105 Cute and Unique Girl Names That Start With L

Updated July 19, 2022
Cute Baby Girl Biting Letter L

Girl names that start with L offer everything from classic and pretty choices to cute and unique ideas for your baby girl's name. You'll find names with a variety of intriguing meanings, interesting origins, and beautiful pronunciations. Discover adorable girl names inspired by the letter L that will guide you to find the perfect one for your little lady.

Browse different L names for girls to find a world of options. From cute, popular names that have a more traditional bent like Leah or Lucy to truly original names as unique as she is, you can find a name that fits your new baby perfectly. Whether you're looking for inspiration, a specific girl name beginning with L, or even fresh ideas for middle names, you'll find names that start with L to fall in love with. Will she be little Lanie, sweet Lily, lovely Lacie, or brave Leona? Let this list of L girl names, from warrior-inspired names to sweet and winsome options, lead the way.

Cute Girl Names That Start With L

With so many possible choices for cute girl names that start with L, it's easy to skim through the different ideas and compare the names. You may find several that you like for first names or middle names. To help you decide on the best fit, consider how your little girl will carry the name throughout her school years and into adulthood. There are dozens of cute L names that are perfectly appropriate long after your baby girl grows up, or you can use a cute L nickname and she'll have the option of her full name as she matures.

Keep in mind that cute female names that start with L can also be many other things as well. An adorable name can also be elegant, powerful, and stand out from the crowd. It can be precious yet fierce, sweet yet strong, charming yet brave, or endearing in any number of ways.

  1. Lacee, Lacey, Laci, Lacy: Lace (English)
  2. Lada: Goddess of beauty, love, marriage (Slavic)
  3. Laetitia: Happiness, joy (Latin)
  4. Laili: Nightfall (Hebrew)
  5. Laina: Path (English)
  6. Lainie, Laney, Lanie: Beautiful light, torch (Scottish)
  7. Lakesha, Lakisha: Joyful, happy (English)
  8. Lakshmi: Lucky, good fortune (Hindi)
  9. Lala: Cheerful, famous (Hawaiian)
  10. Lalia: Chatterbox (Greek)
  11. Lalita: Pleasant, playful (Sanskrit)
  12. Lalla: Lady, playful (Berber)
  13. Lana: Light (Slavic)
  14. Landry: Land ruler (English)
  15. Lane: Small road or path (English)
  16. Langley: From the long wooded glade (English)
  17. Lanka: Island (Hindi)
  18. Laoidheach: Comes from the pasture (Gaelic)
  19. Lapis: Azure blue stone (Persian)
  20. Laquisha: Great joy (American)
  21. Lara: Cheerful, happy (Greek)
  22. Larae: Grace (Scottish)
  23. Laraine: Sea gull (Latin)

Unique Girl Names That Start With L (With Meanings)

Unique girl names that start with L often have ancient origins. Many names from Latin and other roots have variants and diminutive names that offer a range choices when you like a specific meaning.

What makes L girl names unique varies by individual; you might love the one-of-a-kind meaning, or appreciate the extraordinary way a certain one sounds as you pronounce it. Baby girl names that start with L that are common in one culture or nationality might also be very unique in another, so look beyond your own backyard and consider names from a range of different places. You might be surprised at the distinctive and creative names you'll uncover from a variety of origins, including German, English, and Hebrew names.

  1. Laken: Laken body of water (American)
  2. Laralaine: Protection (Latin)
  3. Laramae: Protection, diminutive from Roman goddess Lares (Latin)
  4. Lareina: Queen (Spanish)
  5. Laren: Seagull (Greek)
  6. Larentia: She-wolf nursed Remus and Romulus (Latin)
  7. Larissa: Cheerful (Greek)
  8. Larita: Seagull, Protection (Latin)
  9. Lark, Larkin: Songbird, lark (English)
  10. Latasha: Joyful, glad, born on Christmas day (English), (American)
  11. Latisha: Joy (American)
  12. Latoya: Victorious one, flower grows and blooms in spite of darkness (Spanish)
  13. Latrice, Latricia: Noble woman (African)
  14. Lavinia: Woman from Rome (Latin)
  15. Layla: Night (Hebrew)
  16. Lila: Night, beauty (Persian)
  17. Lourdes: Craggy slope (where Virgin Mary seen) (France)
  18. Laila: Daughter of the night (Hebrew)
Lovely girl names that start with L

Beautiful Girl Names That Start With Lee and Le

You may like the sound of girl names starting with "Lee" or "Le" and want to consider these as possible choices for your baby girl's name. Maybe you have a family member whose name starts with this letter combination you want to honor or remember in some way, or you're looking for a girl's name to harmonize with her sibling. You can try a few of these to see if they have the right "Le" or "Lee" sound for your darling.

