25 Cute & Clever Nicknames for Olivia

Published March 4, 2021
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Olivia is a beautiful name for a baby girl and a popular one to boot! People are loving this moniker more and more. The name Olivia isn't just pretty, it's very versatile. There are numerous unique spellings for the name as well as tons of fun nicknames for Olivia to use in its place.

Origins of Olivia

The name Olivia stems from the Latin word Oliva, meaning olive tree. It has grown exponentially in popularity in recent years but has actually been around for a very long time. The name popped up back in 13th century England and was then given a boost in recognition when the infamous William Shakespeare named a character in The Twelfth Night Olivia.

These days, everyone is falling in love with this lovely name. In 2019, Olivia was the most popular baby name in all of America, topping Emma as the favorite choice for females. That year, the country welcomed almost 19,000 new Olivias into the world, making a lot of need for fun Olivia nicknames.

Short and Sweet Nicknames for Olivia

There are tons of short and sweet Olivia nicknames to choose from. One of them is bound to be the perfect nickname for your little lady.

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Cool and Unusual Nicknames for Olivia

If you are looking for a cool and slightly offbeat nickname for Olivia, something to set her apart from a sea of other Olivias, then these nicknames might do the trick.

  • Lovie
  • Love
  • Lili
  • Little Lil
  • Lolly
  • Ova
  • "Oh"
  • Oie (Pronounced Oh-ee)
  • Livvy Lou
  • Livers
  • Oliwa (Polish variation of the name that is commonly used in Britain)
  • Nollie
  • Olivia-Twist (Play on the literary work, Oliver Twist)

Nicknames for Olivia Perfect for Nature Lovers

Sometimes name inspiration comes from places where we least expect it. These cute nicknames for Olivia have a hint of a nature element to them and an abundance of adorable.

  • Olive
  • Roly-Oly-Poly
  • Ottie
  • Lily
  • Ollie Boo Bear
  • Livy-Lamb
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Interesting Spellings for Olivia

Olivia is a common name these days, but you can still choose it and create interest and differentiation with it by changing up the spelling. Here are some creative ways to spell the most popular baby name in America.

  • Alivia
  • Olivea
  • Alivvea
  • Olyvia
  • Oliveea
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Celebrities Who Named Their Baby Olivia

Many of the world's most famous moms and dads have jumped on the Olivia bandwagon.

  • Cycling medalist Lance Armstrong has a daughter named Olivia Marie.
  • Actor Kelsey Grammer named his child Olivia.
  • Denzel Washington and Kirk Cameron all have daughters named Olivia.
  • Actors Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor named their child Olivia.
  • Musician Eddie Vedder and model Jill McCormick have daughters both with trendy names. One is Harper, the other is Olivia.

Considerations in Choosing a Nickname

Choosing a nickname is far less stressful than choosing the first name, because nicknames can be easily switched up. Still, you'll want to follow a few simple suggestions when deciding on a nickname for your baby.

Be Creative, not Offensive

It's fun to get creative with nicknames. They can be changed up and don't end up on a birth certificate, so go wild with them. Be as unique as you want with your kid's nickname, just don't be offensive. Make sure the name that you choose isn't going to ruffle anyone's feathers.

Is It Taken?

If you and a close friend or family member choose the same first name for your baby, consider picking a nickname that isn't the same as theirs. Having two Olivias in a family is fine, but perhaps it might be less confusing or give the children more identity if one had Liv for a nickname and the other went by Ollie?

Flow or Foe?

The last thing you want to do is get people used to calling your kid something only to realize that the nickname and your last name are terrible together. Before releasing the nickname out into the wild, consider all less-than-pleasant possibilities people could come up with. Don't stick your kid with a nickname of doom. Make sure the nickname flows and isn't a foe.

25 Cute & Clever Nicknames for Olivia