Gifts on Amazon, this necklace creates a dramtic look with a green glass perfume bottle hung on an "old gold" look plated chain. This 30-inch necklace is available for approximately $30 plus shipping.
  • Perfume Bottle Necklace: A design from Luxe Beauty Supply, this necklace has a gold-plated chain and sleek perfume bottle pendant. This fun style is available for around $10.00 plus shipping.

DIY Options

In addition to considering pre-made glass bottle pendants, some people prefer a do-it-yourself option. This is especially ideal if you want to incorporate a personal memento into your jewelry, such as:

  • Sand or soil from a special location
  • Crushed crystals with healing or other symbolic meanings
  • Favorite essential oils or perfumes
  • A lock of a child's hair

Empty pendants for DIY necklaces are available from craft and jewelry stores, such as the following.

  • Rings & Things: This shop offers many sizes and shapes of glass vials. Cork stoppers or metal lids are available and prices range from $3.00-$10.00 with a flat rate fee of around $5.00 for orders under $99.00.
  • Sun and Moon: Sun and Moon offers customizable craft kits where shoppers can choose the size and style of vials and stoppers. Individual pieces range in price, but most are under $1.00, making it a highly affordable option, with shipping being under $6.50.
  • Glass Vial with Attached Chain: This empty glass vial from Ping at Amazon also has a chain attached, making it easy to add your special item and wear it right away. It's available for approximately $6.00 plus shipping.

Unique and Meaningful Pendants

Selecting a glass vial for a necklace is an original choice that is often meaningful. Whether it is for yourself or a gift, this type of pendant allows the wearer to display something both special and personal in a stylish way.

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