  1. Leah, Lee, Leia: Light of the sun (Irish)
  2. Lexie: to ward off, diminutive of Alexandra (Greek)
  3. Leyla: Born at night (Arabic)
  4. Lea: Mythological goddess of canoe builders (Hawaiian)
  5. Leann, Leanne: Gracious, merciful, clearing (English)
  6. Leda: Lady (Greek)
  7. Leela: Playful (Sanskrit)
  8. Leena, Lena: She that allures, sunlight, moonlight (Latin), (Greek)
  9. Leilani: Child of heaven (Hawaiian)
  10. Lenore: Light (French)
  11. Leona: Lioness (Italian)
  12. Lesley, Leslie: Garden of holly (Scottish)
  13. Leticia: Happiness (Latin)
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Female Names That Start With L and Mean Laurel or Lily

There are several girl names that start with L that reference laurel tree, linden tree, or lilies. If you have a connection with nature that you want to instill in your little girl, a nature-related name is a good place to start. These might also have additional meanings related to things like honor or purity that make them beautiful options to consider.

  1. Larinda: Laurel tree (Latin)
  2. Laura, Lauralie: Laurel tree, honor, victory (English)
  3. Laurel, Laurie: Laurel tree, honor, victory (English)
  4. Liana: Lily (French)
  5. Lilian, Lillian Liliana: Lily, flower name (Italian)
  6. Lily, Lilly: Flower name, pure (Latin)
  7. Lindsey, Lindsay: Island of linden tree (Scottish)
  8. Loren. Lorena: Laurel (Latin)
  9. Loretta: Little laurel (Latin)
  10. Lori: Laurel or sweet bay tree, honor, victory (English)
  11. Loris: Crowned with laurels (Latin)

Girl Names Beginning With L That Mean Hope, Light, or Power

You may want to give your baby girl a name that has a powerful, hopeful, or inspirational meaning. Consider choosing an L name for your little girl that conveys hope, light, or personal power. Empowering female L names run the gamut from ladylike, royal inspirations like Lorraine or Loyda to names with strong meanings like Lyra or Lorna. Or, let your little one's L name lead the way with a light-inspired or hopeful choice.

  1. Lizzy, Lizzie: God is abundance; diminutive of Elizabeth (Hebrew)
  2. Loie: Understanding (French)
  3. Lois: More desirable, better (Greek)
  4. Lorelei: Temptress (German)
  5. Lorna, Lorne: Victory, honor (Scottish)
  6. Lorraine: French province, royal family (French)
  7. Louisa: Famous in war (German)
  8. Louisane, Louisanne: Famous or renowned warrior (German)
  9. Louise: Renowned warrior (French)
  10. Loyda: Queen of Sparta (Latin)
  11. Lucerne: Circle of light, lamp (Latin)
  12. Lucia: Light (Latin)
  13. Luciana: Light (Italian)
  14. Lucie, Luci, Lucy: Illumination. Goddess of childbirth (Latin)
  15. Lucille: Light (French)
  16. Lucinda: Light (Spanish)
  17. Luna: Moon (Italian)
  18. Luz: Our Lady of Light (Virgin Mary) (Portuguese)
  19. Lyla: Of the night (Arabic)
  20. Lyrica: Of the lyre or song (Latin)
  21. Lyvia: Life (Latin)
  22. Lucretia: Wealth, profit (Latin)
  23. Lyra: Lyre, brave (Greek) (Norse)
  24. Lulu: Famous warrior, pearl (English), (African)
  25. Lurleen, Lurline: Temptress (German)
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Girl Names That Start With L About Love, Freedom, and God

Some of the girl names that start with L are about love and beauty. Others have meanings about God and a personal commitment to freedom. You might find one of these names for your baby girl that is just the right fit. These range from sweet and pretty, like Lyn or Lisette, to strong and vibrant, like Liberty and Lotte.

  1. Libby: My heart (Hebrew)
  2. Lilia: Beaty, innocence, and purity (Latin)
  3. Linda: Pretty, beautiful (Spanish)
  4. Lisa: God is my oath (Hebrew)
  5. Lisette: God is my oath (French)
  6. Liza: God has sworn (Hebrew)
  7. Lizbeth: God is my oath (Hebrew)
  8. Liberty: Freedom (Latin: Libertas)
  9. Lovelyn: God's love (German)
  10. Lubov: Love (Slavic)
  11. Lotte: Free (German)
  12. Luda: Love of the people (Russian)
  13. Lynette, Lynnette: Pretty one (French)
  14. Lynn: Soft, mild (Welsh)
  15. Lyn: Lake, tender, soft (German)

Tips When Considering L Middle Names for Girls

Virtually any L name on this list has the potential to work as the perfect middle name for your baby girl. Though some are more common as middle names, like Lynn or Leah, you can feel free to use a more unique idea as a middle name as well. When considering a middle name that starts with L, these tips can help.

  • What letter will your daughter's first name end with? You'll want to make sure both flow together. If her first name ends with L, for example, consider how it will sound with the middle name beginning with the same letter.
  • The cadence of the names is also important. If she has a longer first name, a short middle L name might fit the bill.
  • How will the initials look? Plot out how the L for the middle name will look compared to the initials of your baby's first and last names.

L-Inspired Names You'll Fall in Love With

There are dozens of gorgeous girl names that start with L for you to consider, ranging from one-of-a-kind to cute as a button. Explore each name and see how it might fit your baby girl before you decide. Don't be afraid to let your heart lead the way; whether you're looking for a name with a special meaning, a beautiful sound, or just looking for a cute name that catches your eye, you may just find the most fitting one for your precious daughter.

105 Cute and Unique Girl Names That Start With L